Better call Saul, Chicago Fire, Batwoman

Some German series starts in April 2022: Better Call Saul, Chicago Fire, Batwoman (c) AMC/NBC/The CW

In the series planner, we’ll tell you what’s going on in the German television and VoD landscape in mid-April. New seasons and episodes of Batwoman, Russian Doll, 9-1-1, Better Call Saul, Chicago Med and Chicago Fire are coming up. For example, Outer Range, The Dropout, Anatomy of a Scandal and Everything Is Gonna Be Okay are brand new.

In mid-April, some new series and seasons will start again on German free TV, pay TV and streaming services. New from Batwoman, Shetland, 9-1-1, Better Call Saul, Russian Doll Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. The Dropout, Outer Range, Anatomy of a Scandal and numerous international Netflix launches are also brand new.

As an honorable mention, we would also like to mention the very late German premiere of “NYPD blue” mention. Seasons eight to twelve, some of which are more than 20 years old, will be online for the first time on April 20th, unless something changes at Disney + at short notice, which can definitely happen with this series. However, we have not included a detailed entry here.

In the second part of the series planner for April 2022, we now present the German-language series and season starts from April 11 to 20, 2022. Which series are you looking forward to the most?

Notice: This is a detailed overview of the series and season starts with all known information, trailers and known guest actors. If you prefer a tabular overview with all start dates on one page, you will find this in the main menu under the keyword series planner.


On Tuesday April 12, the series celebrates “generation“ her German premiere RTL+. The first and only season consists of eight episodes, because the streaming service HBO Max canceled it afterwards.

It centers on a group of high school students who challenge entrenched ideas about love, family, nature and life through their experiments in modern sexuality. Especially in her conservative hometown, so much freedom can quickly become dangerous. In the trailer we see a fashionably confident polo star telling his guidance counselor, “I am, like, a lot.” (in German: “I’m just a lot.’) Another character hides her bisexuality from her own parents, while another student’s parents appear to be very open-minded themselves and apparently want to try polyamory.

The cast consists of Nathanya Alexander (“ocean eight“), Chloe East (Kevin is (probably) saving the world), Nava Mau (“Sam’s town“), Lukita Maxwell (Speechless), Haley Sanchez (“amends‘), Uly Schlesinger (Divorce), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits), Chase Sui Wonders (Betty), Justice Smith (The Get Down) and Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope). And also J. August Richards (Angel), Mary Birdsong (Succession), Alicia Coppola (Empire), Patricia De Leon (Mayans MC), Diego Josef (Goliath), Anthony Kevyan (Alexa & Katie), Sydney Mae Diaz (High Fidelity ). ), John Ross Bowie (Speechless) and Sam Trammell (True Blood) are in the cast.

The script was written by father-daughter duo Daniel and Zelda Barnz. Lena Dunham (Girls) is the producer.

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