Almost half of the dogs in Curitiba’s homes are strays; See ranking

Mixed-breed animals (SRDs), popularly known as mutts, are the favorites of Brazilian tutors. This is what the survey carried out by a company specialized in the pet sitters market points out, which has a predominance of SRDs among dogs and cats in its registry. Curitiba follows the country’s trend, according to the city’s Animal Protection Network. The SRDs are 47% of the dogs in the homes in Curitiba.

The data is from the Animal Identification System (SIA), which has the registration of the city’s pets, based on information from the microchips implanted in the animals. According to the director of the Fauna Research and Conservation Department, Edson Evaristo, this is a favorable statistic for the city.

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“Unfortunately, there are still many animals on the streets and the greater presence of mutts in homes in Curitiba indicates that we are on the right path in raising awareness among the population about the practices of adopting abandoned animals and responsible guardians”, he says.

There are 191,200 dogs registered with the SIA and more than 90,000 mutts. In second place in the preference of Curitibans is the Lhasa apso, with 9,200 registered animals, followed by almost 8,000 shih-tzus, 6,500 pinschers and 4,600 poodles.

Dog ranking in Brazil

In Brazil, the mutt appears with 40% of popularity, followed by shih tzus (12%) and yorkshire terriers (5%).

Curitiba follows the country’s trend, according to the city’s Animal Protection Network. The SRDs are 47% of the dogs in the homes in Curitiba. Photo: Leonardo Coleto/Tribuna do Paraná.


According to the 2019 National Health Survey by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), in the South Region, 57.4% of households have dogs. “This number is no coincidence”, ponders Evaristo. “The presence of pets at home has an influence on the well-being of people and families,” he adds.

During the worst moments of the pandemic, many people chose the company of a pet. To alleviate a little suffering and make the day to day lighter, adopting a pet is a path, according to psychologist Ticianne Frega, from the Municipal Health Department of Curitiba. The animals have a heightened sensitivity, according to her.

“Animals are able to detect the mood of their owners, as well as connect in order to support them in times of difficulty”, he explains. “They help to maintain a sense of routine and promote closer contact, strengthening bonds and bonds, sometimes becoming agents of mental health protection”, he believes.

When this animal comes from an adoption – and it’s probably an SRD – love comes in double. “By adopting, we get twice as much affection and recognition”, says the psychologist, also an enthusiast for the Animal Cause.

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How to adopt?

The Reference Center for Animals at Risk (CRAR) works as a permanent adoption center. There are animals rescued from abuse situations and those who live without tutors victims of being run over. Animals suitable for adoption are all neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped, ready to receive data from the new tutor.

On the Animal Protection Network website and on its Facebook page, it is possible to see photos of some animals and veterinarians from the Network are available daily to guide adoption processes.

The Center is open every day, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, at Rua Lodovico Kaminski, 1381, CIC. Scheduling to meet the animals can be done by calling 41 99963-0233.

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