Bloody Viking action uncut for home cinema: One of the most popular series of recent years finally as FSK-18 Blu-ray – series news

In 2013, nobody would have guessed that a brutal Viking adventure could generate such a global fan base as “Vikings”. Shortly after the launch of the Netflix sequel series “Vikings: Valhalla”, the entire original series is now appearing as a stately complete set.

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Lots of violence – sometimes dramatic and bloody. A pinch of bare skin and a lot of sex – sometimes sensual, sometimes not at all sensual. And what’s more Lots of adventure action, elaborate Viking costumes and magnificent landscapes and sets, which are now and then properly devastated: That’s “Vikings”! Hardly anyone in the rest of the world remembers that the series was originally developed for the Canadian documentary and knowledge channel History – because it was only with its streaming evaluation that “Vikings” developed into a global phenomenon.

It wasn’t quite enough for such a hype as with “Game Of Thrones”, but it is still amazing that the series made it to six seasons with a total of 89 episodes with such starting conditions. Soon the sworn “Vikings” fan community will no longer have to deal with all the season boxes or the question of where which episodes can be streamed. Then From April 14, 2022, the entire series will be available as a complete set on DVD and Blu-ray – uncut!

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Most seasons of “Vikings” have an age rating of 16 and over, but the complete series set has an age rating of 18 and over, because a single episode from season four uncut was only waved through with the red FSK seal.

This is “Vikings”

Scandinavia at the beginning of the early Middle Ages: Farmer Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) longs to sail the sea and not only explore new civilizations, but also plunder them. But as much as Ragnar is drawn to the west, the stubborn tribal leader Jarl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne) prefers to concentrate on the familiar areas to the east. So Ragnar sets out to secretly achieve his goal with the help of shipbuilder Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), his brother Rollo (Clive Standen) and his wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). A brutal campaign against England later, it becomes clear: Ragnar and Co. have opened a new chapter in the history of the Vikings. A chapter of glory and honor, but also of betrayal and bloodshed…

“Vikings” started out with comparatively small resources, but with the growing success and increasing international attention, those responsible for the series consistently upped the ante in terms of show value. Step by step, the format grew into an elaborate TV epic aimed at all those who want more of a series like “Game Of Thrones”, but without the fantasy element. The saga about Ragnar Lodbrok’s Viking tribe served as a template, which is historically controversial, but nevertheless extremely well-known and influential in Scandinavia.

Incidentally, series creator Michael Hirst ended “Vikings” at his own request with season six, which concludes all relevant plot threads as a grand, planned finale. Due to the great popularity of the series, the end of “Vikings” is far from over: The series “Vikings: Valhalla” has been running on Netflix since February, which takes place about 100 years later and focuses on internal power games among Vikings.

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