24-hour Dog and Cat Veterinary Hospital offers specialized care with cutting-edge technology

When it comes to pet health, tutors always expect the best. And with this commitment, the 24-hour Dog and Cat Veterinary Hospital offers specialized care in treatment, therapies, hospitalization, laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging and surgery, both for dogs and cats.

The unit, located in Parque do Colégio, in Jundiaí, brings together a complete team of specialized veterinarians, in addition to having the best structure and the most advanced equipment to treat and care for pets in a fast and proper way, 24 hours a day. day. “The Hospital has, in addition to the emergency room, all parts of surgery, imaging tests and laboratory, open 24 hours a day. Many clinics are open 24 hours a day, but when the animal needs an ultrasound or X-ray, for example, it is necessary to wait until the next day”, says Ana Paula, partner-owner of the unit.

The hospital offers 24-hour emergency care, the first and only properly equipped ICU in Jundiaí and the region with high-tech equipment, laboratory and imaging center with the most modern in the market, hemodialysis sector, 2 surgical centers with highly and state-of-the-art equipment for low, medium or high complexity procedures, in addition to its own blood bank and complete pharmacy. In addition, all hospital environments are air-conditioned and appropriate to always offer the best comfort to patients. “As we have the entire structure of our own, we do everything on the spot and on time, without having to send tests to other laboratories, for example. We invest all the time in staff and equipment to always have a more accurate diagnosis and a higher success rate in the procedures.”

All and any surgery, regardless of complexity, is performed with the presence of a team that has surgeons, anesthesiologist and instrumentators, in order to increase the safety level of each procedure. In addition, before any surgery, pets undergo a surgical evaluation and then undergo examinations, all to ensure they are fit. It is worth noting that the unit is the only one in the region that performs biopsy. “We are the only ones in the region to have a pathological anatomy department in our laboratory.”

The hospital has several specialties such as feline medicine, nutritionist, nutritionist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, nephrologist, orthopedist, dentist, ophthalmologist, oncologist, physiotherapist, in addition to general practitioners, all highly trained in their areas.

The unit also offers the option of accommodation for the tutor who wants to be closer to his pet. “Parents often want to accompany their pet child’s hospitalization, so we have our own structure for these cases. It is a special room, with a bed, private bathroom and space for the patient to receive treatment in this environment, with the presence of his family member who can follow everything closely”, highlights Ana Paula.

She also emphasizes that the focus of care is always to treat the patient in the best possible way. “Always with love, affection and care.”

The Hospital also receives referrals from other clinics in the city and region. “Many clinics do not have a broad or complex structure and provide the first care, referring the pet to the most appropriate treatment. As we have a larger structure, with modern equipment and our own laboratory, we were able to establish a partnership with our veterinary colleagues, acting as a team for the improvement of the patient.”

She emphasizes that the hospital acts in an ethical and transparent way, always providing the best possible care to the referred pets, giving the necessary support to their tutors and full access to the referring veterinarian colleague.

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The clinic was founded in 2014 and four years ago moved to its headquarters at Rua Trenton, 89, Parque do Colégio, in Jundiaí, and today it is the only one in the region to actually offer all services 24 hours a day.

The unit offers scheduled visits for tutors who want to know the entire structure, environments, care options, treatment and specialties. The hospital also has the facility to pay for care and procedures, with installments in up to 12 installments.

The hospital is located at Rua Trenton, 89, Parque do Colégio, in Jundiaí. More information by phones (11) 3395-7723 or (11) 99962-9245 or on the website https://www.hospitalcaoegato.com.br/.

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