7 movies directed by James Cameron to see Avatar 2

the long awaited movie Avatar: the way of water It just released its first trailer. The first images from the highly anticipated sequel to the 2009 hit show what appears to be new territory on the splendid planet Pandora. Also an evident growth in the way of analyzing and delving into the original story. As if that weren’t enough, the short sequences made it clear that James Cameron’s years of dedication and effort on the film have paid off.

Among other things, the trailer showed an amazing underwater world, as well as a small glimpse of new fauna and flora from the central planet of the story. Also that the family of Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) and Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) has grown, which gives a much more emotional dimension to the story. As always, James Cameron has striven to make this first tour of a story that promises to last up to five films unforgettable. From radiant natural landscapes, to the impressive expressiveness of its digital characters. Avatar 2 promises to be a first-rate immersive experience.

Of course, this is not the first time that James Cameron’s work has been a combination of cutting-edge technology and considerable sensitivity. The director has dedicated a good part of his career behind the camera to creating impossible worlds. With a skill that amazes the world of cinema, Cameron manages to make each of his films a success. And at the same time a journey through a type of high caliber entertainment that dazzles. In a film career in which most of his films have become landmarks of pop culture, the director creates a world tailored to him.

We leave you a list of 7 movies you should enjoy to delve into James Cameron’s point of view on cinema and creation. A journey through all kinds of technical advances and the ability of cinema to move and dazzle. One of the greatest attributes of the director.


Considered one of the most important films in contemporary science fiction, it is also an ingenious plot and visual experiment. James Cameron used the meager resources at his disposal to create an effective, terrifying and powerful story.. But in addition, he also wrote a script in which the human has a predominant role, despite the emphasis on the world of machines and a dystopian future. The combination allowed the filmmaker to construct a strange, atypical and brilliant narrative that was sustained by a premise of unusual power in science fiction. The battle between man and machine seen from a whole new angle.

But he also did something else. She created a female character that set a precedent for powerful Hollywood heroines. Sarah Connor, who began as a disgraced victim and became a central figure in the story, wowed the audience. And not only because of the solid and sensitive performance of a very young Linda Hamilton.

Also, for the ability of the script to analyze deep themes in a display of handmade special effects. As if all of the above were not enough, the appearance of the T — 800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) made history as an amazing villain of the genre of Science fiction. The film became a historic box office hit and gave Cameron the first big hit of his career.

Aliens, the return

With Ridley Scott’s Alien an instant classic, it seemed little short of reckless to attempt a sequel. But James Cameron did it and managed to make the film a success independent of the acclaimed predecessor. Cameron himself has commented on more than one occasion that It was a measured risk. Especially, because what characterized Scott’s work was a type of visual and formal language impossible to repeat. Or at least not with the same result or from the point of view of James Cameron.

So the director went to the other side of the spectrum. If Alien was contained, disturbing and dark, Cameron created with Aliens a huge and innovative universe. Ellen Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) journey through space turned into a strange plot stunt. One that put her back in the center of the action and led her to be not only the best character in the saga, but also a rarity in the cinema. But beyond Cameron’s ability to reinvent the ideas of Ridley Scott, Aliens He managed to build his own narrative.

The result is a compact, powerful and gigantic film, with its own rhythm and an amazing technical section. The alien creature ceased to be a monster hidden in the dark and populated the screen in all its spectacular horror. Y Aliens, as a franchise, showed everything it could give of itself. For Cameron, it was also a true demonstration of his ability to create from an essential element of his filmography. The innovation of speech and technique.


Cameron returns to one of his favorite themes. The notion of technology in opposition and also, as enemies and accomplices, is the central point of a sober argument. For Cameron, abyss it was a space for experimentation that would allow him to freely explore the technological. Although his plot has the usual combination of humanity and science fiction, it was clear that this was a new step for the director. Specifically, because of the script’s quest to weave together visual spectacularity with a sense of the moving that would allow the film to explore new spaces.

The combination resulted in a sober, elegant and intimate film, which did not have a special impact at the box office, but it did in the industry. The collaboration between James Cameron and Industria Light & Magic built a new frontier in digital effects. The film amazed at the way it advances George Lucas’ company tip, showed a kind of unknown visual possibility.

In fact, its technical details are already part of the history of cinema. In particular, the anecdote that it took ILM six months of hard work to create the 75 seconds in which the central creature of the film appears. But the result was so disconcerting and novel that it was evident that James Cameron opened a new door in the world of cinema.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

It took James Cameron almost a decade to achieve what would become one of his most recognized films and a major cinematographic achievement. No studio was banking on a belated sequel to a sci-fi hit, but Cameron insisted. And he also doubled the bet. He didn’t just write a script in it, he expanded the original universe in several different directions. Also, made brilliant decisions that made the film a landmark in contemporary science fiction.

First, Cameron made Hamilton’s Sarah Connor even more relevant. The director and screenwriter’s first idea was for a female killer robot, but the producer objected to the idea. So he rewrote the storyline and gave the character of the survivor from the first story new strength and power. The next thing was to create an entire world around the premise of a circumstantial messiah in the middle of a war that had not yet happened. And for that, I needed enemies to fear.

And oddly enough, he didn’t find it in Arnold Schwarzenegger, who reprized his role as the T-800 but this time as a hero. Cameron focused on creating a ruthless, cruel and precise creature, with the face of newcomer Robert Patrick. In addition, to create a vision of a future controlled by machines, in which technical progress was notorious. From the idea, the terrifying T-1000 was born, a robot capable of changing shape and much more lethal than its predecessor.

The film was a resounding success and prepared Cameron for some of his most demanding challenges. But one thing was clear: Terminator 2: Judgment Day it was the beginning of a new era of contemporary cinematographic science fiction.

Risky lies

Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a dull, low-key husband…or so his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) thinks. But in reality, Harry is a secret spy with a carefully constructed façade behind the domestic peace of middle-class America. One of the most curious films of James Cameronis also the one that demonstrates his stupendous sense of comedy and precise handling of the action.

Risky lies it’s a fitting blend of sexual tension, sneering humor, and action-movie satire. But at the same time, it is a brilliant look at the universe of adventure movies with all the clichés of the genre, turned into a new formula.

The result is a film that is surprising for how little it takes itself seriously and its ability to build an unpredictable story. Also, for its freshness, intelligence and a script that, even in its lowest moments, is entertaining. For James Cameron it was the opportunity to build a whole journey to topics that until then had not delved into his filmography. Also converted into a box office success, it is perhaps the least “Cameron” of all the director’s films. But at the same time, one of the ones that best demonstrates his versatility.


The great romantic story of the nineties, it was one of the definitive blockbusters in the director’s filmography. With a monumental shoot, an astronomical budget, and hundreds of production problems, shooting the film was quite a feat. It was a gigantic undertaking. involved from expeditions to the bottom of the sea, detailed historical research and specific digital advances. Each scene of Titanic is intended to show the journey of the tragic nautical myth from all points of view. At the same time, create a fearsome epic that surprised the public by its size.

Also, it is a look about love. And Cameron made sure that the plot twist was clear in several of the fim’s emblematic scenes. Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) are the thread through an unimaginable tragedy. And in the end, the tragic lovers in the midst of death. Everything an act of classic symbolism in the midst of a monstrous blockbuster production which became the highest grossing film in history.


The story of space pioneers violently invading an intergalactic paradise immediately captivated audiences. It was not only about the amazing landscapes of Pandora, the planet imagined by Cameron. Also, the cutting-edge technology that created digital characters so perfectly believable that they took the audience’s breath away.

As if that weren’t enough, the film’s 3D experience made the film a massive success. It was called the next step in science fiction, a visual advance so enormous that its scope could only be understood in the following five years. But also, Avatar caused an impact by his discursive eloquence on a simple subject. The survival of life and the power of the unknown.

Cameron’s ecological epic caused a sensation and became the highest-grossing film in history. The film held the title for ten years and was only defeated by Avengers: Endgame. However, after new projections around the world, he recovered it again a year later.

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