BOLA – Spain beats Portugal and becomes champion of Europe under-20 (Handball)

Spain beat Portugal, at the Centro de Desportos e Congressos de Matosinhos, and became the under-20 European champion for the third time.

The National Team wasted an excellent opportunity to win the tournament, after having been winning by four goals for a long period in the second half.

However, moments of Portuguese deconcentration ended up allowing the reaction of the team from the neighboring country, which came dangerously close in the placard.

The trend of the match changed and in an extremely unfavorable partial for our colors, the Spaniards took the lead, a long time later. Condition in which the challenge ended, much to the disappointment in the Matosinhense pavilion.

Remember the game movie:

End of the game: Spain beats Portugal 37-35 and is crowned European under-20 champion for the third time.

60′ André Sousa (Portugal) scores his 10th goal and once again guarantees the minimum difference.

59′ Gorka Nieto (Spain) makes the 34-36 on the counterattack and makes things much more difficult for our colors.

58′ André Sousa (Portugal) still gives hope in Matosinhos: 34-35.

57′ André Sousa (Portugal) scored again and made it 33-34.

56′ Bruno Reguart (Spain) gives his team a two-goal lead.

53′ Gorka Nieto (Spain) replaces the neighboring country in front of the scoreboard, a long time later: 32-33.

53′ Arnau Fernández (Spain) equalized the match again: 32-32.

52′ Tiago Ferreira (Portugal) prevents the tie.

51′ Bruno Reguart (Spain) has a handful of goals and sets the minimum difference: 32-31.

49′ Álex Lodos (Spain) makes it 32-29.

48′ Ricardo Brandão (Portugal) scored again, assisted by Francisco Costa: 32-28.

47′ Jan Gurri (Spain) is excluded for a shot to the face of Tiago Ferreira, Portuguese goalkeeper.

47′ Martim Costa (Portugal) responds with the 31-28.

47′ Jan Gurri (Spain) reaches seven goals on the counterattack and lowers the difference: 30-28.

46′ Martim Costa (Portugal) excels in individual action and establishes the 30-26.

45′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) is already in the 11 goals: 29-25.

43′ Gabriel Viana (Portugal) gives the national team four goals again: 27-23.

42′ Tiago Ferreira (Portugal) huge against the pivot Javi Rodriguez.

41′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) scores in support and lifts the Matosinhos stands: 25-22.

40′ Carlos Álvarez (Spain) closed the gap with a brilliant hat: 24-22.

38′ Gabriel Viana (Portugal) points one more and puts the score at 23-20.

38′ Jan Gurri (Spain) hits the seven-meter mark again: 22-20.

38′ Gabriel Cavalcanti (Portugal) receives exclusion order.

37′ André Sousa (Portugal) is also having an inspiring afternoon, with six goals scored: 22-19.

37′ Gabriel Viana (Portugal) makes the 21-18 and gives the National Team the biggest advantage in the game.

34′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) has already scored eight goals, the last from a seven-meter free-kick: 19-18.

34′ Exclusion for Álex Lodos (Spain).

33′ Javi Rodríguez (Spain) makes it 18-18.

32′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) made it 18-17 and got an exclusion from Eneko Furundarena.

32′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) scores another great goal: 17-16.

31′ The second half begins, with Bruno Reguart (Spain) equaling the game: 16-16.

Half-time in Matosinhos: Portugal beats Spain by 16-15.

29′ André Sousa (Portugal) scores four goals: 16-15.

27′ Julen Múgica (Spain), in a moment of great inspiration, advances to 14-14.

27′ André Sousa (Portugal) contributes to a 3-0 partial for the national team: 14-13.

26′ Excellent save by Tiago Ferreira (Portugal) from Martí Soler’s shot from the wing.

24′ Gabriel Cavalcanti (Portugal) packs a counterattack and points to a new equality: 13-13.

23′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) adds another accurate shot to his tally: 12-13.

23′ Martí Soler (Spain) makes it 11-13.

21′ Julen Múgica (Spain) returns our brothers in front: 11-12.

20′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) reaches the four goals and leads the 11-10.

19′ Jan Gurri (Spain) tied again (10-10), in a seven-meter free-kick.

19′ First exclusion from the match for Ricardo Brandão (Portugal).

19′ João Gomes (Portugal) makes his debut and makes it 10-9.

18′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) reaches the third goal, scoring a seven-meter free-kick, and signs the 9-9.

17′ Gabriel Cavalcanti (Portugal) is back to betting on a draw, to eight goals, with a sensational penetration.

16′ Jan Gurri (Spain) doesn’t give Diogo Rêma the slightest chance in the seven-meter free-kick: 7-8.

15′ Ricardo Brandão (Portugal) restores equality (7-7) after a great assist from Francisco Costa.

14′ Gabriel Cavalcanti (Portugal) scores the first and puts the minimum difference in the placard: 6-7.

13′ Antonio Martínez (Spain) misses the seven-meter free-kick – hits the post – and doesn’t change the result: 5-7.

10′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) scored the second and made it 4-5.

9′ Francisco Costa (Portugal) has a good run for the 3-4.

8′ Antonio Martínez (Spain) takes the first seven-meter free-kick of the match and makes it 2-4.

6′ Álex Lodos (Spain) puts the neighboring country ahead for the first time in the match.

Roberto Domenech (Spain), Barcelona’s goalkeeper, starts to stand out: Portugal has not scored in the last three attacks.

4′ Bruno Reguart (Spain) restores the tie.

3′ Arnau Fernández (Spain) closes the gap.

two’ André Sousa (Portugal) increases the lead.

1′ Pedro Oliveira (Portugal) opens the scoring in Matosinhos!

1′ Start the game!

Portugal and Spain face each other at the Centro de Desportos e Congressos de Matosinhos, in the final of the European Under-20 Handball Championship.

The team led by Carlos Martingo has already equaled the best result ever of the National Team in this competition – it was ranked 2nd in 2010, an edition in which names such as Gilberto Duarte, Rui Silva, Pedro Portela, Pedro Seabra and João Ferraz stood out, among others – but he has the dream of winning the first title for our colors.

In the group stage, the Portuguese team already beat the neighboring country, by 36-35.