Are you out of energy? Appropriate supplements can give your body a boost!

Do you get the impression that your weeks quickly blend into one another and that the year goes by in the blink of an eye? This is because we spend a lot of energy with work, bills to pay and even waste time and power with banal things, like hours and hours a day on the internet and social networks. The truth is that, in the end, we lack vigor for the things we like to do and that should be our priority for quality of life.

To maintain good health, we need to leave the sedentary lifestyle aside, sleep well and also have a healthy diet. It is still necessary to reserve time and willingness to practice a physical activity, whether in the gym or outdoors. Only then will it be possible to have the energy to enjoy good family times, work with quality, study, do household chores, cook ‘real food’, make plans for the future, get involved in volunteer work and pay attention to so many other things. activities that consume us…

And then, the daily energy bill doesn’t close? Know that you are not alone: ​​tiredness, lack of disposition and exhaustion are topics widely studied by science and affect people all over the world – and, to give you an idea, in 2017, the term “exhaustion epidemic” emerged. referring to how tired people were all over the world.

What can be done to reverse this situation? Good food supplementation can contribute to the other attitudes I described above – good nutrition, restful sleep and physical activity.

For you to understand better, in each cell of our body there are small “power plants”, the mitochondria. Our muscle cells, including our heart cells (heart muscle), are places that require a lot of energy, so they have a greater number of mitochondria. And Coenzyme Q10 is the right supplement to keep our small “power plants” running at full steam (ALVARENGA, 2020).

Coenzyme Q10 is a benzoquinone with high antioxidant power, essential in the energy production process of our cells, and has been shown to be effective in combating free radicals, as well as in the prevention of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, degenerative neuromuscular diseases, cancer and diabetes ( SILVA, 2015).

The production of this substance in the body decreases with advancing age and the chronic use of some drugs such as statins, a widely prescribed class of anticholesterolemic drugs, also decreases the levels of Q10 in the body (FOTINO, 2013; SILVA et al., 2021).

Studies have shown that supplementation with Coenzyme Q10 restores the levels of this enzyme, either in a short period of time with larger doses (300mg during 4 weeks) or small doses with a longer interval of time (60mg during 6 months of supplementation) (SILVA et al. al., 2021).

Coenzyme Q10 supplementation is contraindicated for people who use Warfarin, a drug from the anticoagulant group. CoQ10 can influence Warfarin metabolism through selective interaction with cytochrome P450 enzymes, making it difficult to achieve desired anticoagulation goals.

If you are a practitioner of intense physical activity, who runs, goes to the gym, crossfit, know that your need for Q10 is increased. Q10 supplementation is indicated due to the much greater intensity in relation to muscle contraction, regarding the greater cardiac requirement to deliver nutrients and oxygenate your entire body.

And even when our “small plants” are running at full steam, there may still be a lack of gas when deciding whether to throw ourselves on the couch or go to the gym. Well then, leave the laziness aside, that’s what pre-workouts exist for. Iron Grip is a very tasty and super complete pre-workout, which has in its composition: caffeine, taurine, arginine, alanine, in addition to vitamins from the B complex, Zinc and Magnesium.

Caffeine is a stimulant for the central nervous system, decreasing the perception of tiredness by acting on the propagation of signals between the brain and the neuromuscular junction. Along with Taurine, caffeine still plays an important role in muscle contraction (GRAHAM et al., 1996). Arginine is a vasodilator, better oxygenating all tissues and removing metabolites that form during physical activity and lead to fatigue. Alanine, which in our body forms carnosine, a buffer that decreases acidity, that is, that muscle burning that hinders many people during and after training (VERDI, 2020).

In the Iron Grip Extreme version, creatine is also in the composition. Creatine is important for the resynthesis of the ATP molecule, “our energy currency”. Several studies have demonstrated the ergogenic effects of creatine in reducing fatigue, increasing anaerobic performance, increasing strength and lean mass (VERDI, 2020).

With this supplementation duo, you will certainly have more energy and vitality for work, physical activity and other tasks that are consuming your disposition!

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