3D Videos: Find out EVERYTHING about 3D resin printing!

Posted on June 26, 2022 by Martha G.

In our weekly compilation of the best 3D videos of the moment, we first bring you a complete explanation of 3D resin technology in less than 3 minutes. Next, we show you the company that prints steaks in 3D called MeaTech, who will show us how they do it. Later, Josh from Ocado Technology tells us how they implement 3D printing in their manufacturing process. In addition, we will see how 2 teenagers use additive manufacturing to help people in need and finally the new Nexa3D printer. Don’t wait any longer to see it!

3D resin printing in less than 3 minutes

In our latest 3D Explained session, we bring you all the information you need to know about resin technology… but in 3 minutes! In this way, it will be much more enjoyable for you to learn about its characteristics, as well as the differences between SLA, DLP or MSLA. How about?

How MeaTech prints its fillets

Additive manufacturing has made it possible to produce meat substitutes, such as those from Nova Meat, but even “real” meat products can be 3D printed. This is achieved through a process in which animal cells are used in the 3D printing process. In the future, this could spell the end of mass farming, as we could produce both muscle and fat cells with pinpoint precision and industrial production speed. Hybrid products that combine the advantages of animal and vegetable proteins are also well received by consumers, as the cooperation between the two companies Meatech and Enough shows.

Robotic innovation and additive manufacturing

Pioneers in the future through technological innovation in series. Ocado Technology’s mission is to transform online grocery retailing and enable some of the world’s most forward-thinking retailers to shop online in a profitable, scalable and sustainable way. His founding vision was to use cutting-edge technology and automation to transform the online food retail space. There was no template for the solution we wanted to build. So they developed the technology needed to take the industry to the next level from scratch. One of the technologies they used was 3D printing, and in the following video, Josh tells us how they did it.

A student creates a 3D-printed lunch tray for children with special needs

A 15-year-old student from Tennessee named Adaline Hamlin has designed a lunch tray for students with special needs. To do this, Hamlin enlisted the help of her school’s 3D printing club and, for less than $5 in materials, they made a prototype. Adaline won the “STEM for All” award in a statewide contest, and has made printable plans available to students for free, so anyone can accommodate students who need a little help holding their tray steady. lunch. Discover Adaline’s story!

Teenager creates 3D printed prosthetics

Isabella Balikian, a junior at Pacific Ridge School, grew up in a medical home and knew from a young age that she wanted to make a difference through science and medicine. For the past year, she has been doing just that, designing and building a custom, 3D-printed arm for an underprivileged boy in the Philippines. In her second year of college, Isabella discovered E-NABLE, a global online community of “digital humanitarian” volunteers who use 3D printers to make free upper-limb prosthetics for children and adults in need. Open source designs created by E-NABLE volunteers help those who were born without fingers or hands, or have lost them due to war, natural disaster, illness or accident.

The XiP 3D printer

Based in the United States, Nexa3D is a 3D printer manufacturer specializing in SLA machines. With more 3D printers under its belt, the company introduced its first desktop 3D printer last year. Called XiP, the machine is a resin 3D printer with a print volume of 190 x 120 x 170mm. Equipped with a 4K resolution monochrome LCD display, the solution has a print speed of up to 18cm per hour. Designed to meet the needs of various industries such as medical, engineering and education, the XiP is designed to offer flexibility and high production rates to its users:

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