Avocado pit with alcohol is good for what? Discover the potentials of the combination

São Leopoldo, April 2nd – Avocado pit with alcohol It is excellent for treating some ailments. In addition, the fruit brings a series of health benefits and today, in Agro Newsyou will learn how to make this solution. Even more, the wonders that avocado can do for your body.

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O american perseaAs the avocado is scientifically called, it is a fruit native to Mexico and South America. However, today it is cultivated in several countries in regions with tropical and subtropical climate. Brazil produces about 235,788 tons of this fruit, according to data from 2018 and reported in the wikipedia. See what the avocado pit with alcohol helps your health.

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How to make avocado pit with alcohol

Avocados have the highest vitamin A and protein content of all fruits. Not to mention iron, magnesium and vitamins C, E and B6. Even in recent years the intake of the fruit has been gaining more followers, unlike in the past, where it was the villain for being fatty and caloric. In addition, the use of its grated seed is beneficial to be used with food or tea to improve overall health.

So, today you will learn how to make an avocado pit with alcohol to use in places where you have pain. It is a home remedy widely used for sprains, beats, muscle discomfort and pain relief caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is also very useful to pass over mosquito bites, black flies and insects in general.

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Avocado pit with alcohol is good for what? Discover the potentials of combination – Reproduction Canva Pro

Time to get your hands dirty

After you consume your avocado, wash the pit well and let it dehydrate for a few days. Later you can split it in half if you prefer and to make it easier to grate. You’ll need:

  • An avocado pit;
  • Alcohol, preferably cereal, otherwise use 70°;
  • Grated;
  • Sterile glasses.

Why Grain Alcohol? Because it is less aggressive to the skin than that extracted from sugar cane. It is the same used in perfumes and alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, for example.

Transform Avocado Seeds with Alcohol into a Powerful Painkiller

You will use the thicker side of the grater, leaving all the grated pits as evenly as possible. Subsequently, place half of it in the already properly sterilized glass and complete with grain alcohol.

With an avocado pit you can make two glasses of approximately 300 milliliters each. After sealing them, give them a shake to mix well and let the mixture rest for three days. The longer I enjoyed it, the better.

How to apply

Separate a small amount of the avocado pit with rubbing alcohol in a bowl and apply it to the pain area and joints. If you prefer, you can take some of the grated pit to put on top of the lesion and cover with cling film. Do this before bed and stay overnight.

Health benefits of fruit

The avocado pit with alcohol is a powerful pain reliever, but the fruit is also a powerful weapon for your health. Even ingestion also acts on analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, comparable to acetylsalicylic acid.

  • 160kcal;
  • 8.53 grams of carbohydrates;
  • 14.66 grams of fat;
  • 2 grams of protein;
  • 73.23 grams of water.

The information above refers to the consumption of 100 grams of avocado, however, it is important to note that nothing replaces the medicines prescribed by your doctor. That is, the exchange only with the consent of your doctor. So, take a look at the benefits that the fruit brings to your health.

Increases satiety

Avocados have fats that are considered good and help slow stomach emptying. Therefore, this fat comes through fatty acids, which are also good for the heart.

Helps in weight loss

Vegetable fats provide antioxidants and fight inflammation, which is also associated with weight loss. In this sense, it helps to reduce women’s waist measurements. Remembering that abdominal fat is also one of the responsible for type 2 diabetes.

Your heart thanks you

The fatty acids found in avocados help reduce bad cholesterol, LDL. In other words, it increases good cholesterol (HDL) and as a result decreases the risk of serious heart problems.

Boosts nutrients

When you drink avocado juice along with other healthy foods, you end up enhancing the absorption of nutrients from these foods, too. Avocados are rich in fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and potassium.

Avocado is great for the intestines

Your gut is positively impacted by consuming avocados. That is, a healthy gut microbiome is related to improved immune functions. Therefore, with greater consumption of fat existing in the fruit, greater amounts of fat were eliminated, for example. That is, some calories were not absorbed.

The more you have a healthy diet associated with regular physical activity, the less you need to worry about medications, whether chemical or natural. However, if you’ve used avocado pit with alcohol Tell us below, what you think and what the results were. Well, your opinion is very important to Agro Notícias.

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