Bianchi Silver Dogs Missing. “We keep looking for them everywhere” – PiT

Bianchi Silver Dogs Missing. “We keep looking for them everywhere”

Kiko and Keith were last seen in late June. The now fiancé of Maria Botelho Moniz talks about possible theft.

Kiko and Keith have been lost for a month.

“Keith is a companion in everything, Kiko is more independent and guards the house”. This is how pilot Pedro Bianchi Prata, partner of Maria Botelho Moniz, describes his two dogs, aged four and five, respectively.

His two four-legged children (not forgetting the third, the albino cat Kime) disappeared on June 23 and, until then, they have not returned.. There is not even a sign of them in the small town of Livração, in Marco de Canaveses, where “everyone knows them”.

“They both grew up in my house. I live on a farm, where I have my training ground and my company’s facilities, and they grew up here. Kiko, I caught him in one of my motorcycle training sessions. He must have been about a month old. I found it in the middle of the hill, tucked it under my coat, and brought it home. It stayed and stayed”, begins by telling PiT the professional driver (eight times national champion of Enduro and TT, five times European champion of bajas and ten times finalist of the Dakar Rally).

Keith’s story was different: “I had a German Shepherd dog, Casey, and Kiko, who is minimal, crossed with her — which I never thought was possible”, he confesses, laughing. Ten offspring were born from this cross. Pedro gave nine of them up for adoption to friends and acquaintances in the neighborhood, and he kept the tenth — his faithful “companion” Keith.

The unusual disappearance

“I live on a fully fenced-in farm, but sometimes they would get the gate open and go for a walk”, explains Pedro. “But normally they were [soltos] around one o’clock and they’d go home.” However, this time they did not return. “Days and days went by and we continued to look for them everywhere: institutions, kennels, advertisements… but what is certain is that they did not appear.“, he laments with regret in his voice.

Because it is a small family environment, and because they are “house” dogs in a rural environment, Kiko and Kith do not have chips. The vaccines, those, are all up to date, and the collars have plates that identify them, with the owner’s contact. “So far, I haven’t received any phone calls, and it’s very strange because here in the neighborhood everyone knows them and there’s no one who says ‘I saw them there’. Nobody saw them”, reinforces Pedro.

I think either someone caught them, put them in a car and nobody saw them anymore, or they are stuck somewhere, because they could go for a walk, but they always came home to sleep. they slept in my room“, says the motorcyclist. “It’s very strange…” he adds, dejectedly.

There have already been those who have contacted Pedro to say that the dogs had been found, but they are never really them. “We’ve been to four or five places where the dogs looked alike.” Sometimes, practically the same: “a brother of Keith’s, whom I had given up for adoption, had also run away and [quando o encontraram] we went there and saw that they were the same; but the brother has a black stripe and was given to the owner”.

In 2016, the exact same situation happened to Pedro Bianchi Prata. Two of his dogs disappeared without a trace and were never seen again until then. “It was very strange too, the dogs disappeared, I complained to the police, I walked everywhere… and these were more or less like this, strange; it was the same,” he reveals, astonished. “I think the dogs stole from me, and this time it was the same“, he finishes bitterly.

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Kiko and Keith have been missing for a month