André Marques on girlfriends: “If you don’t like dogs, there’s no way” – Vida de Bicho

André Marques with Pururuca and Gorda (Photo: Instagram/ @euandremarques/ Reproduction)

André Marques’ house is dominated by his dogs! And it is not for nothing, the presenter of the it’s from home and I do children’s voice He is the tutor of five female Cone Corso dogs, Gorda, 11, Banha, 10, and Thora, 7, in addition to Pururuca, a 3-year-old Podengo-Portuguese, and Bolinha, a golden retriever puppy. In an exclusive interview with Insect’s lifehe speaks of his passion for animals.

“I won them all! I had Gracinha adopted, but she lives with my ex-girlfriend”, says André, who has had other dogs, which he fondly remembers. “I got my first cane corso in 1995, Faustão gave it to me and I fell in love with the breed. It was Nero, lived for 10 years. Then, the golden retriever had Cuca, who became a star last year,” he recalls.

Responsible and very careful, the presenter always puts the bitches first in his priorities. “They are the most important beings in my life. I stop doing some things because of them. Whenever I have a life plan, I see if I can make it, if the people who work with me will be able to keep them, otherwise I won’t,” he says.

André Marques and Bolinha, who recently arrived at his house (Photo: Instagram/@euandremarques/Reprodução)

André Marques e Bolinha, who recently arrived at his house (Photo: Instagram/ @euandremarques/ Reproduction)

Girlfriends have to like animals, of course!

With so many dogs, André confesses that it’s impossible to relate to someone who doesn’t have the same approach to animals. “If the person doesn’t have a passion at least close to the one I have for dogs, it’s not possible”, he admits.

The presenter’s five bitches even sleep in his room… preferably in his bed. “Of course, if there’s a moment to date, we take a little bit out of the room and then they come back. But if the person doesn’t like dogs, there’s no way. If the woman starts to complain about the fur, then I have to get another girlfriend”, she jokes.

In the pool or in bed: André Marques makes the dogs comfortable in his house (Photo: Instagram/@euandremarques/Reprodução)

In the pool or in bed: André Marques makes the dogs comfortable in his house (Photo: Instagram/ @euandremarques/ Reproduction)

Ruled routine and clean house

Anyone who thinks that André’s house is a mess because of the five bitches is very wrong. Even Gorda, Banha, Thora, Pururuca and Bolinha have a regular routine.

“They eat three times a day. I give food in the morning and at night. In the afternoon, if I’m not, the people who work with me help me. When I get home from work, they eat, then we go outside, everyone plays, runs after the ball, takes a dip in the pool, does their business. Afterwards, they all go up to my room to sleep,” he says.

In addition, the dogs bathe twice a week. “By letting go, there’s no way around it, the house has to be cleaned all the time. It’s hard work, but you don’t want to have work, buy a plush toy”, says André, laughing.

André Marques with his dogs (Photo: Instagram/@euandremarques/Reproduction)

André Marques with his dogs (Photo: Instagram/ @euandremarques/ Reproduction)

“The biggest difficulty is worry”

For André, the most difficult thing about being responsible for animals is the concern for them. “Especially when you have a puppy now, you eat junk food. Even the oldest, la Gorda, ate a glass jar the other day, I had to run to the vet for an endoscopy. It has a cost too, they are big dogs, but love pays off”, he guarantees.

The presenter gave more details about the accident with Gorda, which took place in January. The dog dropped a glass pyrex, which had a potato cake on the table, and ended up eating the shards with it. “I almost died. I ran to the vet, some said to open the belly, others not. It was very difficult, I had to decide. We ended up having an endoscopy and I spent a week walking around with her, picking up poop, sieving it, to see if there was any glass. I stayed awake for almost 48 hours, looking at her, afraid that she might get sick and I wouldn’t see her. It was a pretty heavy scare,” he narrates.

At the moment, André does not intend to adopt any more animals. Meanwhile, he helps others as he can. “I don’t talk much about the things I support. I send bags of food to some institutions, when they send me a lost dog post, I post it, I’m happy when I get back that they found the dog. But I do my help work without a stage, in silence,” he says.

André Marques and Gorda, when she had to go to the vets after swallowing glass (Photo: Instagram/@euandremarques/Reproduction)

André Marques and Gorda, when she had to go to the vet after swallowing glass (Photo: Instagram/ @euandremarques/ Reproduction)

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