APAExpo by R+T is postponed due to the scenario of great uncertainty, bringing forward the INNOVATION FORUM

By APA, Spanish Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers

APAExpo by R+T postpones the event scheduled for October 5,6,7 at Fira Barcelona, ​​and will bring forward to October 2022 the INNOVATION FORUM which was scheduled for the first half of 2023, to be held in the city of Barcelona.

Companies in the automatic door sector are facing a scenario of great uncertainty, with unpredictable consequences after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The conflict, as we reported from APA in our press release (The great uncertainty of the Spanish sector of automatic doors in the face of the evolution of the crisis), has intensified the general increase in the cost of raw materials, logistics costs, the supply of materials , components and energy cost.

After consulting the companies in the sector and the Organizing Committee of APAExpo by R+T, the expression “great uncertainty” is being the most used by companies in the automatic door sector when visualizing the scenarios and forecasts, as well as the possible business decisions and corrections. Being aware that it will not depend only on the duration of the Ukrainian conflictno one is unaware that the situation after the war will once again require the correction of forecasts and consequently its probable worsening.

In APA, Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Automatic Doors, being aware that the end of these negative circumstances that we are experiencing, with the desired revitalization and normalization of the sector and market of automatic doors, is not in the hands of the companies in the sector, nor of special actionsand in its objective of supporting the sector to adapt to the rhythms and times that this crisis marks, we have had to consider the justification for the investments of companies in the APAExpo by R+T International Fair and its celebration in this context, despite to the demand for participation and larger areas contracted by companies, higher than the previous editions of FIPA 2017 and FIPA 2019, due to the great expectations of the alliance between APAExpo and R+T/Messe Stuttgart and Feria Barcelona.

The risk of the success of APAExpo by R+T is not in the number of exhibitors and contracted area, nor in the capacity of professional visitors, at a national and international level, but in its effectiveness for companies and their investments in these circumstances.

From APA, companies in the sector have been monitored and consulted, and especially the exhibiting companies at APAExpo by R+T, on the advisability of holding the event or postponing it until the situation allows us to resume it, justifying the investments. Obtaining as a result and generalized opinion, advance from precaution and postpone the event, looking for alternatives that make it possible to continue promoting contacts and relationships within the sector, at justifiable costs in this crisis situation.

Our partner R+T/Messe Stuttgart having been informed of the doubts and concerns of the companies, despite the advanced demand for participation in APAExpo by R+T, from Stuttgart have responded positively by reinforcing our alliance, adapting and adding to the real needs of the automatic door sector, putting the needs of the sector before APAExpo by R+T.

The response from R+T/Messe Stuttgart, to which has been added Fira Barcelonahas reaffirmed the wisdom and value of the alliance between APA and R+T, with APAExpo by R+T being a member of the R+T Alliance.

It should be emphasized that, in the foundation of the APA Code of Ethicsfrom which balanced relationships in principles and values ​​are guaranteed with the entities, organizations and institutions with which projects and collaboration agreements are carried out, in the second point it is established: “The guarantee of the coherence of the projects and collaborations with the needs of APA and the automatic doors sector. Requiring that projects be planned, outlined, mature and lead (…) in response to a real need. Opposing the creation or acceptance of services, solutions and artificial products not adjusted to the sector, whose purpose is due to a mere economic need or other interests of the collaborating entity, body or institution”.

The APA Traveling Forums, also known as National Conventions, were conceived during FIPA 2019 as a complement to APAExpo and its evolution from a biennial to a triennial fair. The Forums are held during the years in which the International Automatic Doors Fair is not held.

For the first FORUM, it was set for the month of May 2020, in Madrid. The confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and its evolution, prevented the Itinerant Forum from being held during the years 2020 and 2021.

For the 2023 financial year, it was planned to carry it out in two Spanish cities, Madrid and Seville. With the collaboration of APAExpo by R+T and R+T Alliance.

The participation and collaboration of the R+T Alliance has substantially improved the concept, dimension and impact of the Forum, calling itself INNOVATION FORUM APAExpo by R+T. Maintaining the initial format, “an itinerant conference forum and exhibition area where automatic door professionals, manufacturers, distributors and groups linked to the sector interact”, work is being done to advance with an effective tool for the Spanish sector.

By advancing the INNOVATION FORUM of the first semester of 2023 to October 2022, following the indications of the companies consulted, in 2023 it is planned to hold the Forum in the cities of Madrid, Seville and Valencia.



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