Beto Passos will testify by videoconference at CPI dos Livros

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Date to be set this week


For the first time since he was arrested in the seventh phase of Operation Et Pater Filium, the former mayor of Canoinhas, Beto Passos (PSD), will appear for a portion of the councilors of Canoinhas. It will be through video, however.

Passos is listed in the so-called CPI dos Livros, which investigates overpricing in the purchase of books for municipal public schools in 2017, the first year of Passos’s term. On that occasion, the State sent R$ 2 million to the Municipality for the purchase of didactic material. An investigation by the State Comptroller General pointed to overpricing.

According to the president of the CPI, Wilmar Sudoski (PSD), the direction of the Joinville Regional Prison, where Passos is being held, even agreed to bring him to Canoinhas to give his testimony in person. The members of the CPI, however, opted for videoconferencing, not only for logistical reasons, but also to avoid a possible popular commotion in front of the Chamber.

Now, this week, the CPI meets again to define a day and time to hear the former mayor. The hearing will be behind closed doors, but recorded for later release.

So far, the CPI has heard more than 30 people involved in the process. Diligences have already been carried out in schools and in sectors of the prefecture.

As it runs in secrecy, it is not possible to determine the status of the investigation, but the column was able to ascertain that the witnesses heard so far have not cooperated, either because they do not know anything or because they simply received or checked the material. As it’s been five years since the acquisition, it’s also difficult to find all the books. The CPI’s focus, therefore, is on overbilling, which, in fact, is the most serious point of the complaint.


Shortly before the arrests of the seventh phase of the Et Pater Filium operation took place, a beggar prowled the town hall with a sad, empty look. He asked for nothing, looked little and passed indifferently by passers-by. One or the other noticed disinterestedly his peculiar interest in wallowing papers in the garbage cans.

With Beto, Pike and Diogo Seidel imprisoned, no one else saw the enigmatic beggar.


Norma with Governor Carlos Moisés/Disclosure

Pre-candidate for federal deputy, Norma Pereira (Podemos) celebrates the release of funds for the purchase of a mobile crusher for Canoinhas. The acting mayor William Godoy (PSD) recognizes the former councilor’s commitment to releasing the resources. Norma joined Podemos at the request of Governor Carlos Moisés (Republicans). Podemos has become borderline to Republicanos since Congresswoman Paulinha joined the party. She is today Moses’ main ally in the Legislative Assembly. The governor’s gratitude to Norma begins to show up in resources for Canoinhas.


The Municipality of Bela Vista do Toldo will spend R$ 7,100 to replace blinds in the city hall building. The purchase was made without bidding.

The Municipality also waived a bid to hire an engineering and solar energy company at a cost of R$ 31.9 thousand to prepare an electrical project for the redevelopment of the municipal, urban and rural public lighting park.


The city of Major Vieira will soon have a new school. The bid for the work was won by Construtora WDD Ltda. The cost will be R$ 3.5 million. The resources are from the State and the Municipality.

Mayor Adilson Lisczkovski (Patriota) explains that he is going to change the city hall’s garage, which is in terrible condition, and, on the spot, he will build the school. The garage will be built in another space.


Antidio Lunelli is unknown / Reproduction

Everything was ready for the MDB to announce today that it would support the reelection candidacy of Carlos Moisés (Republicans), but, once again, the party backtracked. The meeting has been cancelled. Celso Maldaner, president of the party, said that he responded to a request from deputy Valdir Cobalchini, the president of the Assembly, Moacir Sopelsa, and the pre-candidate for governor, Antidio Lunelli.

“By believing, being convinced and supported by research that the profile of our pre-candidate Lunelli is what the MDB needs and society in Santa Catarina approves as a manager, I remain convinced that the best way for our MDB is to apply itself, but I respect what our pre-candidate decides. My conviction that the MDB has its own candidate has been enshrined since the moment I gave up running for the head of the ticket in the party primaries in favor of our former mayor of Jaraguá do Sul, Antídio Lunelli. Lunelli has had the autonomy to decide since his name was approved, since he resigned from the mayor of Jaraguá do Sul to embrace the candidacy for the government of Santa Catarina by the MDB”, posted Maldaner on his social networks.


Daiane Erzinger is no longer manager of the INSS branch in Canoinhas. New or new holder of the position has not yet been defined by the regional management, which is located in Joinville.


Mayor Jean Carlos Medeiros/Disclosure

The mayor of Monte Castelo, Jean Carlos Medeiros (PSDB), must accept an agreement with the Public Ministry and deliver R$ 17,000 to Justice as part of an agreement not to be sued for having limited public competition for the manufacture of school uniforms for students. of the municipal education network. “At the time I thought I had done the right thing, as the children had to try on their uniforms. How would we bid on a company from any other city? Would parents take their children to try on the uniforms outside of Monte Castelo?”, he asks. Two companies from Monte Castelo were accredited and delivered the uniforms according to the rules of the public notice. “I made a mistake and now I’m going to have to pay not to be sued”, laments the mayor.

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