Beautiful anaconda snake appears to fisherman; VIDEO

beautiful anaconda snake appeared to fisherman, when he was on the banks of a river of crystal clear water.

In the video, the anaconda has its head out of the water, as if watching the person doing the footage.

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On social networks, several comments mentioned the ‘Velho do Rio’, a character in the soap opera Pantanal, who transforms into an anaconda snake.



The anaconda is a snake of the family Boidae, belonging to the genus Eunectes and its geographic distribution is restricted to South America.

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So far, four species of anaconda are known ─ Eunectes notaeus, Eunectes murinus, Eunectes deschauenseei and Eunectes beniensis ─ the first three occurring in Brazil and the last occurring in Bolivia.

Eunectes murinus is the largest snake on the American continent, measuring up to 11 meters and 60 centimeters, and the second largest in the world, second only to the python snake (Python reticulatus) of Southeast Asia.

The color of the different species of anaconda varies depending on the species. Eunectes murinus has a background color that varies from olive green to black, with pairs of dark eyespots on each side of the back, and the belly is yellow, with very irregular spots.

Its sighting is more frequent in Amazonian and Cerrado environments where the color pattern of its skin helps in camouflage.

The Eunectes notaeus species, which has a smaller size, has a more yellow background and along the entire body and tail there are black spots that cross the back from one side to the other, in the shape of a saddle. They are found in areas that flood annually, such as the Pantanal region in Brazil.

These snakes live near streams, rivers and lakes. Despite not being agile in a terrestrial environment, they are very fast in the water and can stay up to 30 minutes without breathing. They have crepuscular and nocturnal habits.

Anaconda snake found on a beach in the south of the state of Bahia. Photo: Social networks.

The strategy used to hunt is the stalk followed by the boat. The anacondas are not venomous, as they do not have venom-inoculating teeth, but their bite is strong enough to stun their prey, which is quickly engulfed by the snake’s strong and robust musculature.

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They use this tactic on animals that approach water bodies to drink, surprising their potential prey by lunging and killing it by constriction and drowning. In the diet of anacondas it is possible to find several vertebrates, such as: fish, frogs, lizards, alligators, birds and rodents.

They are viviparous snakes, being able to give birth to more than 50 young in a gestation period of eight months, with sizes between 60 cm and one meter in length. Females are larger than males, reaching sexual maturity around six years of age. In general, anaconda species can live for up to 30 years.

The human being is the main responsible for the death of this reptile due to the fear they feel of this snake and also due to the interest in the anaconda skin that in international trade is quite valuable for the fashion market.

Attacks on people by anacondas are quite rare. However, images from fictional films such as Anaconda, are fixed in the popular imagination, and thus contribute to the bad reputation of the anacondas as a man-eater, which does not represent reality. When they feel threatened by humans, anacondas usually bite as a form of defense.

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