ABB presents at BIEMH 2022 its technologies for maximum productivity and efficiency to transform the machine-tool industry

The company’s stand will have the latest collaborative robotics technologies for palletizing and part loading applications; robotic cells for different applications or motors and drives with maximum energy efficiency

Intercompany Drafting06/13/2022

From June 13 to 17, ABB will participate in stand E02, pavilion 3 of BIEMH (International Machine-Tool Biennial), the benchmark fair for digital technologies and innovative solutions aimed at manufacturers in the sector at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC).

ABB will address in detail the latest developments in automation and robotics with the speech Robotics and Automation: challenges and opportunities, by Sergio Martin, robotics & discrete automation division manager of ABB in Spain and Portugal.

ABB will exhibit the latest news from robotics and of drives Y engines designed to increase productivity, flexibility and safety. In addition, the group will address in detail the latest developments in automation and robotics, moving towards the automated digital plant, with the presentation Robotics and Automation: challenges and opportunities, by Sergio Martin, robotics & discrete automation division manager of ABB in Spain and Portugal. The presentation will take place on Friday, June 17 at 12:15 p.m., in the Conference Room of Pavilion 6.

ABB robotics innovations ensure maximum efficiency, performance and safety

First, ABB introduce the robotic cell for 3D metal printing, equipped with the ultra-fast industrial robot IRB 6700. With a load capacity of up to 300 kg and a reach of between 2.6 and 3.2 meters, the IRB 6700 achieves greater precision, shorter cycle time and greater protection. It is ideal to withstand the toughest working environments and is available with the Foundry Plus 2 protection system, which generates 15% lower power consumption. The IRB 6700 family includes 10 variants, available as floor mounted or inverted versions. The IRB6700 is integrated with SafeMove for person detection protecting operators and improving process safety and efficiency.

In parallel, ABB will have in its exhibitor the latest generation collaborative robot Cobot GoFa 15000. This robot can simultaneously share the workspace with people, providing maximum flexibility and efficiency. It is designed to handle 5kg loads. GoFa has torque sensors built into each of its six joints that deliver superior power and throttling performance. Together they prevent the risk of injury by immediately pausing GoFa if it detects any contact with a worker. Also, thanks to the FlexPendant and the easy programming software Wizard Easy Programming, it is possible to operate the robot in just a few minutes, and without the need for robot programming knowledge.

ABB adds to its robotic portfolio the Autonomous Mobile Robots. With a load capacity of up to 1000kg, the EBOT 350 is fast and efficient, allowing excellent maneuverability, thanks to its compact design and omnidirectional and turning technology on the ground. This line of platforms can perform longitudinal and transverse movements, allowing greater agility and efficiency in intralogistics goods movements.

One of the main features is freedom of movement, saving space and time with its ability to move in all directions. The protection of the environment is 360, in a collaborative security space free of physical barriers. The versatility of tasks, with applications with multiple origins and destinations that offer flexible locations and, finally, the intelligent connectivity with the transmission of information in real time to facilitate data analysis and decision making.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see in situ the omnidirectional EBOT 350, carrying out the transport of parts with automated logistics, together with the GoFa TM CRB 15000 cobot, in a BinPicking application with integrated 2D-3D vision.

For ultra-fast pick & place, ABB shows delta technology in its cell equipped with the robot IRB 360 FlexPicker and the robot SCARA IRB 920T.

On the one hand, the IRB360 FlexPicker is ideal for order picking and high speed picking & packing applications. It is the world’s fastest industrial delta robot offering high reliability and precision with the shortest cycle times. The IRB 360 family includes variants with payloads of 1kg, 3kg, 6kg and 8kg and reaches of 1130mm and 1600mm, meaning there is an IRB 360 for almost every need.

Work seamlessly and increase productivity with PickMaster Twin, ABB’s vision-guided random flow line management software, allowing the construction of simulated pick&place stations to optimize the process comfortably from the PC.

On the other hand, the IRB 920T SCARA robot, designed to meet the requirements of the electronics industry, provides the highest levels of speed, accuracy and repeatability for a variety of assembly, picking and handling tasks. With 14% faster speeds, the IRB 920T can be installed in a variety of locations to enable fast and cost-effective handling of loads up to 6kg, from individual components to assembled products. The IRB 920T works with the ultra-slim OmniCore E10 controller for tight spaces and high-density lines.


ABB Ability’s digital solutions to increase the performance, productivity and safety of processes and equipment will be a key part of the novelties to be presented.

Greater decision-making capacity with ABB Ability digital services

ABB Ability Connected Services digital solutions offer condition monitoring and diagnostics, backup management, remote access, fleet assessment and asset optimization that deliver increased performance, productivity, efficiency and safety. It allows to reduce up to 25% of incidents and up to 60% of response time.

ABB Ability Digital Power Train improves efficiency, increases availability and safety, and ABB Ability Mobile Connect for AC drives enables drive users to access remote support on site.

Ensuring maximum efficiency of equipment with motors and frequency variators

ABB also has solutions that, when combined, help industries and applications achieve new levels of efficiency and energy savings in the most demanding conditions. An example of this are the synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM), which work together with a frequency inverter. These motors can be used to replace standard IE3 induction motors and reduce power losses in the motor by up to 40%. This saving could be even greater, given that the use of frequency inverters would allow a saving of 2% of benefit at full load, while at partial load the benefit can be up to 6-7%. Lower energy consumption which translates into a lower total cost of ownership. Therefore, although companies may be reluctant to change motors or add converters to their processes, if a moderate investment is made to update the technology of an electric motor, this investment could be recovered in as little as one year; which supposes not only a present investment but also a future one.

Another of the frequency inverters that visitors will be able to learn about in detail is the ACS880 from ABB, from 0.55 to 250 kW for wall mounting, is built on the basis of ABB’s Full Compatibility drive architecture, it has unprecedented levels of compatibility, flexibility and ease of use. The ACS880 drive provides the highest level of control with virtually any type of AC motor thanks to direct torque control (DTC), including permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors. Its flexibility is the result of its universal connectivity and a wide range of internal and external options. In addition, ABB will introduce the new ACS180 variable frequency drive for robust machine operation with guaranteed essential performance and capabilities. Some of the notable built-in features that enable this excellent performance and quality are: STO, vector control, operation up to 50C without derating, and Modbus RTU.

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