Alain Delon’s son denies that his father requested euthanasia

180 degree turn in one of the most shocking news in recent days. A week ago Anthony Delon shocked the world by making public the wishes of his father, Alain Delonfrom have a dignified death. His health problems, as well as the death of his ex-wife, would have made her think a lot about his situation and his goodbye. The eldest of the sons of the legendary French actor took advantage of the presentation of his latest book to communicate what his father’s thoughts were. He claimed that he had even given her the necessary guidelines to carry out his thought. And in addition, a farewell message from the protagonist of the gatopardothat left no one indifferent.

«I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied me over the years and given me great support.. I hope that future actors can find in me an example not only in the workplace, but in everyday life, between victories and defeats. Thank you, Alain Delon,” the letter read. The reactions of friends, followers and staunch fans of the interpreter were immediate.

Alain Delon’s young son denies that his father requested euthanasia

Now it has been the youngest of the family, Alain-Fabien Delon, who has spoken about it. And he has not done it precisely to support the claims of his older brother. Through his social networks, the young man has denied what has been said on this matter. “Not true,” he says in a story on his Instagram account.

Next, and in a more vehement way, he referred to what had happened as a misunderstanding and detailing what, in his opinion, had been the mistake in understanding his older brother’s words.

A few weeks ago it was stated that Alain Delon had requested euthanasia. Contact

Alain-Fabien Delon clears it all up

According to him, everything has been distorted and has not been shy about stating that everything has been taken out of context. In his opinion, his brother was referring to the fact that euthanasia could not be applied to his mother as it was illegal in France. And so his father had said that when the time came, “the necessary decisions” would be made.

“It’s one thing to say, ‘Son, in case I’m hooked up to a machine, in a coma, I want you to take me offline.’ And a different one is what the newspapers have said about euthanasia and its current situation. It has been said that he has even fired. He himself writes in his post that his father has already been in that situation in which he has depended on a machine to continue living, but they decided not to give the order to disconnect because “we decided to fight for his life”.

“I don’t normally do this, but it’s gotten totally out of hand. It has been two weeks in which I have read that my father is going to end his life through euthanasia. That’s not the fucking truth. A phrase from a book taken out of context is the cause of all this », can be read in the message. Very affected by everything published, Alain-Fabien asks that his father be allowed to live “in peace” and warns: if the rumors do not stop, he will not hesitate to take legal action.

Alain-Fabien has denied that his father requested euthanasia, stating that his older brother's words have been misrepresented.  gtres
Alain-Fabien has denied that his father requested euthanasia, stating that his older brother’s words have been misrepresented. gtres

Alain Delon, the impact of the death of his ex-wife and his precarious health

Regardless of the words of Anthony Delon on RTL, his father has been in favor of euthanasia on more than one occasion. «I am in favor of a dignified death because I live in Switzerland, where it is legal, and because I think it is the most logical and natural»confessed in an interview a few years ago.

According to what was said after the statements of his eldest son, The actor was very affected by the death of Nathalie Delon, his ex-wife and mother of Anthony. The also actress died in 2021 at the age of 79 due to pancreatic cancer and the fact of seeing her deterioration and her suffering would have been two more reasons for the protagonist of In the pool reaffirmed more in his conviction to use assisted suicide when the time comes.

To this should also be added their own health. In June 2019 Alain Delon suffered a stroke that has significantly reduced his mobility. The interpreter of A plena sol underwent emergency surgery at the Pitié-Salpétriere hospital in Paris and spent three weeks in the intensive care unit, as his son Anthony made it known at the time. Once stabilized, he was transferred to the exclusive Genolier clinic in Switzerland, the country where both he and his daughter Anouchka reside, who was then in charge of supervising the recovery of his father, keeping the rest of the family informed.

Everything seemed a haven of peace between the three children of the actor, but the magazine Here it is assured that, during Delon’s hospitalization in France, there were many tensions between her children. All because Anthony and Alain-Fabien, residents of the French capital, opposed their father’s move to Switzerland.

Delon’s turbulent relationship with her children

It is well known, especially in his native country, that The relationship between the French movie star and her two sons has been anything but idyllic. In February 2019, months before the stroke he suffered, Alain-Fabien published a most controversial novel that was said to have autobiographical overtones, since it narrated the stormy relationship with his father. Of the noble race It was the title of the book and he himself said in an interview during its presentation that “every author uses elements from his own life, especially in the first novel.”

And so it was. The protagonist, a young man who wants to make his way in the world of cinema, sees how he has to fight against the long shadow of a rich, powerful and manipulative father.. The public soon found clear similarities between the Delons and the protagonists of the writing. But the young author defended himself: «I don’t want to be ‘the son of’ who writes a biography. It is between fiction and reality.

The story of the book was not very surprising. The French were more than used to hearing the Delons throw themselves at each other, including hair-raising statements: «I have not been an abused child, but my father yelled, pulled my hair, threw plates or broke windows»came to declare in vanity fairprovoking the rejection of his father. He then accused the youngest of his offspring of “giving interviews just for money.” Even so, Alain-Fabien Delon revealed on TMC that his father’s advice on his professional projection was summed up in a lapidary phrase: “You are a Delon, never forget where you come from, you are of the noble race ».

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