BOLA – Sporting beats Fundão in a spectacular game (Futsal)

Sporting took a giant step towards the play-off final of the national futsal championship, beating Fundão, 6-4, in the first game of the semi-finals, held this Friday afternoon, in Fundão.

In an electrifying game, played in an almost crowded pavilion and where there was no lack of support for the home team, it was precisely the beirões who opened the scoring, through Nem, after three minutes. The lions’ reaction was fierce and, even before the break, the green and white emblem managed to turnaround, the result of goals from Pany Varela and Waltinho.

The complementary stage was even more spectacular, with Fundão giving everything to try to defeat the national champions, and Iury Bahia signed a draw. Esteban Guerrero returned the advantage to Sporting, but Felipe Leite, shortly after, made it 3-3. Alex Merlim was the scorer of the goal that put Nuno Dias’ men back in front, but a misfortune for João Matos, who scored an own goal, left everything tied again. The leonine captain redeemed himself right away and made it 5-4, with Guitta, on top of the final whistle, also inscribing his name in the scorecards.

Sporting is, therefore, at an advantage, and can stamp its presence in the play-off final as early as this Sunday, at 3 pm, if Fundão wins again, this time at Pavilhão João Rocha, in Lisbon.

Remember the game movie:

End of match! Fundão 4 Sporting 6.

40 minutes: Sporting scores! Guitta, with a shot still inside his penalty area, and taking advantage of the fact that Fundão did not have a goalkeeper in goal, increased it to 4-6.

40 minutes: Diego Cavinato and Kutchy’s shot, on top of the line, prevents Sporting from scoring.

39 minutes: Sporting scores! Tomás Paçó and João Matos’ pass, with a strong shot, puts the lions in front of the marker. 4-5.

38 minutes: Fundão scores! Neither, near the end line, crossed to the center of the area and João Matos, unfortunately, introduces the ball into his own goal. 4-4.

Fundão will risk 5×4 in these last three minutes. Mário Freitas plays as a forward goalkeeper.

37 minutes: Technical break requested by Nuno Couto, coach of Fundão.

36 minutes: Second foul committed by Fundão.

35 minutes: Fourth foul committed by Sporting.

35 minutes: First foul committed by Fundão.

35 minutes: Technical break requested by Nuno Dias, Sporting coach.

34 minutes: Sporting scores! Alex Merlim, leaning against the line, on the left side, has a cross and Luan Muller, unhappy, let the ball pass between his legs. 3-4.

33 minutes: Peleh, from close range, hits the right post of Guitta’s goal.

33 minutes: Third foul committed by Sporting (Fundão has not yet committed any infraction in this second half).

32 minutes: Great move by Nem, who directed the ball to Felipe Leite, with the Brazilian trying to assist David Gomes, but Guitta, with a high level intervention, denied Fundão the fourth goal.

31 minutes: Shot by Waltinho for another safe intervention by Luan Muller.

29 minutes: Erick Mendonça, following an excellent individual initiative, shoots hard, with a right foot, for another beautiful save by Luan Muller.

25 minutes: Fundão scores! Felipe Leite, with a crossed shot, from afar, returns the tie to the scorer. 3-3.

23 minutes: Sporting scores! Assisted by Tomás Paçó and Esteban Guerrero, at the far post, makes it 2-3.

23 minutes: Second foul committed by Sporting.

22 minutes: Fundão scores! Iury Bahia, from a direct free-kick, restores equality on the scoreboard. 2-2.

22 minutes: First foul committed by Sporting.

21 minutes: Alex Merlim’s strong shot and Luan Muller’s great save for a corner.

Start of the second part!

Excellent game in Fundão. The Beira team is facing the lions eye to eye and, with that, wins the show. It was not surprising, therefore, that the home team opened the scoring, with Nem shooting into the back of Guitta’s goal. Sporting reacted and, even in the face of several high-level interventions from Luan Muller, managed to reach the tie, through Pany Varela. At the end of the first half, more specifically five seconds before the break, Waltinho, after a header from Diego Cavinato, took the green and white emblem ahead for the break.

Taking into account the great first half played by the Beira team, in addition to the well-known quality of the lions, a spectacular second half is to be expected in this first game of the semi-finals of the play-off of the national futsal championship.

Break! Fundão 1 Sporting 2.

20 minutes: Sporting scores! Manual launch by Guitta, headed assistance by Diego Cavinato, and Waltinho, at the edge of the area, shot first for 1-2.

20 minutes: Perfect assistance from Alex Merlim and Diego Cavinato, completely alone, in the center of the area, shoots for a brilliant save by Luan Muller.

18 minutes: Esteban Guerrero found space to shoot a cross, but Luan Muller made a beautiful save.

18 minutes: Strong shot by Erick Mendonça, down the right flank, with the ball dying in the side mesh.

16 minutes: Iury Bahia tried his luck, but the shot went just wide of the left post of the leonine goal.

15 minutes: Quick transition of the Beira team, with Peleh, in Guitta’s face, shooting for a great save by Sporting’s Brazilian goalkeeper.

14 minutes: Bebé’s shot from the front, an easy save by Guitta.

13 minutes: Technical break requested by Nuno Couto, coach of Fundão.

13 minutes: Tomás Paçó, after an incursion on the left, shoots a cross into the side meshes of Luan Muller’s goal.

11 minutes: Felipe Leite’s spinning shot and Guitta shines again between the posts.

9 minutes: Fourth foul committed by Fundão.

8 minutes: Fourth foul committed by Sporting.

8 minutes: Waltinho, down to the right flank, tries to target Luan Muller’s goal, but the Armenian goalkeeper makes an excellent intervention.

7 minutes: Felipe Leite’s strong shot and a great save by Guitta for a corner.

7 minutes: Third foul committed by Sporting.

7 minutes: Sporting scores! Pany Varela’s cross kick to equalize. 1-1.

6 minutes: Third foul committed by Fundão.

5 minutes: Second foul committed by Fundão.

5 minutes: Second foul committed by Sporting.

5 minutes: First foul committed by Fundão.

5 minutes: Pany Varela’s strong shot from mid-range, Luan Muller’s careful save.

5 minutes: First foul committed by Sporting.

3 minutes: Fundão goal! Nor, in Guitta’s face, does he shoot strong and well and open the active. 1-0.

Start of the match!

Fundão (initial five): Luan Muller, Nem, Mário Freitas ÇDavid Gomes and Iury Bahia

Substitutes: Paulo Pereira, Tiago Couto, Peleh, Felipe Leite, Sissi, Bebé, Rui Moreira, Gui and Kutchy

Coach: Nuno Couto

Sporting (starting five): Guitta, Erick Mendonça, João Matos ÇDiego Cavinato and Alex Merlin

Substitutes: Bernardo Paçó, Tomás Paçó, Pauleta, Waltinho, Pany Varela, Miguel Ângelo and Esteban Guerrero

Coach: Nuno Dias

Referees: Filipe Duarte and Miguel Castilho (AF Lisbon)

There are already teams!

Fundão reaches this stage of the competition after eliminating Quinta dos Lombos, in the third game, (1-3, 4-2 and 2-1), while Sporting only needed two games to leave Futsal by the wayside. Azeméis (3-0 and 1-0).

The semi-finals will be played as the best of three matches, which means that, regardless of this afternoon’s result, the two teams will meet again next Sunday, at 15:00, at Pavilhão João Rocha, in Lisbon, in game 2. If, by chance, there is a need for a third meeting, the so-called blackdictates the calendar that this decisive duel will take place next Friday, the 16th, also in the leonine enclosure.

The semi-finals of the play-off of the national futsal championship begin this Saturday. The first game is played between Fundão and Sporting (19 hours), at Pavilhão Municipal do Fundão, and A BOLA online will tell you all about this match. Stay tuned, dear reader…

Good evening!


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