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The most popular of French actors, Alain DelonA resident for years in Switzerland, he has requested, through one of his children, that euthanasia be applied to him because of the pain he suffers from his advanced illness, further complicated by a depression that has been dragging for a long time. At eighty-six years old last November, he said goodbye to the cinema in 2019, when he was able to slowly recover from a cerebrovascular accident, a stroke that ended up taking him to a wheelchair. Since then, his health has been failing. The death of his great friend and colleague affected him greatly. John Paul Belmondo in September 2021, whose funeral he attended with his figure, especially his face, very deteriorated. Whoever was one of the most attractive leading men in European cinema was already aware of his extreme decadence. He returned to his Swiss home, a country where euthanasia is allowed, duly protected by its laws. Some time ago, at his request, he was granted citizenship of the Alpine country, which he chose to reside in, fleeing pressure from the French Treasury.

Alain Delon had a sad childhood and adolescence. His parents separated when he was only four years old; he remained under his maternal guardianship. It is not difficult to imagine how a rambunctious kid, at that age, outside the paternal presence, commits all kinds of outrages. And there an independent, quarrelsome character was forged in the future actor, which he would later develop in his youth with greater virulence. He had to start working at the age of fourteen as an assistant in a fish market, he left volunteered for the Indochina war and upon returning he entered the Navy as a paratrooper. He also happened to be unloader at the Central Market in Paris. And waiter.

Coincidentally, he ended up making his film debut with brief assignments. And in 1969 she shot in Italy under the orders of Luchino Visconti the film that was going to catapult him to star in successive productions: Rocco and his brothers. The great director, with a wide culture, an aristocrat with a refined life, was a notorious homosexual. He fell in love with Alain’s beauty. It has never been possible to verify that there were intimate relations between the two, but the shadow of suspicion always hovered over the career of the French gallant, who accused in his day by one of his sons of being an outright chauvinist, would declare on one occasion that he understood very well the “gays”.

Romy Schneider and Alain Delon (1961)

two years before Rocco and his brothers Delon made a film that, without major consequences after its premiere, was going to determine his union with one of the women in his life. His title was Love affairsnever better associated with his fame as a seducer. Her name was Romy Schneiderwho came to star sissi and a film series of sequels about that Austrian empress, her existence highly sweetened in those fanciful plots. Romy wanted to break with that somewhat sappy image and this led her to accept roles as more liberated women on screen. They met again later on the “set” of cristinathat was when they fell in love. It was 1959, he was twenty-three years old, she was three years younger. The funny thing is that apparently Romy didn’t like Alain at first, of whom she said he was boring. And to counterattack he accused her of being conceited. Rather, the handsome man was like that. A few years of romantic passion until Alain broke up with her in 1963 because of her love affairs with other women passing through. But they met again In the poolwhere she showed her charms and he showed that he was already a remarkable performer. If there were frictions behind the cameras, they were not enough to resume their abruptly interrupted romance. And they parted as good friends. From then on, Romy Schneider’s life had moments of sadness, melancholy and the permanent memory of the man she loved the most in life: Alain Delon. She got married, lost a son in tragic circumstances and ended her life in 1982, they say due to ingestion of barbiturates, which despite forensic intervention was never publicly proven. Delon then expressed his aching heart, with this phrase: “My beautiful angel is gone.”

When they left, Alain continued to work assiduously in the cinema, associated with countless women. One of them was the German singer Nico. Upon learning of that idyll, it was when Romy Schneider had screamed to heaven asking for explanations from Alain, who with his usual behavior ignored his cries. Nico came to be for him a mere entertainment, a whim. But she gave birth to a boy, registered as Christian Aaron Boulongnesince the Frenchman had left without wanting to know anything about that baby. After a long legal process, the actor had no choice but to be sentenced, admit paternity.

more romance

He sustained another intense romance from 1972 with a good singer of Egyptian origin, Dalidathat triumphed in France and somewhat in Spain, where he recorded a song dedicated to Manuel Benítez “El Cordobés”. She and Alain recorded together the song “Parole, Parole”, which Mina had premiered in Italy and Carmen Sevilla and Paco Rabal in Spain. Dalida had other loves. I had lunch with her. She had an aggressive, blonde beauty with a penetrating gaze. Cheerful on the outside but I don’t know why she seemed to me to have a trace of sadness inside her. She had gone through a bitter episode when at the San Remo Festival a lover of hers, who had been disqualified for her performance, committed suicide. Her name was louis tencothat of “Ciao, amore, ciao”. And, what is destiny: some time later, Dalida also took her own life.

If we associate the disappearance of Romy Schneider and Dalida in tragic circumstances, Alain Delon left behind two exquisite corpses. Without him having anything to do with those deaths, of course. It was 1964 when an attractive Moroccan woman, named Nathalie Canovas Berthelemywith which he starred in several films. They got married and of course she adopted her husband’s last name, which would also be used for her artistic career. Alain and Nathalie Delon were a frequent couple in the French press and in general in the European press. A son born of their love, Anthony, reinforced their coexistence, until their love also broke, we don’t know if from using it so much, paraphrasing the melody of Manuel Alejandro. Because acquaintances of the couple insinuated that already in their last married days they hardly had sexual relations and that they lived as if they were just good brothers. Who left who? We ignore it, but Alain said very proudly that no woman stood him up. His time would come. Mireille Darc passed away in 2021.

After Romy Schneider, whom he loved the most was the actress mireille darcowner of a feline gaze. Highly valued in French cinema. Fifteen years they were together, without getting married. They always gave the impression of loving each other very much. With all this, they settled in 1982. Mimí, which is how he affectionately called her, did not break the friendship between the two. And her disappearance in 2017 left Delon very contrite.

Mireille was followed in 1987 by the Dutch actress and singer rosalie van breemanwhom he first saw on the set of like in the movies. They did not get married either, but they loved each other enough to live together until 2002. a couple of children Anouchka, the actor’s favourite, and Alain Fabien filled his home. As they said, Rosalie got fed up with Alain when a billionaire from the optical industry crossed his life. That tasted like a “burnt horn” to the gallant. He went into depression. The first time a lady left him overnight. It was her time for him, as we pointed out before.

his last years

And well into the new century, Alain Delon was losing his handsomeness. He didn’t break as many hearts as yesterday. As his attractiveness declined and incidentally his price in the movies, he sank into a melancholy well. He didn’t even get along with his kids.. Anthony, the eldest son, was somewhat stupid (as I myself verified in Madrid during a golf championship to which he was invited, without participating of course, only because of his last name) and caused him more than one problem. And his brothers were not shy when it came to declaring in the press how little they loved his parent. They branded him sexist, misogynist, fascist and homophobic. And Alain Fabien remembered that as a child he had once locked him in a kennel “so that he would be tougher”.

There is no doubt that Alain Delon felt neglected, without the warmth of his descendants, without the company of a real woman who loved him. And in his Swiss home, old, isolated, he announced his withdrawal in 2017. Even so, interpreting himself, in November 2019 he stood before the cameras for the last time, in any similaritythat it was set in television talk shows, those talk shows and performances, pure spectacle. He wanted, before his strength and memory finally left him, to have filmed on his own initiative a script titled the empty house. She was unable to fulfill his wishes. His heart problems did not allow it. French cinema thus lost, still alive, one of its greatest actors. He did not become a Gérard Philippe, of course, but he beat him in popularity and number of films. He was able to parade, proudly, in the spring of 2019, the month of May as usual, on the red carpet of the Cannes Festival, where he would be given the Honorary Palme d’Or. She deserved it. Already her smile was approaching a grimace, the wrinkles crossed her face and the brightness of her cat eyes had lost sparkles.

His days so far have been painful. Between nostalgia and pain. Already in her serene moments she could say that she had enjoyed his life. The one that now wants to be removed. brigitte bardotthe other distant icon of French cinema, pronounced a phrase as happy as it was devastating: “Delon’s last woman will be Death”. The one who waits if the competent Swiss authorities in his case so decide, allowing him to be given an injection of sodium pentobarbital, a lethal drug used in criminal death sentences.

A hotly debated topic, which brings us to the story of the Galician Ramón Sampedro. The Catholic Church has always spoken out against euthanasia.


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