3 Instagrammable restaurants in Formentera that are jaw-dropping (for food and price) – Travel

Something is wrong with Formentera. Those who travel there no longer share only the paradisiacal beaches with clear water, the sand so white it looks like it took Tide and the palm trees that seem to have been born to be in the picture. Restaurants are another focus of the lens, in particular one: A Mi Manera.

The name will be familiar to you if you’ve been attentive to Instagram in recent days, as the influencer Ana Garcia Martins walked there, and ate, known as A Pipoca Mais Doce (the place where I had already been in September 2021).

Although social media posts focus on the restaurant’s magical decor, after all, there is something you can eat here and we’re going to talk about it.

In addition to A Mi Manera, there are other famous and photogenic restaurants, it remains to be seen if they are worth the money. The conclusions are left to you and you can evaluate according to a criterion: did your mouth water or not?

1. My Way

We then start with the most famous and instagrammable restaurant in Formentera, which has already been visited by Ana Garcia Martins, Sofia Ribeiro and Tânia Martins (architect best known for the Homestories page): A Mi Manera, located in Sant Francesc de Formentera.

The restaurant has another charm when the night comes, when small lights are turned on to give an even more magical and intimate atmosphere, and also because at this time you can see the neon lights that say “A Mi Manera” at the top. of an instagrammable door that is like the entrance to this gastronomic world in the style of a restaurant in Formentera.

What world is this? It’s made from grilled dishes, other Italian dishes, plus some from the sea and eye-popping desserts. Dishes include fresh vegetables from the restaurant’s vegetable garden and gourmet fish from the Spanish Balearic island sea.

Among the options are ravioli stuffed with zucchini and Monaco Provolone cheese and served with Genovese pesto, risotto with caviar, grilled fish of the day and accompanied by caponatina aubergine and burrata, and Iberian plum on the grill with “oak and olive aroma” ( whatever that is). For dessert, you can go crazy just with the description that says “mascarpone cream, with salted caramel sauce” and curious with the A Mi Manera ice cream cube.

And updated prices? They’re nowhere to be found (restaurant website, The Fork, photos on TripAdvisor, featured on Instagram — we ran it all), but for a risotto with caviar and a simple side dish of mashed mashed potatoes, it’s something to go for in the multi-digits. But even for the pictures, it’s worth it.

2. Es Molí de Sal

“Probably the most emblematic restaurant on the island of Formentera”, announces Es Molí de Sal in La Savina. Which is doubtful, because the same can be said of A Mi Manera. Even so, we decided to take a look at the offer of this restaurant by the sea, overlooking the beach of Illetes and the port of La Savina.

We start to agree with the statement just because of the history that gives the atmosphere to Es Molí de Sal: it was built in an old mill belonging to the salt industry of Formentera and there is never a shortage of salt in the space that now has a kitchen in which typical local dishes are prepared. and Mediterranean cuisine.

The menu (which is already priced) focuses on fish, as is the case with tartars and carpaccios, such as prawn carpaccio from Formentera (33€) and bluefin tuna tartar (known as one of the most expensive fish in the world), with seaweed and chipotle, a type of dried pepper (37€) — and for starters, you don’t do it for less.

As you advance through the menu, you will find burrata with tomato marmalade, black olives and arugula (28€) and homemade prawn croquettes (24€). The main dishes include paellas, such as lobster (105€), pastas, such as spaghetti with clams (38€), and there is also a best seller: fried lobster, with eggs and sobrassada (215€/ kg).

Desserts are not shown on the menu, but the truth is that it must be difficult to get to these after so much snacking and delighting in the main ones. Indulge in photos of the meal that blows your holiday budget just for paella with lobster.

3. Mol 47

Undecided between talking about Molo 47 and Ca Na Joana, we had to choose the first one for a very simple reason: despite the Portuguese name restaurant having the most instagrammable photos, it doesn’t have a description of what the dishes are, nor the menu. nowhere, so only imagination could help us to describe the photograph that follows.

A kind of Formentera-style grilled sardine at Ca Na Joana? We don’t know, but we’re pretty sure it was in a bite.

Molo 47, in La Savina, describes, and well, with prices, each delicacy served in the restaurant. It is the royal crab au gratin with tiger milk and yuzu gel (45€), the pork gyoza, shrimp and almond sauce (28€), the grouper with tomato miso and eggplant powder (32€) or the sushi selection by chef Antonio D’angelo (35€).

The Asian influences continue from the tempura to the soups and end with a dessert consisting of Japanese cheesecake accompanied by matcha tea ice cream (10€). In Mexico, there are rainbow tacos (15€) — whatever it is, we wouldn’t mind trying it just to be seated at the restaurant that is part of the Michelin guide for Spain.