5 books to read and have fun on vacation

Editora Maralto selects books for the family to enjoy good times

The mid-year vacation period is usually shorter and many families wonder what to do in this time when most adults are still at work. Video games and shopping trips end up being frequent alternatives, but they do not always bring significant stimuli and contributions to children and adolescents.

With the objective of helping parents, grandparents, uncles, godparents and bringing an option that helps in the construction of positive memories, Editora Maralto – which belongs to the Arco Educação group – selected five books for the period. The works are attractive not only for their narratives, but also for their illustrations and formats. Furthermore, they promise to stimulate the imagination, the passion for literature, awaken new games and generate interactions between the family.

The books are part of the Maralto catalog, which has more than 150 titles aimed at audiences of all ages. In this selection, national and international authors who are recognized by the public and specialized critics. Check out the suggestions and good reading.

The Neighbor’s Ball, by Raquel Matsushita (36 p., R$39.90)

Two children play alone in their neighboring yards. But a ball in the boy’s hands promotes a curious approach to the girl, until then on the other side of the fence. What could be a game, shows a great dispute over the size of the ball, which in the hands of one and the other is presenting itself in increasingly larger and more colorful versions.

Told with photographs and illustrations, in a beautiful play of colors, the story presents a surprising twist, transforming the competition between the two into laughter and a real encounter.

The work of Raquel Matsushita was a finalist for the João de Barro Prize 2015, in the Image Book category, from the Municipal Culture Foundation of Belo Horizonte and was also selected for the Brazilian catalog presented at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, Italy, in 2016.

Just kidding, written by Leo Cunha and illustrated by Anna Cunha (56 p., R$ 39.90)

The twenty-five poems in this book are a tribute to childhood and fantasy. With text and illustrations, Leo Cunha and Anna Cunha walk through toys and games that are part of the history of Brazilian children, those of today and those of yesterday: hopscotch, sticks, bouncers, balls, dolls, dominoes, hide-and-seek, hula hoop, yellow cow, video game, among others.

The verses and books – and also the gesture of arranging the words in poetry – are part of this inventory that recreates the memory with rhythms, melodies, colors and, of course, imaginary sounds of the joy of playing.

Recognized by the public and critics, the work received the Seal Distinção Cátedra Unesco de Leitura 2018 from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) and the Seal Highly Recommended 2019, from the Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil (FNLIJ).

Just kidding was also selected for the National Literary Textbook Program 2018 of the Ministry of Education (MEC), integrated the selection of the 30 Best Children’s Books of the Year 2019 by Crescer Magazine and also participated in the Brazilian catalog presented at the Children’s Book Fair of Bologna 2019 in Italy.

Finding the Key, written by Álvaro Faleiros and illustrated by Fernando Vilela (48 p., R$ 49.90)

With a lot of humor and creativity, Álvaro Faleiros challenges readers to find the rhymes that give access to the rooms of the house.

Illustrated by Fernando Vilela, Achando a chave is a work full of riddles that offers a fun and intelligent play with words.

Pê and the vast world, written by Paulo Venturelli and illustrated by Fereshteh Najafi (64 p., R$ 25.90)

The story told by this book is quite different, as it has no beginning, middle or end, much less twists and turns. Therefore, his invitation is also unusual: more than narrating the story of a boy, he proposes an experimentation of Pê’s universe and the way he relates to nature, people and his own imagination.

The free text by Paulo Venturelli, in keeping with the character’s spirit, creates poetic images with words, and the extraordinary illustrations by Fereshteh Najafi intensify the discoveries of little Pê, giving colors and shapes to his ways of being in the immense world.

King Arthur goes to war, written by Ruy Espinheira Filho and illustrated by Raquel Matsushita (96 p., R$ 39.90)

Soon, Alberto will move from small Três Rios to Manacá da Serra, to continue his studies at a boarding school. In the time before his departure, we follow his routine in the city, with friends and family: fights between rival groups, cinema matinees, bets with his friend Euclides about the adventures of a jungle heroine in a series shown weekly, many readings, writing poems and the idea for a novel.

In the midst of all this, the permanent dispute with Norato, a boy skilled in handling the bodoque, and an encounter that ends up becoming a watershed in Alberto’s life.

The books can be purchased in the main bookstores in the country and also through the Maralto catalog, available at https://loja.editorapositivo.com.br/literatura or through the social media of the publisher @maraltoedicoes