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Students report that they were forbidden by security to give water and food to the animals.

Before and after the place where the animal feeders were. (Photo: Reproduction)

Five days after students accuse the UCDB (Universidade Católica Dom Bosco) of refusing care for a dog that would have been run over inside the institution and later died, students claim that feeders used to feed animals have been removed from the corridors and security guards are preventing the dogs from feeding. and cats that stay at the university.

The student at the institution, who preferred to be identified only as Fernanda, claimed that she was prevented by a security guard from giving water to a dog this Tuesday (6th).

“He told me that they were advising the academics not to give water or food to the animals there,” he said.

Dog that Fernanda gave water to at UCDB.  (Photo: Personal Archive)
Dog that Fernanda gave water to at UCDB. (Photo: Personal Archive)

She borrowed a plastic pot and managed to give the animal water, despite the ban.

“I ignored it and kept trying. The dog was very fearful, it took a while, he drank the water”, he added.

She also reported that, after the disappearance of the feeders that had been purchased by the students themselves, many animals stopped circulating through the unit.

“Many animals that used to live there haven’t shown up this week. We saw about four animals, counting what they ran over. Only today, this one appeared alone. I cannot say what happened, but it is strange that they are not there, and together.”

Another student, who did not want to be identified, said that she took care of three cats that stay at UCDB and fed them twice a day, but this week she noticed that the feeding points had been removed.

“I gave affection every day, everyone had names, individual pots for food. This week I noticed that the feeding points were removed, I am very sad,” she said.

Questioned, UCDB claimed that it established an Internal Commission to review issues related to dogs and cats that eventually enter the campus, after the dog was run over last week.

According to the institution, the first measure was the reassessment of the places where the feeders were located. As the containers mentioned by the students were in a food area, and close to the terminal that has a large flow of vehicles, they were removed to be repositioned in a safer place.

“We will soon publish rules related to this matter,” he said in a statement.

dog run over – Last Friday (1st), students accused the UCDB Veterinary School Clinic of abandoning a dog run over at the university.

Law student Matheus Salessi de Miranda, 25, said at the time that at around 4 pm, a group of students informed the Clinic that the dog had been run over, but the animal was not collected.

It was then that, with the help of other people passing by, he placed the animal in the car and took it to a private clinic on Avenida Mato Grosso. However, after undergoing emergency ultrasound, the animal succumbed to its injuries and died.

In a note, the advisory admitted that around 4 pm, a person asked for information at the clinic, but claimed that the animal was not taken to the care unit and that help would never be denied in the situation.

One attendant only informed that there was no team to rescue animals, but that the service would be carried out if the animal was taken to the hospital’s premises and that it would need a responsible guardian to accompany it in the process.

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