BBVA launches program to strengthen impact businesses aimed at SMEs and entrepreneurs

It is very relevant that the financial sector contributes to strengthening the skills of entrepreneurs and companies through education and training; By helping to consolidate this strategic sector, the generation of work and growth in the country is enhanced”, said Hernán Carboni, Director of Institutional Relations at BBVA in Argentina.

“The alliance with Universidad San Andrés, one of the most prestigious universities in our country, allows us to offer a proposal with a clear focus on social and environmental impact, in line with one of BBVA’s strategic priorities, which is to help our clients in the transition to a sustainable future, with a focus on climate change and inclusive and sustainable social development”. “In addition, the Program has a solidarity fee model of $20,000, which will allow us to donate the amount collected in its entirety to a civil society entity for training and support for productive enterprises in low-income communities,” added Hernán Carboni. .

The program is aimed at entrepreneurs who seek to generate a positive social and environmental impact and who are in a stage of maturity, on their way to scale and growth. We include workshops, mentoring, and linking with key actors and references. The program is enriched with the exchange between peers and experts to analyze common challenges, analyze growth barriers and develop an action plan that promotes their strengthening. The University thus makes its academic knowledge and experience available based on the support it provides to the entrepreneurial ecosystem”, explains Gabriel Berger, director of the Center for Social Innovation and professor at the Business School, in charge of PROIMPACTO.

Impact Business Strengthening Program (PROIMPACTO)

The Impact Business Strengthening Program includes workshops, advice, building networks and linking with key actors that will help empower participating companies. The program ends with the elaboration and exchange among peers and with experts of their action plans for the strengthening and growth of their companies.

The Program is dictated by the Center for Social Innovation with the support of the Entrepreneurship Center of the University of San Andrés and BBVA as a strategic partner. Aimed at teams of entrepreneurs and key collaborators of startups that have a proven business model with at least 2 years of turnover and SMEs with business models oriented to social or environmental impact, and that have a high commitment and conditions to start a growing process.

The The program will take place from Tuesday, May 3 to Tuesday, August 30, in 3 face-to-face sessions, 4 virtual half-days and 4 mentoring meetings in flexible hours.

Those interested must complete an admission form. They must meet the following criteria for admission: a) be owners or integrate the executive team of startups with at least 2 years of turnover or SMEs that are oriented to generate social or environmental impact through their business model, b) represent businesses in the consolidation phase or beginning the growth phase, c) have a business vision and business plan; d) demonstrate commitment, capacity and attitude for growth. Priority will be given to teams of 2 or 3 members from the same company.

To request more information, contact, 7078-0400 (int.4310) or mobile 116 867 6949.

Social Innovation Center

The Center for Social Innovation (CIS) was created by the University of San Andrés at the beginning of 2007, to consolidate the work that the university has been carrying out since 1996 in the field of professionalizing non-profit organizations, promoting private social investment and corporate social responsibility. Its mission is to strengthen the commitment and capacities to generate impact and social transformation of civil society organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, donor foundations and private social investors, through academic training, training, generation and dissemination of relevant knowledge, and the production of educational content. The Center for Social Innovation develops activities for the generation and dissemination of knowledge, academic education, training and production of educational content. The CIS has participated in research and publications on impact businesses and has provided support to various initiatives of the impact ecosystem aimed at promoting the growth and consolidation of the sector in our country and in the region. More information was obtainable at

Entrepreneurship Center

The Entrepreneurship Center of the University of San Andrés aims to create, promote and support the growth of Argentine enterprises, being a benchmark in the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To do this, it promotes a set of initiatives open to the community related to the development and leverage of startups and entrepreneurs: the Startup Competition, one of the most recognized national competitions for business projects; SparkLab, a world-class incubator; and the Ventures Academy program (in conjunction with Endeavor), among other initiatives and programs carried out in conjunction with strategic allies.

Likewise, the Center actively participates in the academic programs and initiatives of the university’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In the last five years, more than 3,500 entrepreneurs participated in the Center’s programs, which contributed to the creation of a large number of innovative and scalable companies in different verticals. For more information go to

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