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“I am in favor of a dignified death. First because I live in Switzerland, where euthanasia is legal, and also because I think it’s the most logical and natural thing to do. A person has the right to leave in peace, without going through hospitals, injections and so on.” Thus, with sincerity, the French actor Alain Delon (86 years old, who acquired Swiss citizenship in March 2000) He stated that he will resort to the euthanasia process.

The renowned artist made a kind of farewell through a letter, which circulated in various media and on social networks: “I want to thank everyone who has followed me over the years and has given me great support. I hope that future actors can find in me an example not only in the workplace, but in everyday life between victories and defeats. Thank you Alain Delon.” signed.

What reasons led the actor to make this decision? Anthony, his eldest son, was the one who provided more details about it in an extensive interview with French radio RTL. As he related, Alain expressly asked him to resort to this procedure “when he feels that it is the right time.” The decision also comes at a special time for Delon. It is that the actor suffered two strokes in 2019, which meant a great effort for his recovery. And although he had good results, that rehabilitation was very slow.

This decision is also surrounded by a particular context: in a very short time, Alain suffered close losses that meant a blow difficult to assimilate. One of them was that of Jean-Paul Belmondo, another of the stainless leading men of the big screen, with whom he had a great friendship. In September, when that episode took place, Delon said that he was “completely devastated. I’m going to try to hold on so I don’t do the same thing in five hours. It wouldn’t hurt if we both left together. It’s a part of my life, we started together 60 years ago.” And to that we must add the death of Nathalie, his ex-wife and Anthony’s mother. According to the latter, Nathalie (who died of pancreatic cancer) had chosen euthanasia. “She had decided to die as she lived; she although she finally she did not use that means for her demise”.

Delon has already defined several issues in this regard: the drug would be sodium pentobarbital, a drug developed more than a hundred years ago and is used as a lethal injection for those sentenced to death in the United States. And the doctor who would carry out the procedure would be the same one who had already agreed to euthanize Nathalie. Delon has even specified some subsequent decisions, such as the funeral. As his son commented, he asked that he be “Catholic, but discreet. I don’t want a very public funeral.”

Anthony, Alain’s eldest son, who recounted that his father asked him to resort to the procedure “when he feels it is time.”

How is euthanasia accessed? Being approved by the laws of Switzerland, Delon will not have any problems. What is required is an express statement made on more than one occasion, which is why Alain reiterated it in more than one interview. The person requesting it must also have an incurable disease and be in a situation of physical or psychological distress, other than depression. Since it is understood that in this psychic situation a person is unable to make such a decision. “This process is absolutely risk-free and painless,” they expressed from the non-profit organization, Dignitas, dedicated to helping assisted suicide.

In the midst of this decision, Delon has steadily improved in recent months, regaining his mobility and feeling better. However, he had already expressed his discomfort over the years a while back. “Getting old sucks! You can’t do anything about it. You get up and your ankle already hurts ”, she exemplified, in a note a few years ago.

How is the situation in other countries?

– 20 years ago, on April 1, 2002, Netherlands It became the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia under conditions. In the Netherlands, since 2002, it is authorized to administer a drug that causes death when a patient requests it, in full knowledge of the cause. A second doctor’s opinion is required.

Belgium it also decriminalized euthanasia on May 28, 2002 under conditions defined by law.

– Since March 2009, euthanasia is also authorized in Luxembourg Under some conditions.

Sodium pentobarbital, the drug for a dignified death.

– In SpainThe law legalizing euthanasia entered into force on June 25, 2021, just over three months after it was adopted in Parliament.

Switzerland it allows assisted suicide and tolerates indirect and passive euthanasia.

– In AustriaParliament approved in December 2021 the legalization of assisted suicide for people affected by a serious or incurable illness.

– In Italy, In September 2019, the Constitutional Court decriminalized assisted suicide (the person takes the fatal dose), under conditions, despite the existence of a law that prohibits it.

Argentina It has a first antecedent: in 2012, Law 26,742 on Dignified Death was approved, and this year the “Good Death” project will be discussed in Congress.

– In ColombiaEuthanasia has been decriminalized since 1997, but it became law in 2015, although there were several controversies with its implementation.

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