Animal shelters are full and protectors cry for help


They complain of overcrowding, a drop in adoptions and an increase in abandonment

04/07/2022 14:39:16

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Taking care of a pet requires not only emotional investment, but also time and money. As not everyone understands this responsibility, animal shelters are asking for help. They complain of overcrowding, a drop in the number of adoptions and an increase in abandonment.

President of the NGO Vira Lata Vira Luxo, Jussara Monjardim Kenupp says that there are cases of animals that were adopted, adapted to the family and were returned to the shelter. “We had cases of dogs that were integrated into the family, used to the routine and, even so, they came back”.

Nisse Fonseca, director of Vira Lata Vira Luxo, reveals that there are, in all, 74 animals under the responsibility of the NGO. According to her, the number of adoptions has dropped. “In some fairs, we already take all the animals and come back”.

Nisse Fonseca shows three of the 74 animals at the shelter seeking adoption

Photo: Leone Iglesias/AT

Director of the NGO Gatinhos Pedra da Cebola, Ilka Westermeyer says that the number of street animals and people looking for NGOs daily to deliver animals is frightening.

“There are 50 people a day that we receive. It’s unrealistic. Some people want good and ask us to receive it, but it is very difficult to give this support”.

An independent protector, that is, who can act with or without the support of an NGO, psychologist Roberta Reinell, 24, says that the situation is delicate for NGOs and caregivers.

“We suffer from the increase in the prices of feed and medicines, for example. The situation is one of calamity and the government takes only occasional actions to contain the spread of diseases and birth control”.

In Greater Vitória, the municipalities of Vitória, Serra and Cariacica have rescue, shelter and castration actions for animals, with a focus on serving the low-income population, NGOs and independent protectors. In Vila Velha, the program is expected to start by May.



  • It assists tutors registered with CadÚnico, with a family income of up to three minimum wages and who live in an area of ​​social vulnerability.
  • Services include microchipping, surgical sterilization of dogs and cats, supply of medicines, among others.
  • To register, simply access the Animal Welfare Portal, at

Mountain range

  • Provides care to animals without tutors that are found with serious injuries due to being run over or mistreated.
  • The service can be requested by WhatsApp (27) 98166-0447, from 8 am to 6 pm. After rescued and treated, the animals will be neutered and put up for adoption.
  • Dogs or cats are dewormed, vaccinated and receive a microchip with animal and guardian data. It is also possible to request castration through the address or by phone (27) 3291-2399, from 7 am to 5 pm.

old village

  • The Animal Control Operational Program (POCA) will carry out 4,600 castrations/year and is currently undergoing an analysis of the registered clinics. It will include low-income residents and protectors who have shelters in the municipality. The action is expected to start in May.


  • The Cariacica Castra Legal Program provides for free castration of animals living in the municipality. In the first year of operation, the goal is to castrate 2,600 animals.
  • Tutors, protectors and NGOs can now pre-register online. Details on the website

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