8 romantic restaurants on ABC to impress bae

To enjoy Valentine’s Day and surprise the ‘bae’ in the best possible way, nothing better than a romantic dinner in an environment to live up to such an important date.

A survey carried out by the research platform MindMiners this year reveals that in the plans of couples, the celebration of the date being in a restaurant is a great desire. After all, for many lovers this will be the first June 12th away from home, after isolation. According to the survey, while in 2021 only 22% planned something like this, in 2022 that number jumped to 32%.

At Shopping ABC, in Santo André, you can find amazing restaurants and even combine the useful and the pleasant to guarantee a special gift. Dining options include a varied menu that ranges from hamburgers to Arab restaurants.

Check out:

(Photo: Calle 54)

Call 54
With a pleasant atmosphere and differentiated service, Calle 54 offers a menu with the best Porteño cuts and starters, main courses and delicious side dishes and desserts. To make your mouth water, and as an order suggestion, the starter can be the meat croquettes stuffed with mozzarella cheese (melting). Then you can choose between delicious snacks or dishes, such as a flank steak with gorgonzola sauce accompanied by fries. To sweeten the night, a banana flambé, with Nutella and ice cream, wouldn’t be bad, right?

For more information about reservations, just access the website www.calle54.com.br/ and check the available times. They are also available by calling (11) 2222-1089.

(Photo: Raft)

With an atmosphere reminiscent of a fishing village, the place translates very well the idea of ​​the restaurant being a specialist in fish and seafood. On the menu, an incredible selection of dishes to return to the place more than once. Among the options are the oriental festival, in a rotation system with the best of Japanese cuisine. It is still possible to enjoy portions of tilapia, shrimp and tapioca dadinho with salmon.

For more information about menu and reservations, just call (11) 3197-5795.

(Photo: Pecorino)

The Shopping ABC unit brings the Trattoria version of the gastronomy chain. Impossible not to be enchanted. On its menu, you can find a series of pasta options and combinations that bring all the flavor of Italian cuisine. For a nice starter, you can taste slices of Italian bread with mushrooms and truffle oil au gratin with Parmesan cheese. For the main course, one of the options is the goat cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and fresh oregano or even opt for the meat menu, with a mignon escalope with raw ham and sage accompanied by Parmesan cheese risotto. In addition to delicious risottos!

To guarantee a reservation, simply contact us at (11) 4436-8652.

(Photo: Saj)

Saj’s cuisine originates from traditional recipes from the cities of Zahle, Lebanon, and Homs, Syria. On the menu, you can try a little bit of everything (literally), with the 10-course tasting menu that is iconic in the restaurant’s history, such as chancliche, coarse wheat and hummus mignon. The menu also offers numerous options of salads, sandwiches and delicious desserts, ideal for exploring a cuisine, until then, unknown!

Reservations at Saj are guaranteed by calling (11) 4427-3913.

The Black Beef
It’s time for the hamburger! An excellent option for the ‘date’, The Black Beef brings together the best of snacks with artisanal hamburgers and a series of delicious combinations, such as the Black Rib, containing artisanal beef rib burger, cheese, bacon, herb mayonnaise and sauce. barbecue, or the Jam Burger, with brie cheese, bacon crispy, parmesan cream and pepper jelly.

(Photo: The Black Beef)

For more information about opening hours, you can call (11) 4432-0630.

Paris 6 Petit
Reference for the French bistro style, Paris 6 pleases different palates. The store in the mall is in the new operating model, in a cafe and menu style with some of the famous creations, with quick dishes and a selection of the chain’s best-selling desserts, including versions of the Grand Gateau. The space has decor inspired by the chain’s bistros, with architecture and Parisian airs from the 1920s. The menu also has fondues, coffees and a variety of pastries. It’s really worth knowing!

(Photo: Paris 6 Petit)

For more information about reservations and menus, just call (11) 4432-0996.

No introductions, right? Traveling to Australia, the traditional Outback emphasizes various aspects of the country’s culture such as sport, sights, traditions and leisure. For the menu, the famous prime rib with barbecue sauce and its side dishes are excellent options for a tasty dinner. Empanada onion is also a great option, in addition to desserts, such as the delicious fondue.

(Photo: Outback)

For more information about the location, you can call (11) 4436-0288.

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