a new cocktail in vein of ‘eros’ and ‘thanatos’

A new corpse floats on the water in ‘Elite’tragic event that is already serving as a prologue in the Netflix series, which premieres this Friday, 8, its fifth season, after the success for the fourthwhich was placed in the first position of the ‘ranking’ of the most watched worldwideme That as shocking as usual image serves as an announcement of what is to come, because the action begins with the regular interrogations by the policeto which the students of the exclusive Las Encinas are already getting used to. And, as if this were not enough, the implementation of a more than iron discipline by the director of the center, Benjamín (Diego Martín), unleashes a spiral of debauchery and excesses that puts fiction to limits never seen before.

The season begins with tragic events that occurred on New Year’s Eve of the fourth installment: the Armando’s murder (Andrés Velencoso) –businessman who harassed Mencía (Martina Cariddi) and who was about to kill her sister, Ariadna (Carla Díaz), when he came out in her defense–, by a student, Guzman (Miguel Bernardou), who decided to put land in between. The director wants to put an end to so much laxity, but all that remains is for these puppies, so used to not being blown, to have their wings clipped. It will be his own son, Patrick (Manu Rios), who leads the act of rebellion. And you can’t think of a better way than an “anything goes” party, which includes sex, drugs, alcohol and a lot of lag.

A festoro, which, how could it be otherwise, is used to show off outfits -albeit very scarce, as required by the ‘dress code’- and (mainly) for Patrick to try to seduce a new student, Ivan (Andre Lamoglia) a young man who is initially heterosexual, which drives him crazy. The boy, the son of a dissolute Portuguese soccer player, is played by the Brazilian actor, star of the Disney Channel series ‘Juacas’. The other new addition is isadorathe daughter of the owners of Ibiza’s nightlife, whom she brings to life Argentina Valentina Zenereanother ‘exchica Disney’ (‘Soy Luna’, ‘Juacas’), who in our country has participated in ‘Las Chicas del Cable’.

The rest of the characters are the same as in the previous season, although in this one they appear transformed. Some, because of the trauma caused by the episode with the dead businessman. A) Yes MenciaAfter flirting with prostitution for fun and with homosexuality, he will initially adopt a extreme obedience posture towards his father (and director of the school) and a distance with his girlfriend, Rebeka (Claudia Salas). Ariadneinstead, she lives her ‘post-traumatic shock’ delivered to the hedonismto the despair of her boyfriendSamuel, (Itzan Escamilla), who continues to be the one who loses his mind the least.

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For its part, omar (Omar Ayuso), now without Ander (Arón Piper), will bring out his most supportive side by helping a young immigrant, Bial, who from life Adam Nourou, winner of a Goya Award for Best New Actor for the film ‘Adú. The story of Cinderella lived by the young cleaner of the institute, Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), and Prince Phillipe (Pol Granch) will live a new episode after learning that he is a sexual predator.

In addition, Rebeka will look for new intereststrying to forget Mencía… and that he witnessed the concealment of Armando’s body, who, by the way, has left a ‘poisoned little gift’ that can sink the director and his family. And an unsolved case that he will plan for this season in which, in addition to the ‘thriller, there will be no lack of luxury, sexual debauchery and the display of attractive young bodieswhich are the reasons for the worldwide delirium caused by the series.

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