BOLA – Benfica suffers but wins and sets up a meeting with Sporting in the Portuguese Cup final (Futsal)

The Marítimo’s dream remained alive. Well alive. The second-tier team proved the reasons for reaching the semi-finals of the Portuguese Cup after leaving teams like Futsal Azeméis or Elétrico along the way. A very daring team, brave even, closing all the paths to the goal and forcing a Benfica to serve… maximum.

The first part was balanced. With dangerous shots, from both sides, with Benfica managing to reach the goal only in a set piece. A corner kick by Rômulo and Tayebi, unmarked, beat Moreira. The Maritime reacted. He grew up, never shrunk, and created several occasions to reach the draw. Which he managed, near the end of the first half, in a move in which Arthur looks bad in the photo and Claudinho, with a left foot bomb, beat André Sousa.

In the final step, nothing has changed. Marítimo, always with his high lines, showed ambition. And Benfica had to pull the gallons with some individualities to stand out, especially Robinho who built the bid for the second red goal, confirmed by Jacaré. A goal much felt by the islanders who only lost some spark at the end of the half hour of play.

And the tranquility of the eagles was only achieved, as the game’s story began. Through a corner kick taken by Nilson, he placed it in Robinho with the latter shooting first, the ball passing between Moreira’s legs. One of the moments of the night. Marítimo, for the inevitable Claudinho, still reduced and kept the dream of a draw… 15 seconds from the end. Destiny was already set but the dream, that one, was always alive. And Benfica was forced to sweat. And suffering…

Here are the main incidents of the match:

End of match.

39′ Marítimo scores, 3-2, by Claudinho. A bomb from the Brazilian to freeze the red fans.

Technical break requested by the Maritime.

34′ Goal by Benfica, 3-1, by Robinho. Huge goal from the experienced player incarnate again following a corner kick, assisted by Nilton, with Robinho, first, putting low and the ball passes between Moreira’s legs.

32′ Moreira avoids Arthur’s goal again in an excellent stretch.

Game enters a lukewarm tune a few minutes from the end. Moreira, goalkeeper for the islanders, continues to try to catch Marítimo’s dream and continues to keep the tie alive.

27′ Jacaré has a cross and Moreira can only catch the second. Benfica picks up the pace.

26′ Goal by Benfica, 2-1, by Jacaré. Robinho unbalanced and gave it to the Brazilian who only had to push on the goal line after a false start by Moreira. Incarnates pass to the front.

24′ Tayebi wins the duel with Lucas Amparo, but Moreira, with a quick exit, avoids the worst.

Maritime continues to surprise. Playing with their high lines, pressing and shortening spaces to Benfica, which has been experiencing some difficulties to get ahead.

21′ Yellow card to Josué (Marítimo).

The second part is already being played in Sines.


19′ Afonso Jesus almost scores!

Technical break for Benfica seconds from the end of the first half.

19′ This time it’s André Sousa, the eagles’ keeper, going up and trying to get the shot. Moreira took the lead and defended.

17′ Another attempt by Josué, with space, to risk the shot for André Sousa’s tight defense.

Technical break for the Maritime.

15′ Marítimo scores, 1-1, by Claudinho. Brazilian takes Arthur out of the way, turns towards André Sousa’s goal and shoots hard with his left foot. The ball goes low and André Sousa is surprised!

15′ With Moreira out of position, Bruno Cintra risks the long-range shot but goes wide. Benfica wakes up again.

14′ What a bomb Claudinho! Nicolas corner and he, at first, shoots hard, in a beautiful technical gesture. André Sousa looked beaten, but the ball went too close to the post.

12′ Free from Nicolas, in the frontal zone, with André Sousa deflecting. Maritimo continues well in the game and reacted well to Tayebi’s goal.

11′ Yellow card to Silvestre Ferreira (Benfica).

Ten minutes into the game and Benfica feels some difficulties to enter the consistent most defensive sector of the Madeirans. The goal, which came after a dead ball, reflects the difficulties incarnated in the face of the good entry of Marítimo.

8′ Goal by Benfica, 1-0, by Tayebi. Rômulo took the corner and the Iranian, in the heart of the area, deflected it for the first goal of the match.

6′ Robinho accelerates, gains space and shoots hard but the ball goes wide. Play with good intensity from side to side.

5′ Alesandro Almeida strikes a cross and André Sousa holds on tight.

4′ A great job by Jacaré, who received him on the edge of the area and with a back heel he almost betrayed goalkeeper Moreira.

3′ Tight save by André Sousa to Josué’s shot. Ambitious entry by islanders.

1′ Benfica’s first threat with Arthur risking a shot over the top.

Started the game in Sines

referees: Miguel Castilho and Wilson Soares
3rd referee: João Sinval
timekeeper: Gustavo Pereira

Maritime (initial five): Moreira (GR), Nicolas, Babau, Josué and Kayque

alternates: Rodrigo Moura, Henrique, Pincha (Cap.), Lucas, Marco Gomes, Cláudio, Fredy and Alesandro
Trainer: Bruno Salgado

Benfica (starting five): André Sousa (GR), Nilson, Arthur, Bruno Cintra and Jacaré

alternates: Diego Roncaglio, Martim Figueira, Silvestre, Afonso, Rafael Henmi, Robinho (Cap.), Chishkala, Rocha, Rômulo, Tayebi and Carlos Monteiro
Trainer: pulp


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