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Imagine that it would be possible to follow, in an easy, simple, intuitive and real-time way, the municipal action. Now it’s possible!

More than just a “Rendering of Accounts”, the Commitmentometer allows you to monitor, at all times, at the distance of a click, the evolution of the execution of the various measures and actions that were proposed in the Electoral Program (which you can consult here), and which are the basis of the “Government Program” of the Municipal Executive for the 2017-2021 term.

In order to adjust to the digital communication medium, we tried to simplify the texts and proceed with a subdivision of many of the items, clarifying the commitments, so that they can be more easily evaluated and measured by all, having as an essential rule the integral maintenance of the spirit of the commitment in question.

It is also possible in the topic “Go beyond”, become aware of a set of measures, works or actions, which, not having been assumed in the Electoral Program, were carried out in the meantime; as well as a summary of interventions carried out in all parishes and respective responsibility, in a fruitful articulation with the parish mayors.

As we have always said, there are commitments that depend directly and (almost) solely and exclusively on us. In these we will not fail.

There are others that depend on us, but they also involve the will of individuals. An example that everyone will understand: the “Creation of Footpaths along the Rivers” depends, in part, on the ceding of land or the right of way of individuals who do not always have the expected reception, forcing postponements to find alternative technical solutions.

And there are still other examples of commitments in which the executive’s action can only go up to a certain limit. In this case, these are commitments of a supra-municipal nature, reflected in the indicator “Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Mobility // Supra-municipal Commitments”. The commitments here are not, and never were, to carry out the physical work that, due to its values, are unaffordable for the municipality. The commitment is to dialogue with the entities for its implementation. And we have done this in a committed way, in the uncompromising defense of the interests of all the people of Bahia. The media has been following the action of the chambers involved in the process, which we hope (but, there it is!, it’s not up to us, it’s up to the Government), soon to have an epilogue to everyone’s satisfaction.

For a better clarification of the data presented, it is also important to clarify the following:

– In order to obtain the value/percentage of fulfillment of commitments, that is, the value of the Commitmentometer, all the measures provided for in the Electoral Program, at municipal and supra-municipal scope, as well as the works identified as priorities for each Parish and whose execution was assumed by the municipal executive;

– The measures included in the topics “Go beyond” and “Interventions in Parishes” do not contribute to this value, as they were not committed in the Electoral Program;

– All commitments, measures and sub-measures are classified into three categories:

  1. executed”, with the color green – Measures that have already been completed and for which the set of actions developed for this purpose is presented.
  2. Running”, with the color yellow – Measures that, although not yet completed, are already underway and, therefore, the status of each one is presented.
  3. For Run”, with the color gray – Measures that, although planned, have not yet been started.

– The supra-municipal commitments, classified as “In progress”, in yellow color, could, from now on, become “Executed”, in green, as they imply the development of efforts and commitment to their implementation. However, the municipal executive will continue to fight for these objectives, not giving up on any of those listed in its Electoral Program, hence its classification as commitments in progress.

– A supra-municipal commitment may also be classified as “Executed”, in green color, because despite its realization not depending directly and exclusively on the action of the executive, but on third parties, this, within its possibilities, has developed all the steps, with the competent authorities, with a view to its implementation.

– Commitments related to the execution of works/infrastructures are classified as concluded after the start of the works/contract.

– For the purposes of calculating the remaining time of the mandate, we assume the date of October 21, 2021. We know that it has not yet been officially set by the President of the Republic, being, at this moment, an indicative date. Upon your official marking, the timer will automatically assume the actual remaining time.

And it is in this simple, transparent, straightforward and humble way that we give an account of the part of the work that we have developed and that results from the electoral commitments, so that everyone can evaluate, judge and reflect. Eyes to eyes. As always!

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