“Birds of Mass Destruction”, the new delusion of the old left

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One of the unexpected effects of the war in Ukraine was to show the radical difference between the traditional left and the new left – the one that changed the banners of class struggle and the expropriation of the means of production for the progressive agenda associated with identity and sealing agendas.

It is true that both continue to divide politics between good and evil – with the left, naturally, representing good and all the rest of humanity embodying evil. And evil, of course, must be mercilessly exterminated.

It is also true that the two lefts share a deep-rooted conviction of moral superiority, a sense of virtue that gives them authority and carte blanche to censure, embarrass, intimidate, harass and flay anyone who dares to think differently than they do.

And they always act in groups, collectively, underground, cowardly and creeping, like a pack of hungry hyenas, or a school of bloodthirsty piranhas.

All this with a clear conscience: if the “hatred of the good” has spread so strongly among us, it is because it gives meaning, a reason to live and a petty feeling of power to mediocre, frustrated and resentful people who do not study, doesn’t work and doesn’t produce, and whose only pleasure in life is to point the finger at others – just scroll through Twitter to see that people like that are not lacking, especially in the new generation (I wonder what will become of these young people when have to start paying bills…).

Well, the reactions of these two lefts to the war between Russia and Ukraine are radically different. The new left adhered to Putin’s condemnation, not because he really deserves to be condemned but because, for this left, what matters is to look where the wind blows and look good on the tape. War only matters to the extent that it can be instrumentalized in a way that fits your agenda.

Good progressives and social media virtuosi are not concerned with understanding the nuances or the historical roots of the hostility between the two countries, because they already know everything that matters: Putin is the bad guy, and Zelensky is the good guy. if you tell a progressive that Zelensky is right-wing and that his government has banned communist parties and harbors neo-Nazi militias, they will go into denial.)

The leftist reaction old fashion is radically different: nostalgic for Stalin (they think Georgia’s mustachioed killed too little!) and the late Soviet Union (“Ah, in those days it was good!”), they still associate Russia with the old communist ideal – and see Putin as the new incarnation of the great infallible leader, the KGB-trained alpha male who inspires them with wet dreams of submission. For this old left, to defend Russia is worth anything.

See, for example, the narrative shared on social media by three dinosaurs of the former Marxist left: the liberation theologian Leonardo Boff, the Argentine activist Adolfo Perez Esquivel and the Galician journalist Ignacio Ramonet – this author of a hagiography, I mean, a biography of more of 600 pages by Fidel Castro, who demonstrates by A plus B that the Cuban dictatorship is a marvel, the true paradise on Earth:

That’s what you read: the United States, also known as
Evil Empire, have teamed up with Ukraine in a secret project to spread disease on the planet using migratory birds inoculated with deadly viruses! Are the
birds of mass destruction! and still are numbered!

The expression “birds of mass destruction” is not mine: it was used by Adolfo Perez Esquivel himself, in the article that Boff used as a source. Esquivel writes (quoting, in turn, Ignacio Ramonet):

“Ignacio Ramonet, director of ‘Le Monde Diplomatique’ in Spain, sends an urgent note, referring to a recent meeting of the UN Security Council, convened at the request of Russia, which denounces and presents documentation of the biological and chemical laboratories found in Kiev, funded by the Pentagon and the US Department of State, on the biological weapons program in Ukraine. ‘Birds of Mass Destruction’, documentation that shows the world is facing sinister minds that endanger humanity.”

Such documentation would include proof of the “financing
official from the Pentagon to a ‘apparent’ biological weapons program in Ukraine”. The evil plan would involve not only contaminating the poor birds with a pile of lethal germs, but also introducing them to a chip that would allow them to be controlled from a distance, in order to divert them from their usual migratory route and send them to the countries that you want to attack. Let there be imagination.

Ramonet, Esquivel and Boff are not being cynical. They really believe what they are saying and spreading, because the world they live in is still haunted by a ghost that haunts the rich and bosses: the ghost of communism.

Nobody told them that today’s rich and bosses are best friends. forever from the left. The enemy is now another: they are those people, of any class, who value freedom, do not bow to politically correct sealing or defend the censorship of the good.

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