From movies to books, horror is on the rise and attracts more and more audiences

posted on 05/23/2022 06:00 Flames of Vengeance: Another Stephen King Remake – (Credit: Universal/Disclosure) A look at the city’s cinema schedule – which highlights the thriller Psychic and Flames of Vengeance -, reading options such as Last Memories of the Living Dead, the release of 13 dark stories (by Edgar Allan Poe ) in an … Read more

On TV for the first time today: In this action thriller, Jackie Chan takes on terrorists – and reminds of Rambo! – Cinema News

In “The Foreigner”, which celebrates its free TV premiere today, Jackie Chan has to deal with Irish terrorists. The action thriller from the “James Bond: Casino Royale” maker will not only be shown unabridged tonight, but also without advertising. LEONINE Jackie Chan created his own fighting style, combining breakneck acrobatics with comedy, distancing himself from … Read more

Migraine requires medical treatment, neurologist warns

During headache awareness month, neurologist Leandro Calia, a member of the Brazilian Headache Society (SBC) and the clinical staff of Hospital Albert Einstein, warned that people who usually have headaches, called headache in medical language, should seek help. doctor and not believe that the disease has no treatment. “It has control”, assured Calia, in an … Read more

New this week on Netflix: Finally new episodes of “Stranger Things” and the sequel to a sci-fi cult hit – Serie News

The upcoming Netflix week is all about the 4th season “Stranger Things”, so that other streaming supplies are rather rare. “Ghost In The Shell” fans can at least look forward to the second season of the sequel “SAC_2045”. Netflix If the film and series replenishment at Netflix is ​​as poor in terms of scope as … Read more