BOLA – Benfica beats Sporting and cements leadership in the start of the 2nd phase (Basketball)

On the 23rd of March, in a match on the 16th round of the regular phase, Benfica had beaten Sporting, at Pavilhão João Rocha, by 89-73. This Sunday afternoon, again in Alvalade, and at the start of the 2nd phase of the national basketball championship, the eagles beat the lions again, this time by 90-76. With this triumph, the team led by Norberto Alves cements its leadership in the competition.

After a balanced first period, Benfica accelerated in the second quarter and reached the break with a lead of 10 points (41-31). Sporting still reacted in the following period, entering the final stretch trailing only by 5 points, but the reds didn’t give a chance in the last quarter and went for a victory that ended up having expressive numbers.

João Betinho Gomes, with 27 points, was the best scorer of the match, and on the lions’ side the individual highlight fell on Micah Downs, with 21 points.

In the 2nd round of this 2nd phase, Sporting travels to Oliveira de Azeméis to face Oliveirense (Saturday, at 21:00), while Benfica hosts FC Porto, in Luz (Sunday, at 17:00 ).

Watch the game movie here:

End of match! Sporting 76 Benfica 90.

On the final whistle, Aaron Broussard gets two more points and puts the result in 76-90.

Aaron Broussard converts both free throws. 76-88.

Triple by João Betinho Gomes and Benfica is very close to winning the match. 76-86.

Fifth foul by Ivan Almeida and consequent exclusion of the Benfica winger.

Tanner Omlid failed in the leonine attack and, on the other side, Wendell Lewis, from the free throw line, converts both attempts. 75-83 just over 1 minute from the end. Very complicated accounts for Sporting…

On the rebound, possession of the ball was won by Benfica and João Betinho Gomes managed to convert a triple throw. 75-81.

Wendell Lewis from the free-throw line converts the first and misses the second. 75-78.

Answers Micah Downs, also of two. 75-77.

Betinho Gomes converts from two. 73-77.

Another setback for the lions: fifth foul by António Monteiro and consequent exclusion from the match. 2 minutes and 20 seconds to go.

Aaron Broussard, from the free-throw line, misses the first and converts the second. 73-75.

Low weight for Sporting: Shakir Smith, who was being one of the great figures of the leonine recovery, commits the fifth foul and is excluded from the match.

Sporting doesn’t throw in the towel and continues to try to get ahead. For now, it’s leaning against Benfica. 73-74 three minutes from the end.

All open for the last four minutes. 68-72.

Micah Downs scores two and is fouled. From the free-throw line, the leonine winger does not tremble and confirms the three-point play. 65-70.

Benfica responds with a triple by José Barbosa. 62-70.

Shakir Smith, after a successful penetration, converts from two and is still fouled. The American also scores from the free-throw line and reduces to 62-67.

Triple on one side… triple on the other. António Monteiro for the lions, João Betinho Gomes for the eagles. With about 8 minutes to go, 57-65.

Start of the fourth and last period!

Third period end: Sporting 54 Benfica 59.

Huge triple of António Monteiro on top of the horn. 54-59.

Benfica reacts, with two consecutive accurate possessions in the attack. 51-58.

Excellent response from the lions, which have been closing in on the marker. 51-54.

Benfica is strong in the indoor game, while Sporting maintains its bet on the outside shots. Micah Downs already has 5 converts in 6 attempts. 45-53.

Sporting once again demonstrate success in the outside launches, with Shakir Smith and (again) Micha Downs reducing the disadvantage. 42-49.

After a two-point hit by Ivan Almeida, Sporting responded with a triple from Micah Downs. 34-43.

Start of the second part!

After a very balanced first period, in which the eagles won by two (20-18), the beginning of the second quarter seemed to bring a dominating Sporting, since the lions made a partial of 7-0 and passed to the front. The problem arose after that, as Luís Magalhães’ men made too many consecutive mistakes, both in defense and in attack – more than five minutes without scoring -, allowing Benfica to reverse the course of events and regain the lead in the scoreboard. They are, for now, 10 points higher for Norberto Alves’ team, but, as we know, in basketball this difference is perfectly reversible. Therefore, everything is open in this derby between the eternal rivals…

Interval! Sporting 31 Benfica 41.

In the answer, triple also for João Betinho Gomes. 28-41.

Sporting returns to the points, through a triple by Diogo Ventura. 28-38.

The bad Leo moment continues – he hasn’t scored for more than five minutes. They are taking advantage of the eagles who have already achieved the biggest advantage in the whole encounter (13 points). With just over a minute to go, Sporting 25 Benfica 38.

As expected after a 0-9 defeat, Luís Magalhães, Sporting’s coach, requests a time-out.

The eagles continue in an upward curve and, this time, it was a triple of Frank Gaines to confirm the return from Benfica to the game. 25-29.

A 6-0 partial allows Benfica to return to the leadership of the match. 25-26.

Aaron Broussard breaks the eagles’ bad period and converts from two. 25-22.

In the first three minutes of the second quarter, Benfica has already committed four turnovers and remains without points. Sporting, on the other hand, has greatly increased its defensive and offensive indices and already has a five-point lead. 25-20.

Dissatisfied with the performance of his players at the start of the second period (Benfica still haven’t scored), Norberto Alves, the Reds’ coach, requests a time-out.

Another Benfica ball loss in the attack and Tanner Omlid, on the counterattack, sinks again. 23-20.

Tanner Omlid, with a spectacular dunk, returns Sporting to the lead. 21-20.

The scoreboard is open in the second quarter: João Fernandes, from the free-throw line, missed the first and made the second. 19-20.

Benfica made a turnover again, at the beginning of the second period, but, in response, Miguel Maria, from three, cannot put Sporting in front of the marker.

End of the first period: Sporting 18 Benfica 20.

Triple also for Miguel Maria, in the last attack of the first period. 18-20.

Excellent triple from Micah Downs to reduce Sporting’s disadvantage. 15-20.

An unsportsmanlike foul on Tanner Omlid.

Both teams have committed some attacking failures in the last moments. About two and a half minutes before the end of the first period, Sporting 11 Benfica 15.

Benfica takes advantage of its best phase in this first period to reach a lead of 6 points. 9-15.

Very balanced game in these first three minutes: Sporting 7 Benfica 6.

Start of the match!

Before the start of the match, there was a minute’s silence in memory of the late Rui Pinheiro, who died this Sunday, and who was Sporting’s basketball player between 1974 and 1982, a period in which he won four National Championships, four Portuguese Cups and three Lisbon Championships.

Sports: Miguel Maria, Shakir Smith, Justin Tuoyo, Diogo Ventura, António Monteiro, Tanner Omlid, João Fernandes, Daniel Relvão, Diogo Araújo, Joshua Patton, Micah Downs and Daniel Machado

Coach: Luís Magalhães

Benfica: Frank Gaines, Aaron Broussard, Travis Munnings, José Silva, José Barbosa, Ben Romdhane, Diogo Gameiro, João Betinho Gomes, Tomás Barroso, Arnette Hallman, Wendell Lewis and Ivan Almeida

Coach: Norberto Alves

Referees: Paulo Marques, Pedro Maia and Vicente Jardim

There are already teams!

It is about a reunion between lions and eagles, as both sets measured forces very recently, on March 23rd. On that day came the aforementioned victory for Benfica (89-73), in a match on the 16th round of the regular phase, held at Pavilhão João Rocha, in Alvalade. It was, it can be said, the end of the malapata of the reds against the eternal rival, since the green and white emblem had won the last 10 (!) matches. It should be noted, as a curiosity, that before this overwhelming series of Sporting derbies, Benfica had won the last duel on November 2, 2019.

In the regular phase, it is recalled, Benfica managed to secure 1st place, with 41 points, as many as Sporting, which was in 2nd place, but with the Reds benefiting from the advantage in the direct confrontation (defeat by 63 -74 in the first round, in Luz, and a 89-73 victory in the second round, in Alvalade). FC Porto finished in 3rd place, with 39 points, while Oliveirense was in 4th place, with 35 points.

Lions and eagles are in Group A of this 2nd phase, together with FC Porto and UD Oliveirense, teams that will also face each other this afternoon (5 pm), at Dragão Arena, in Porto.

The João Rocha Pavilion, in Lisbon, hosts this Sunday (3 pm), another great derby of Portuguese basketball. Sporting and Benfica face each other at the start of the 2nd phase of the national championship. BOLA online will follow all the incidents of the match. Don’t miss…

Good afternoon!

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