Bitget Announces Annual Crypto Trading Competition With Prizes Up To 40 BTC For Participants

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Next, the team Bitget offers details about this new trading competition aimed at all those who have experience and expertise in this practice, whose registration will be open until May 20. In the article you will find the specifications and associated links.


If you are someone who is confident in your cryptocurrency trading skills, then look no further! Join the annual cryptocurrency trading competition! King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI) for this 2022!

In the KCGI contestants will have a chance to win up to 40 BTC. Registration for the competition will be open until May 20 this year, so if you are interested in registering, you can register here.

If you want to know more details about the KCGI and learn all that it has to offer, we invite you to continue reading and discover why this could be your best opportunity to demonstrate your skills as a cryptocurrency trader.

Here is the first cryptocurrency trading competition of 2022!

The KCGI (King’s Cup Global Invitational) it is a biannual global trading competition launched for Bitget. The first KCGI it was launched last October in four regions: Japan, South Korea, Europe and Russia.

Last year, the competition attracted more than 10,000 entrants and became one of the top events in the industry. After a short pause, the KCGI returns in 2022 with more prizes up for grabs!

In addition to the prize fund of 100 bitcoin, Participants have three other ways to win exclusive prizes in this cryptocurrency trading competition.

Here we present a preview of some of the new prizes of the KCGI 2022:

Captain’s Strength

If you are a team captain, you can receive 150 USDT for every additional 20 members you add to your team. However, please note that these rewards are limited to a maximum of 600 USDT.

Captain’s Victory Ride

If you are the captain of a team and it is among the first seven teams competing by the total trading profits obtained, you can win a folding bike! FREE in this cryptocurrency trading competition!

As a Bose

For teams that rank in the top three for total trading earnings, the top three traders from each team pool will be rewarded with a headset system Bose®. That means Bitget He has nine devices to dish out in this cryptocurrency trading competition.

If you want a chance to win these wonderful prizes, enter the next King’s Cup Global Invitational to be held this year!

Others awards

In the individual category of the contest KCGI, Participants have the opportunity to win a LG® StandByMe TV or a chair SecretLab®.

On Bitget

For those who are not sure what it does Bitget, it is the fifth derivatives exchange largest in the world and one of the largest crypto derivatives copy trading platforms currently.

Created in July 2018, Bitget is among the fastest growing derivatives exchanges, with two million registered users worldwide and an average daily trading volume of $9.8 billion.

Bitget It is also the official partner for teams that compete in both traditional sports and eSports, including equipment such as juventus, the Galatasaray Y Team Spirits, as well as event organizers PGL.

In a nutshell, Bitget It has an excellent presence in the crypto world. Therefore, the mission of the platform is to offer clients around the world a liberal, definitive and fair trading experience for all users.

To fulfill the mission of Bitget, the exchange will carry out the KCGI with the aim of offering a trading experience that no other platform can provide. This competition is not only about buying and selling, but also about helping participants become better traders for a better life.

In Bitget, we believe that this competition KCGI is one of our main highlights, so we invite all interested to participate and win great prizes.

How to participate in the cryptocurrency trading competition of Bitget 2022?

Those interested can participate in the King’s Cup Global Invitational 2022 either individually or as a team. For both categories, they must possess a net worth of at least 300 USDT in your futures accounts at the time of registration. Each participant will also need a trading volume of not less than 50,000 USDT in order to participate in the rewards fund.

For the individual competition, there are two different categories: “Win by profit” and “Win ​​by NLP ratio”.

Please note that team battle competition is slightly different from individual battle. The entry process varies and there is no category of competition to win by ratio of NLP. Here you only compete based on profits.

Entry Criteria for Team Battle Competition

  • A team must be made up of at least 20 members in order to compete.
  • All teams must have a duly appointed captain.
  • If the captain fails to recruit at least 20 members 24 hours before the start of the competition, the team will be automatically disbanded.

In these cases, members (including the captain) who have not joined other teams by the end of the registration period will be randomly assigned to one of those already registered.

The wait is over! Join the 2022 Cryptocurrency Trading Competition!

While Bitget prepares for his second King’s Cup Global Invitational, the cryptocurrency exchange hopes that more traders can join this bi-annual event. With the digital assets and physical prizes available, we ensure that everyone will have a great experience at the KCGI in 2022.

Registration is open until May 20, 2022, and in Bitget We hope to see as many people as possible participate in the KCGI of this year.

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