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The arrival of a new pet at home entails several changes such as providing a house, food pot, collars, clothes, taking care of the adaptation of the pet, and of course, the most important: choosing the name of the dog.

This task is not always easy, it requires a lot of responsibility and also a pinch of creativity, as the pet will respond to all commands when called. That’s why it’s also important to pay attention to the name chosen so as not to create embarrassment or even confuse the pet.

To help you in this mission, to choose the name of your new pet, Our separated some tips to take into account at this important moment and of course, a list with several names to inspire you.

What to consider when choosing?

Choosing a name for the pet that has just arrived tends to make tutors insecure. It’s normal for tutors to want the name to be the pet’s face, to be cute, fun, funny or even a tribute, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, it is important to be aware that the name is simple and does not cause confusion in the dog.

A tip is to opt for those names that are simpler and easier to memorize. This will help the pet to assimilate and get used to that name more easily.

In addition to being easy to remember, choose a short name, so you don’t run the risk of having abbreviations and confusing the animal. Dogs are easier to assimilate smaller names, so the training commands are also always simple and short.

The letters of the name can also influence the speed of learning. Using vowels at the end and strong consonants will get the puppy’s attention.

Avoid names that rhyme

Another important tip is that the name chosen for the new family member is not similar or rhymes with commands that are normally said to animals, such as sit, stay and lie down, for example.

That’s because when we call the pet by name, the intention is that it stays on alert, comes to us or obeys us. When the animal’s name is similar to other commands, this call may confuse you. It is also important that the pet’s name does not resemble or rhyme with the name of any member of the household. This way you facilitate the understanding of the animal and your life as well.

Most popular names in Brazil

There’s no denying that some names fall in the Brazilian’s taste. Whether because of the popularity of the breed, for being the name of a famous pet or a celebrity, or simply because some names are easy and fall into popular taste.

For six years, DogHero, a company in the pet services segment, which is part of the Petlove&Co group, has carried out the PetCensus gathering the most placed names on dogs that year. For the survey, almost 2 million tutor registrations are analyzed on the company’s platform.

According to a recently released 2021 survey, Mel and Thor were the names most chosen by Brazilians, followed by Luke and Luna.

See below the most popular dog names in Brazil in 2021:


  1. Honey
  2. Moon
  3. Nina
  4. Blackberry
  5. Meg
  6. lola
  7. mayan
  8. Belinha
  9. Lovely
  10. pandora


  1. Thor
  2. Lucas
  3. Bob
  4. According
  5. Fred
  6. Apollo
  7. Billy
  8. Zeus
  9. boy
  10. Max.

movie dog names

Cute, super-smart or even playful and clumsy dogs are staples in dozens of movies and cartoons. These characters end up winning people over and their names usually serve as inspiration when choosing what to call the pet that has just arrived home.

That’s why we’ve separated some names inspired by movies and drawings for you to be inspired when choosing. Look:


1 – Marley (Marley & Me): Marley is an energetic and very loving Labrador. Restless, he was described as “the worst dog in the world” by his handlers. But the little animal played an important role in the difficult time faced by its owners and in the care of their children.

2 – Beethoven: The St. Bernard dog became so famous in cinemas that, to this day, many people recognize the breed by the name of Beethoven.

3 – Lassie: the dog of the Rough Collie or Collie breed that was very successful in an adventure series and later in movies.

4 – Scooby: despite being a Great Dane, Scooby-Doo has black spots on his body, which make him a unique dog. In the cartoon, this little dog and his human friends try to solve several mysteries, but for that they get involved in several troubles.

5 – Toto (The Wizard of Oz): The Cairn Terrier dog, Toto, and his owner, Dorothy, are taken by a cyclone to Oz. Together, they live magical adventures as they search for their way back home.

6 – Jerry Lee (K-9: A Dog Good Cop): The German Shepherd works for the police and becomes the faithful henchman of Officer Dooley. However, it wasn’t that simple for the two to become friends.

7 – Fluke (Memories of another life): The Golden Retriever has small memories of his former life as a human and ends up being adopted by his wife and children. He does his best to protect them.

Inspired by cartoons:

1 – Pluto (Mickey Mouse): a clumsy Bloodhound who only gets involved in confusion and, despite that, always helps his tutor to solve problems.

2 – Snoopy (Snoopy): The Beagle who loves to sleep on the roof of his house and who lives a variety of different personalities in his fantasy world.

3 – Bidu (Monica’s Gang): Unconventional, Bidu is blue in color. In the cartoon, he is always together with his tutor Franjinha.

4 – Floquinho (Monica’s Gang): Another puppy present in Monica’s Gang is Floquinho, Cebolinha’s dog.

5 – Cutlet (Doug): Doug’s little blue dog who, in many situations, acts like a human being and loves to play chess. It’s full of quirks like living in an igloo.

6 – Slink (Toy Story): toy dog, has a body made of springs. He is quite grumpy, but also very smart.

7 – Courage (Courage the Cowardly Dog): Despite the name, Courage is quite fearful. He lives with an elderly couple and tries to escape mysterious situations as much as possible.

8 – Mutley (Race Crazy): a mutt who accompanies Dick Dastardly, the villain of the race. He is well known for his iconic and memorable laugh.

famous dog names

1 – Laika: the Russian mutt dog that traveled to space and became the first animal to orbit the Earth

2 – Belinha: Ana Maria’s poodle, famous for accompanying her on the mornings of Rede Globo on her morning show. The presenter’s faithful squire died two years ago.

3 – Caramel: the name became a reference for one of the most found dogs in Brazil, the caramel-colored mutt. Its popularity made the name become a symbol and many little animals received that name.

4 – Estopinha: the dog became famous by always appearing alongside her tutor, presenter and zootechnician Alexandre Rossi.

5 – Manteiguinha: The Golden Retriever had an important role in the soap opera Cúmplices de um Resgate, from SBT.

6 – Plínio: name of one of Anitta’s singer’s dogs.

7 – Priscila: Despite being a human name, it became famous when used by the canine presenter of the children’s program TV Colosso.

8 – Rabito: Border Collie from the soap opera Carrossel, by SBT;

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