10 Things That Should Happen in Grade 3, According to the Books

After marathoning the 8 episodes of Bridgerton season 2, fans can’t wait to see the sequel. Netflix production has already been renewed for another year, and it has everything to bring surprising developments to the Bridgerton Brothers plot. But after all: what will happen in the 3rd season of the series by Shonda Rhimes?

Bridgerton is based on the literary saga written by Julia Quinn. Each book focuses on one of the Bridgerton Brothers – a model that is followed in the Netflix series.

Season 1 covered Daphne Bridgerton’s romance with Simon Basset, the seductive Duke of Hastings. The second year, on the other hand, focuses on the love triangle between Anthony Bridgerton and sisters Kate and Edwina Sharma.

The next episodes, therefore, should adapt “An Offer From a Gentleman”, starring Benedict, the second oldest of the Bridgerton brothers. Here are 10 things that should happen in Season 3, according to the books.

Violet’s Change

In Season 2, Violet Bridgerton mentions that the family mansion would become Anthony’s property after their marriage. In “An Offer From a Gentleman”, Violet organizes a final Masquerade Ball before leaving Bridgerton Manor. In the new episodes, the character must move to a new house along with her children who are not yet married.

Benedict’s Passion

If Season 3 of Benedict decides to follow Julia Quinn’s books, the new episodes should focus on Benedict Bridgerton. In his plot, Benedict falls in love with a young servant girl named Sophie Beckett. However, the social differences between the couple complicate the relationship, and bring major twists to the dynamics of the Bridgerton family.

Benedict’s (other) crush

Anyone who has marathoned the 2nd season of Bridgerton knows that Benedict is an artist, and that he cultivates a great passion for painting. Season 3 of Shonda Rhimes’ series, in this way, should address the dualism between the character’s artistic character and the family’s expectations about his future. The plot has everything to be one of the most important of the new episodes.

Colin and Penelope’s Relationship

In Bridgerton Season 2, Colin and Penelope’s relationship goes through some interesting twists. Eventually, Colin ends up falling in love with Penelope. The couple formalizes the union in “Romancing Mister Bridgerton”, the fourth book in the saga. As such, Season 3 should begin to develop Colin’s feelings for Penelope, as the second year brought problems for the future couple.

Who is Lady Whistledown?

Bridgerton fans already know that Penelope Featherington is the real Lady Whistledown. However, the next few seasons should delve more deeply into the investigation of Queen Charlotte, who wants to discover the identity of the gossip. The new episodes are supposed to show a “game” created by Lady Whistledown, which eventually leads to the revelation of her big secret.

Eloise’s friendship

After Bridgerton Season 2, Eloise is more alone than ever. After all, the character fights with her best friend after discovering her secret. The new episodes should better develop Eloise’s relationship with Marina Thompson and Sir Phillip Crane – a relationship that serves as the basis for “To Sir Phillip With Love”, the fifth book in the saga.

News for the Bridgerton brothers

The next seasons of Bridgerton – not necessarily the 3rd – should offer more important plots to the younger members of the clan. Francesca’s story, for example, should start in the next few episodes. In Julia Quinn’s books, the character’s plot takes place in “When He Was Wicked”, one of the last volumes of the saga. As such, Season 3 should introduce important figures such as John and Michael Stirling.

Gregory goes to Eton

Gregory, the youngest son of the Bridgerton family, is not expected to appear in Season 3. Or, at least, his participation will be drastically reduced. The reason? In Julia Quinn’s books, Gregory spends much of the story at Eton School, attended by the British nobility. And season 3 coincides exactly with his departure for boarding school.

Bridgerton’s Babies

The upcoming seasons of Bridgerton are also expected to expand the family with the arrival of new babies. In Season 2, Daphne introduces her newborn son Augie – who is far from the only member of the new generation. In the books, Daphne and Simon have 5 children. Anthony and Kate, meanwhile, celebrate the arrival of 4 babies. So, fans can expect a lot of cute scenes in the next episodes.

social discussion

Bridgerton Season 2 introduced an interesting discussion of social roles in Eloise and Theo Sharpe’s plot. In the coming seasons, the theme should be addressed in greater depth, especially in relation to the plot of Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie Beckett. Fans can look forward to essential debates about nobility, social status and elitism.

Bridgerton season 3 does not yet have a release date on Netflix. Previous episodes are still available on the platform.

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