Bad criticism of “Let’s Dance” juror Jorge González: “It shouldn’t take place”

Jorge González (right) doesn’t fit “Let’s Dance” – at least that’s what Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann think.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

Jorge González has been a permanent member of the jury on “Let’s Dance” since 2013 and draws attention to himself in every show with his flashy outfits – while his colleague Joachim Llambi likes to make fun of the Cuban’s broken German. Unlike the other judges, Jorge does not have a dance career of his own, which raises the question of whether he is even fit to be a judge on the show.

The ex-professionals Oana Nechiti and Erich Klamm now discuss the topic in detail in their podcast “Tanz oder nicht” and come to a clear conclusion: For them, the 54-year-old does not fit into the format.

“Let’s Dance”: Ex-professionals complain about the lack of competence of the jury member

In the seventh “Let’s Dance” edition of the current season on Friday, the jury team dances were on the agenda. Here the jurors perform together with three professionals and two celebrities, so they are personally involved in the group performance. At this point, the deficits of Jorge were particularly evident for Oana and Erich. So Erich then says quite openly in the podcast:

“I always find it remarkable how Jorge’s slow waltz training can be faked like that. Don’t be something you’re not.”

This Friday it was Jorge's Hut that caused a sensation.

This Friday it was Jorge’s Hut that caused a sensation.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

He shouldn’t tell singers how to sing, the 34-year-old explained, adding: “What kind of ridiculousness would that be?” It was “absurd that Jorge teaches someone to dance”. Although he likes him as a person, Jorge is out of place as a juror on “Let’s Dance”: “It shouldn’t be on this show. There are enough other people who can wear hairstyles like that, wear hats like that, can speak just as broken.”

Above all, there are “enough people who have expertise when it comes to dancing and who can be just as colorful as he is”. Erich thinks Jorge is only in it because the production likes him for his extravagance. So basically as a separate show act.

“Let’s Dance”: Does Jorge only fill one role?

“I think these are the drawers that are extremely used in the media”Oana then offers a possible explanation. Jorge is reduced to his appearance as a bird of paradise, which in the end is also discriminatory for himself. “It’s derogatory to me to say, ‘We just need someone to dress brightly,'” Oana said. In this context, she also emphasizes that Jorge is a great person and has a lot more to show.

However, she can largely agree with the criticism of her husband and co-podcaster. “There are others who bring in more expertise, I’m with you there.” For her, the main point of the conversation is that Jorge should hold back on technical judgments about the dances and prefer to judge other factors. However, according to Oana, the way things are going now is “not authentic” what the juror is doing on the show. “You can’t pass yourself off as a salsa expert just because you’re from Cuba”Erich even adds in this context.

Finally, he makes a clear request to Jorge: “You’ve been on this show for so long, then you have to learn something. Then go to a workshop, let yourself be taught properly.” At this point, however, there is a clear headwind from Oana: “I think that’s wrong. I think you can’t catch up on 20 years of work that we’ve done.” Rather, her approach is: “I think you just have to make the evaluation different.”


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