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Yaksha: ruthless operations

Yaksha, the ruthless leader of an overseas covert ops team, embarks on a dangerous mission on a battlefield riddled with spies and agents. After falling victim to trickery and betrayal, he reluctantly accepts the help of a self-righteous special inspector sent from Seoul. Yaksha: ruthless operations is an action-packed espionage thriller directed by hyeon na with Sul Kyung-gu (The Merciless) Y Park Hae Soo (the squid game). complete the cast Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Yang Dong-keun, Lee El, Song Jae-lim, Park Jin-young, Lee Soo-kyung Y Jin-kyung. The film opens in Netflix on April 8, 2022.

Between spies the game goes

Shenyang, home to the highest density of spies in the world, is the most important geopolitical enclave in Northeast Asia. There serves Kang-in, leader of the special team dedicated to South Korea’s covert operations abroad. He is a veteran who is called Yaksha and who will work hard to fulfill his mission.

One day, the South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) discovers that all the conclusions of the report on local trends in Shenyang (submitted by the black ops team) are false. Yeom Jeong-won, director of the SNI very concerned about this matter, sends the prosecutor of the Seoul Central Public Prosecutor’s Office, Han Ji-hoon, to investigate as a special inspector. Yaksha and the black ops team try to exclude and get rid of Special Inspector Ji-hoon, but he insists on supervising the team.

Thrillers from the Far East

If you have something good NetflixWith its eagerness to fill its catalog with news on a daily basis, it is that fans of Asian films have premieres on a very regular basis, especially from Japan and South Korea. It is true that the frequency is not too important either, since quantity is often at odds with quality, but there are so many titles that are released that many surprise us for the better.

The usual thing is that we have many romantic comedies, some reality shows, adventure films… but there is never a shortage of thrillers, as is the case with Yaksha: ruthless operationsa genre that is already associated with South Korea, from where great action thrillers have come to us that have even had remakes in Hollywood, long before they even became fashionable thanks to the platforms.

Surprisingly, this movie breaks the usual norm of taking place in South Korea, and they have further opened up their market by moving the action to China, more specifically to the city of Shenyang. which is not only the provincial capital and the most populous city of Liaoning Province, in the People’s Republic of China, as well as the largest city in northeast China by urban population, but it is also a strategic point of activity Asian espionage. The fact of shooting there allows the film to strengthen itself in the world market for NetflixWell, not only does it have the usual viewers of this genre and Korean movies, but it will also capture the attention of millions of Chinese who subscribe to the platform.

To make it clear that the action is taken outside its borders, the film includes dialogues that constantly change between Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, English,… which makes the story seem more international, benefiting the atmosphere and making it more enjoyable in VO, especially considering that today the dubbed version is in Latin American Spanish.

The contrast between the East and… the East

Influences from movies like Bounty hunter Y Drive they are evident in many genres, and there are not a few productions that make the most of their gloomy and slum sets in contrast to the neon lights and the characters that move through a city full of bright colors that eclipse the darkness that hides in the bottom neighborhoods. This visual style is nothing new anymore, but still some scenes from Yaksha: ruthless operations they are worthy of being put on “Pause” and being able to enjoy the impressive photography that it has.

Being an action thriller we cannot deny that in the intrigue section we have what we expect from it, while the action scenes are on a large scale, making the film look raw and brutal. We have a lot of characters that are able to bring out the best of themselves in favor of the action, but there’s also a lot of teamwork. It is in the shooting scenes where it perhaps falters the most, with characters shooting from all sides without a coherence or intensity that makes these scenes impactful.

In the main cast we meet Sul Kyung-gu Y Park Hae Soowho function as a perfect and well-synchronized couple, one of them being a cold-blooded killer with the nickname Yaksha, a human-eating spirit, and the other a prominent prosecutor from the Seoul Central Public Prosecutor’s Office. Park Hae Soo play with the advantage of coming from the squid gametherefore, the international public less accustomed to Korean productions will surely find a familiar face in the film.

Yaksha: ruthless operations It starts quite well, promising that we will see what is expected of this genre that has given us so much joy thanks to South Korean productions, and even convinces with its international character and its impeccable setting, being intense both in the part of the plot of international espionage as in the realistic action that it offers us. And eye, that in the purest style Wonderfulwe have an additional scene during the end credits, making it clear that we are facing a new saga of Korean espionage movies with international aspirations, and that is that it was destined to be brought to theaters as a franchise, competing with the famous Western spy movies, but the pandemic caused it to end in Netflix.

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Yaksha: ruthless operations

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