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Part of the heart of the capital, the National Library of Brasília (BNB) and the Public Library of Brasília (BPB) reactivate, this Monday (31), the book loan service. At this moment, the two units will not yet be open so that the user can consult or study within the equipment, which are part of the administrative structure of the Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy (Secec).

“The Secretariat and BNB carried out a careful study so that the books could circulate without health risks to the population. We are back to offering an essential service to those seeking knowledge”, highlights the head of Secec, Bartolomeu Rodrigues.

Each unit that leaves the library will undergo ten days of quarantine when it is returned. | Photos: Publicity/Secec

The equipment follows a manual properly prepared to deal with the pandemic, a period since the beginning of which the literary collection has been in quarantine.

Books cannot be sanitized with alcohol; therefore, from one user to another, the unit that leaves the library will return to another quarantine period for another ten days (safe time so that there is no more possibility of contamination).

For BNB, loans will be registered by the server through the Sofialibrary software. In this way, people will also be able to consult information about literary works.

Thus, the reservations will be nominally separated waiting for the user. To pick up the work, the face-to-face service will be every 30 minutes, with withdrawal at the counter and after confirmation of name on the entry list.

In the case of BPB, the user must ask about the collection and availability beforehand. The service will be carried out exclusively by email and by WhatsApp Business (61) 3245-5022.

With a staggered regime and audience limit, the operation will be as follows: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, book lending takes place from 9 am to 12 pm; Tuesdays and Thursdays, the service will be from 14:00 to 17:00.

The books, which previously had a 15-day period for use and return, can now be borrowed for 30 days, with up to two renewals. There are ten calls a day.

works available

The director of BNB, Elisa Raquel Oliveira, informs that the collection is of approximately 40 thousand bibliographic items. At BPB, the number is around 20,000 works.

“My expectation for the activities is quite positive, because we have received this charge for loaning books by email, telephone and the Ombudsman’s channel. Therefore, I believe it will be a successful service for society”, says the manager.

BPB awaits the return of 1,100 books, and BNB expects 5,000 units that left the library before the pandemic

Books from the Popular Reference Collection and copies identified with the colored sticker from the Brasília Collection will not be available for loan. Each citizen can remove five books from the Popular Collection, BNB Geek Collection, the non-adhesive ones from the Brasília Collection and also works from the Children’s Collection. It is not allowed to borrow more than one copy of the same title.

Rare works, accessed through exhibitions and played only by accredited researchers and specialists, will not be available for visitation and study. The board foresees an exhibition open to the public for the inauguration of the collection of these works, in a period during which there is no health crisis.


To return loans, simply enter the library in a mask and deposit the books in the cart. Many quarantine returns have not yet returned. The community can repay old loans following security criteria and standards. BPB awaits the return of 1,100 books, and BNB awaits 5,000 units, which left the library before the pandemic.

“We are no longer receiving material donations due to Covid-19. Before, we received wonderful donations from the community, but unfortunately we had to cancel, due to biohazard. So getting back this collection that was borrowed will supply the need for recomposition”, explains the manager of BPB, Sheila Gualberto.


To schedule services at BNB, simply send an email to inform the title, the tomb or book number and check if it is available. The information is available on Sofia to BNB.

If you do not have a record in the library records, the user must inform and send, by e-mail, the full name, e-mail address, education level, complete address with zip code and profession. An official document with photo and CPF, in addition to proof of residence, must also be attached. Registration is allowed for residents of the DF and surroundings; for children under 14, it must be carried out by a legal guardian.

Each person can reserve up to two materials at a time, if the user does not have debts with the library. The reservation is available for the first name on the list for a period of 24 hours from the date of its return. After the period, the reservation moves to the next on the list.

* With information from the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy

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