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After the repercussion of the photo of the “expensive” ice cream, published by a resident of Florianópolis, the g1 consulted a nutritionist to explain the characteristics that make the food become a kind of “comfort food“.

Catharina Lima, 40, posted the photo on social media. The April 3 post came four days after she underwent surgery and was told to eat only cold foods in recovery. The subject reverberated on Twitter, became a meme and generated debates on social inequality.

According to Catharina, who is from São Paulo and has lived in the capital of Santa Catarina for almost 15 years, her relationship with her father has always been marked by mutual affection. For her, the attitude was just one of countless displays of affection from her father..

Publication with photo of ice cream goes viral; see memes

“He’s an excellent father, he’s always done what he could for me, and that’s not about the price, it’s about the gesture. Those who know him are not surprised, they know how kind he is and the way he has always treated me,” he reports.

For nutritionist Larissa Althoff Vidal, postgraduate in functional clinical nutrition, ice cream “is one of the main foods that bring affection, that comfort and that feeling when we need a warmth in the soul”.

The nutritionist explained that the feeling of coziness that many people feel when eating ice cream comes from two factors.

“Ice cream has two very interesting components of affective food [comida de conforto, em inglês]which is milk, which is very associated in childhood, during the period of breastfeeding. Carbohydrates, lactose, associated with milk itself, they bring this characteristic affective food. And there’s also sugar, which is also closely related to this period of childhood, of food introduction,” he said.

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The other factor is linked to the brain. “When there are flavors that he likes a lot, when he has a lot of energy, let’s say, he rewards us with this desire to eat. So ice cream is a food that combines two of the main brain stimulants, let’s say, both flavors that most stimulate the brain, which are the fat associated with carbohydrates”, said the nutritionist.

Character Chandler, from the series ‘Friends’, with a pot of ice cream — Photo: Reproduction

Some movies and series illustrate this “reward” of the brain with the famous scenes in which a character sits on the couch or in bed with a bowl of ice cream and a spoon.

“When we make this junction [da gordura com o carboidrato]the tendency is that we exaggerate a lot in consumption and, many times, we are always remembering the desire to eat this food when we are sad or literally need a reward from our brain”, said Larissa Vidal.

In addition to ice cream, other foods that have this combination also have the same effect, according to her, such as chocolate, brownies and cake.

The publication that caused controversy on social networks shows five packages of 400 grams of ice cream from the Bacio di Latte brand, which cost, on average, R$ 40. The post was criticized by internet users, who considered that she was showing off the situation country’s economy.

Replies to the tweet mostly deal with the price of ice cream. Among the comments, a netizen criticizes: “That’s why society has created an even greater prejudice against rich people. […] thinks it’s normal to spend R$200.00 on 2L of ice cream”. Another person asks, “Is your father going to pay in 12x or 24x?”.

Catharina, who posted with pots of ice cream — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

On the repercussion generated from the publication, psychologist Raquel Pimentel, PhD in Social Psychology, says that even the most unpretentious images can trigger triggers in some people. Therefore, according to the expert, the post motivated a wide discussion.

“Whoever publishes something in a public place is subject to the eyes of everyone. And, at a time when we live in a country where the majority of the population is not doing well, only one bubble has access and can buy ice cream. So, there is this cut, which is important to look at and observe who you are talking to”, he explains.

Catharina’s tweet ‘good morning, ice cream’ — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks

Pimentel considers that this does not justify the criticism received by Catharina. “She doesn’t have to be ‘cancelled’ for that, no way. But, if it generated all this repercussion, it is interesting to take the opportunity to look at the discussion in a broader way”, he suggests.

“Realizing these discrepancies is something that happens throughout a person’s growth and cultural and social contacts,” he says.

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