Benfica Oliveirense Socks Play-off League Betclic


Betclic League
Semi-final game 2
from the play-off
Final result
benfica 93
oliver 80
1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q
27-26 45-38 67-54 93-80

THE benfica won (93-80) against Oliveirense on the night of this Monday, May 23, at Pavilhão Fidelidade, in game 2 of the semi-finals of the Betclic League play-off, being just one victory away from reaching the final of the competition. With tranquility, the eagles prevailed.

THE Benfica entered the game well in offensive terms, taking control in the fight of the tables, thanks to the presence of Dennis Clifford, and the scorerwhich turned for the first time 2.44 minutes from the end of the first period, when Oliveirense, after making a two-point throw with a converted foul, went to 20-23. Still, the Norberto Alves’ men reacted and ended the partial in front by 27-26. If it is true that the percentage of two-point shots was higher for the eagles (72% against 54% of the outsiders), the truth is that the Oliveira de Azeméis emblem managed to be 100% effective with four out of four shots from three points.

At the second quarter, Benfica gradually extended its advantage, reaching the maximum that remained at seven points at half-time when Frank Gaines shot from afar to count for 43-36. THE 45-36 was a scarce nest egg that the teams took to the rest periodmainly due to the last unsuccessful attacks in the last seconds, in particular when Aaron Broussard missed two free throws.

Benfica-Oliveirense, game 2 of the play-off semi-final

At the third partial of 10 minutes the eagles shot the markergot a 22-16 during this period, benefiting, above all, from greater effectiveness in attacking the basket and, fundamentally, a raise the aggressiveness indexes in the defensive table, associated with some ball losses from the foreign attack. You 67-54 reflected dominion incarnate in the game.

Benfica-Oliveirense, game 2 of the play-off semi-final

With a 6-0 partial at the start of the last quarter, Benfica gave a clear signal as to the outcome of the match. The 19 points, when they were 73-54, were enlightening. The percentages of two and three-point shots by the visitors plummeted, compared to those of the eagles, who naturally controlled the operations, oscillating between attacks on areas close to the basket and outside shots.. After achieving a 21-point lead, the Benfica slowed down, explored the depth of their team and ended up winning 93-80.

Benfica-Oliveirense, game 2 of the play-off semi-final

With Benfica’s victory in this play-off semi-final game 2, followed by President Rui Costa and some members of the Club’s governing bodiesthe clash this Wednesday, May 25, at 19:00, in Oliveira de Azeméis, will be able to define one of the finalists of the Betclic League, this in case of triumph of the reds.

Benfica-Oliveirense, game 2 of the play-off semi-final


Norberto Alves (Benfica coach): “We didn’t start the game well defensively, we allowed 26 points. In the second period we improved defensively. After the break we shared the ball very well, we made 25 assists and some open shots made the difference. It was important to win and go to Oliveira de Azeméis with this advantage . Oliveirense has a lot of quality.”

Benfica-Oliveirense, game 2 of the play-off semi-final

Benfica vs UD Oliveirense
Fidelity Pavilion
Benfica’s starting five
Frank Gaines, Aaron Broussard, Ivan Almeida, Makram Ben Romdhane and Betinho Gomes
Travis Munnings, José Silva, Eduardo Francisco, José Barbosa, Diogo Gameiro, Tomás Barroso and Dennis Clifford
Oliveirense starting five
Shaun Willett, Derrick Colter, João Grosso, João Guerreiro and Raven Barber
Feliciano Perez, Ricardo Monteiro, Renato Azevedo, Zane Waterman, Pedro Catarino, João Balseiro and Francisco Albergaria
1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter
27-26 45-38 67-54 93-80
Benfica’s Scorers
Ivan Almeida (14), Frank Gaines (13), Aaron Broussard (13), Betinho Gomes (13), José Silva (9), José Barbosa (7), Dennis Clifford (7), Diogo Gameiro (5), Makram Ben Romdhane (5), Eduardo Francisco (4) and Tomás Barroso (3)

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