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With good weather and a well-deserved rest period for many of us, the books can be good company. “In the pages of a book we can find many worlds and travel to infinite places without leaving where we are. And there is a book for every person, you just have to look for it”. The words are from Rita Fazenda, Editor and Publisher at Grupo Leya, who, at the request of idealista/news, created a list of books to read during the summer holidays.

The Editor and Publisher explains that these suggestions “include various literary genres and forms of writing, as well as different authors”, for those who know one of them being “your holiday book”. We leave you the list of books, with the respective synopses.

FROM MIDNIGHT TO SIX, Patrícia Reis, 192 pages, D. Quixote

The pandemic is the backdrop for this book. Several characters that intertwine to deal with life and death, with love or lack of it. The main character Susana Ribeiro de Andrade is a radio announcer trying to survive the sudden loss of her husband. Rui Vieira, journalist at the same radio station, struggles with the consequences of an accident that exposed the weaknesses of his family and love life. Both will find a new breath to rebuild their lives on the late night radio show. Written in a register of intimacy that involves us, this narrative follows the lives, present and past, of characters who inhabit the same reality and whose life choices reflect what is a priority in times of a pandemic.

THE OWL ALWAYS HUNTS AT NIGHT, Samuel Bjørk, 496 pages, Don Quixote

A book for Nordic thriller lovers that holds us from the first to the last page. Set in the beautiful landscapes of Norway, it takes us to the discovery of who has been blamed for a macabre crime. It all starts when a troubled teenager disappears from an orphanage and is found murdered and her body lying on a feather bed, experienced Holger Munch and his team are called in to solve the case. Star investigator Mia Krüger, who is on temporary leave as she continues to struggle with her own demons, abruptly returns to the spotlight and dives into this case, just in time to decode clues to a disturbing video that depicts the victim minutes before she was killed and where it appears imprisoned like a caged animal.

The owl always hunts at night

STORY OF A DECENT FAMILY, Rosa Ventrella, 320 pages, Don Quixote

For readers who get involved in the immersive, typically Italian writing. A book that portrays a family saga of rare beauty. The South of Italy, in the 1980s, is a backdrop. Summers in old Bari are spent between the white-tiled alleys, where children chase each other through the curves of a labyrinth of alleys, in the midst of the scents of sheets spread out on wires and of tasty sauces. Twelve-year-old Maria grows up here with her two older brothers. She is a small, dark girl, with wild features that make her different from other children – a large mouth and two almost oriental eyes that shine like small holes – and a certain way of being hostile and insolent that has earned her the nickname “Malacarne”. She lives in a land without time, in a neighborhood where abuse is suffered and inflicted, and from which it is very difficult to escape. However, Maria is unwilling to submit to norms she does not respect. Her only support is Michele, the youngest son of the Senzasagne clan, the most decadent people in old Bari. Despite the hostility between their families, a delicate, almost brotherly friendship emerges between them, which time turns into love. A love that, although impossible, preserves them from the resentment of the rest of the world.

Story of a decent family

FEET IN THE EARTH, Raquel Ochoa, 432 pages, Book Workshop

For those who miss traveling, this book will be a door to the world. The traveler and author Raquel Ochoa takes us with her to see different latitudes, ways of life and to feel what her adventures were like from a very early age as a traveller. Written in the form of stories, many of them in a very personal tone, the pages of this narrative will be a happy escape from the days that have been more difficult as well as an inspiration to dream about future trips. The author of this book tells us: «With or without maps, the world is a splendid place where the observer is as important as the observed. And there are places (and people) that are monotonous, dusty, steep and even extremely scary; but facing nature as it is makes us women and men greater, because in any dark alley there is always life for a lamp.”

feet on earth

THE BOOK OF DISMISSAL, Ondjaki, 208 pages, The Way

One more, the author Ondjaki transports us through Angolan lands, in The Book of Dismemberment more precisely until Luanda in the period when, after the Bicesse accords, the civil war stopped, and there were elections in Angola for the first time. But in a short time the civil war is reignited. As the narrator says, “that war that no one ever presented or explained to us, the war that had always “gone far” without threatening us like that on the streets of our city, in our sea, on our beaches, in our families”. Reality that is presented to us through the eyes of a child. The stories appear in the pages of this book in a studied circularity, until almost the end. But here, everything changes. That world, lived as an enchanting story, has under it a volcano ready to explode.

The Book of Dismemberment

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