Background to the new “crime scene” with Borowski: why Axel Milberg’s son is playing

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In addition to Axel Milberg as Commissioner Klaus Borowski, his son August appears in the episode. This is one of two unusual ideas for NDR cast. And the German forest with its original German tree also plays an important role.

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In flashbacks, “The Shadow of the Moon” tells of a traumatic experience of the inspector when he was 14 years old. The young Klaus Borowski is played by August Milberg, the son of Borowski actor Axel Milberg and his wife, the artist Judith Milberg.

It’s the 18-year-old’s first television role, and it’s going to stay that way for the time being: “I really enjoyed shooting and in the end I was sad that it was over,” says August Milberg. “To be honest, I don’t like being in the spotlight.”

The idea for the occupation came from the NDR. When his father asked him, he was tempted by the suggestion, not least because the young Borowski wants to go to a Jimi Hendrix concert in the film and August Milberg was a big Hendrix fan when he read the script. But because of his lack of acting experience, he hesitated for a long time before going to the casting.

“I was much more excited than he was,” Axel Milberg told the BILD newspaper, but had made a firm decision not to fall into the role of father on the set, not to give August private lessons, and “not to text him full beforehand, not a single word, no tips. I really shut up.”

Two other notable guest appearances

In the house of the witness Margot Köhnke (Heide Simon), a guest named Lutz is supposed to turn off the television during a celebration: This is Lutz Marmor, who was director of the leading North German Broadcasting Corporation (NDR) from 2008 to 2020. The role was a farewell gift from the TV film editors to the “Tatort” fan: “I had a lot of fun, but I know my limits: an acting career will not work.”

The Hamburg theater star Peter Maertens plays a more important role in “Borowski und der Schattend es Mondes”. He can be seen in one of his last roles as the grieving father of the murdered Susanne. Filming took place in autumn 2019 and he died in July 2020 at the age of 88.

The father of the actor Michael Maertens was on the stage of the Hamburg Thalia Theater for around 60 years, of which he was an honorary member. From 2016 until the Corona-related lockdown, he played to a full house in the two-person play “Visit Mister Green”.

The oak in morbid symbolism

When the inspectors in “Borowski and the Shadow of Death” show a convicted sex offender the picture of the dead, he recommends paying attention to the skeleton carefully arranged in the roots of an oak: there is intention behind it.

The botanists from the University of Göttingen explain the significance of the oak: “Even in antiquity, oaks had great symbolic power and a similar symbolism among the various peoples in their area of ​​distribution. This was certainly due to the fact that an oak forest, in its function as a nutrient forest at the time, provided what was necessary for the existence of the people – food for humans and animals as well as firewood and construction wood.

She was often associated with princes of the gods. The Germans worshiped their gods in the forest, which covered 90 percent of their settlement area. Since the 18th century, when it was made the German coat of arms tree, the oak has been a symbol of pride, power and strength. The mentally disturbed killer in “crime scene” perverts the symbolism by depicting the corpses of girls as offerings submitting to male strength.

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Love and Peace: The German Woodstock Festival

The open-air concert that young Borowski and his girlfriend Susanne want to go to at the beginning of “Tatort” is the Love and Peace Festival that took place from September 4th to 6th, 1970 on the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn. Inspiration was the legendary Woodstock Festival.

But the direct model was its European counterpart, which had been held on an island in southern England since 1968: the organizers hoped to be able to engage some of the international stars appearing at the Isle of Wright Festival. Love and Peace became famous for the penultimate live performance by Jimi Hendrix, who died on September 18th.

Financially, however, Love and Peace was a disaster, and there was also organizational chaos, not least because of the unusually bad weather. An eyewitness report from the first day can be read on the fan page: “Friday it was stormy and it rained non-stop. Around noon, the visitors flocked en masse on foot to the festival site, where they passed the ‘entrance control’ of the drunk rockers armed with chains and knives People were kicked and taunted, cars damaged with kicks, alcohol brought in by visitors confiscated by the self-appointed ‘stewards’ Shortly before the start of the festival, Beate Uhse appeared with her three sons, advertised her company and gave autographs.” The sex shop pioneer Uhse was one of the main sponsors.

If you have been affected by domestic or sexual violence yourself, please contact the “Violence against Women” help line – 08000/116 016, the online counseling service or the “Sexual Abuse” help line 0800/225 5530 (Germany), the Counseling center for abused and sexually abused women, girls and children (Tamar) 01/3340 437 (Austria) or victim support in cases of sexual violence (Lantana) 031/3131 400 (Switzerland).

If you suspect or even know of sexual violence against third parties, please contact any police station directly.

You can find an overview of offers of help for various crisis situations here.

Mark Waschke celebrates his 50th birthday on March 10th. The actor is known, among other things, as “Tatort” commissioner Robert Karow. With this role he has already caused outrage. You can find out from the gallery what other episodes have caused tempers in the past.

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