Anke Engelke describes the “goosebump moment” after the death of Mirco Nontschew

Doomsday mood on the “NDR Talkshow” – barely 15 minutes after the start of the program, the usually very lively group around the lively Barbara Schöneberger and the somewhat slowed down lively Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt arrived at the war in Ukraine – with the atrocities that people are capable of, and at the powerlessness that many are now feeling in the face of the news from the war zone.

How does a talk show get back on the entertainment track after such a start? Only through very many individual, careful decisions.

On the one hand, there is ARD journalist Natalie Amiri, who traveled to Afghanistan 100 days after the Taliban took power and currently has the feeling that a lot of bad things are happening there in the shadow of the Ukraine war.

ARD journalist: “We only look at one place”

“We obviously only have the capacity to look at one place,” she says. While the western world is staring spellbound at what is happening in Ukraine, the Taliban in Afghanistan are taking action against those who think differently with increasing brutality.

“I feel so exhausting,” says the journalist, “because I only ever report on the crises of this world.” But what else can she do than to warn the public over and over again with the means of a journalist: “Look there!”

Why a more colorful Germany needs a “primary color”.

Or Umes Arunagirinathan: The doctor fled from Sri Lanka to Germany in the early 1990s as a 13-year-old. Today he is a heart surgeon in his new home in Hamburg.

“Basic color German” is the name of the book he has just published and in which he promotes a colorful Germany that has a common basic color – the German language. Dialogue is the cure for the disease racism: The doctor is deeply convinced of that.

Anke Engelke on “Goose bump moment”

Anke Engelke is actually a funny person and usually a sure catalyst towards hilarity. But even if the show she is promoting on “NDR Talkshow” is called “LOL: Last One Laughing”, this show is wearing black ribbon in the third season.

Actor Mirco Nontschew died shortly after the end of the shoot. The fact that the season will still be shown on Amazon Prime was not a matter of course – and yet it was the right decision for Anke Engelke.

“Laugh to get by somehow”

Engelke reports on the premiere of the season in Berlin in the presence of Mirco Nontschew’s family. And she talks about how difficult it was to see Mirco on screen and so full of life. But at the same time it is also nice that a large public can now celebrate his talent again.

The third season of “LOL” is dedicated to Mirco; Seeing his name on the screen “was a goosebump moment,” says Anke Engelke. She stands behind “LOL” 100 percent: “This experiment is so unique because it focuses on laughter”.

After all, comedy is anchored in everyone: “That we have to laugh in order to somehow get by.”

“NDR Talkshow” meets the need for optimism

“Everyone has a need for optimism, for hope on Friday evening,” says Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt at some point during the evening. The “NDR Talkshow” can meet this longing surprisingly well on this evening of all days.

Precisely because this evening does not – as is so often the case – just splash away superficially, but authentically and seriously deals with everything that helps the soul in poisoned times: with healing through cheerfulness and with the belief in the good in people. And the melancholy swinging sounds of jazz singer Michael Bublé.