Baby deer that had been hit by a car disappears in Santa Felicidade

A deer calf of approximately seven months disappeared in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood, in Curitiba, on the afternoon of last Sunday (8). Veterinarians at a local clinic ask for help locating Bambina, as the puppy is called.

The clinic nurse, who chose not to identify herself, tells the RIC More that the animal was run over in November 2021 and, before disappearing, was in the final stage of recovery.

As Bambina needed more intensive care, veterinarian Dr. Elizandra Dallalibera, who also works at the clinic, took the animal to her house. The baby deer had access to all areas of the house and even got her own room, lined with PVC mats so she could walk around without slipping. Bambina even made friends with two of the house dogs.

“She adopted the dogs as if they were, I believe, her mothers. [Bambina] she was always very well taken care of, she loved to eat fruit. She was a very perceptive little creature, quite funny,”

reports the nurse.

However, the street where Elizandra lives was very busy on Sunday (08), with noises of children screaming, something that, according to the veterinarian, is unusual in the region. Realizing that Bambina was nervous, Elizandra tried to manage the animal to calm her down, but the pup jumped a wall of more than two meters and ran away.

Shortly after the disappearance, the vet called her family and friends, who began to search in areas close to the street of her house. One woman even called the Environmental Police to warn that she had seen Bambina in a bush behind her house, but she did not explain exactly where she lived.

On Tuesday (10), after the veterinarian and nurse announced the disappearance on social media, the woman contacted Elizandra and informed the place where she had seen Bambina.

“[Bambina] left some traces of blood where she was lying. Some teenagers tried to catch her, and instead of calling a vet, they tried to throw a box at her. When they threw the box, she jumped into the bush between Avenida Fredolin Wolf and Rua Francisco Dallalibera,”

explains the nurse.

Probable route taken by Bambina since running away from Elizandra’s house to the flower shop. (Photo: Collaboration/Elizandra Dallalibera)


According to the nurse, the searches for Bambina are concentrated between Francisco Dallalibera Streets and Fredolin Wolf Avenue. Two peons and an indigenous man were hired to look for Bambina in the forest region, without success, for the time being.

“The important thing is that he [o homem indígena] told us that she did not find any body, so she is not in death. She is probably walking inside this woods, or there is a probability that someone has caught it and has not reported it to any public body”,

says Elizandra.

About Bambina

The baby deer was rescued on November 8, 2021, after being run over in the Pilarzinho neighborhood, also in Curitiba. According to the nurse at the clinic, Bambina’s mother was shot dead.

A woman collected the animal and looked for veterinary offices that were open on the day, finding the clinic in Santa Felicidade. At the scene, Bambina received first aid. According to the nurse: “Dr. Elizandra came in very quickly with the procedures: oxygen therapy, analgesia, antibiotics… We managed to get her stable. Honestly we didn’t think she was going to spend the night […]”.

The nurse and the veterinarian tried to contact the animal competent bodies, who advised them to continue with the animal at the moment, as they had the necessary support.

Service – Bambina Information

Anyone with any information about Bambina’s location can immediately contact the veterinary office by phone. (41) 98410-7811, At any time. The clinic’s guidance is that the person should continue to follow the puppy and, if she is injured or lying down, try to calmly lasso her. Ideally, don’t try to pick her up and just surround the animal if more people are present.

The office also highlights that there is a lack of manpower to help with searches.

Bambina was wearing an identification collar when he fled.

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