Breakdown hailed “Do you understand fun?” prelude

Do you understand something? Barbara Schöneberger’s start in the first went terribly wrong. But the presenter was not to blame. Now the broadcaster has also commented on the problem.

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It seemed a bit like a bad joke. Perhaps some viewers actually rubbed their ears in confusion at first, wondering if it was their fault they didn’t hear. But even when you reach for the remote control, the sound problem should not have been solved. Because it was ARD that introduced Barbara Schöneberger’s “Do you understand fun?” messed up.

It should start with drums and trumpets. Schöneberger dressed up and sang a medley live on stage, including the Queen classic “Don’t stop me now”. Afterwards she wanted to greet her audience. But nothing came of it. The presenter seemed trapped in a silent film. The ARD live stream had at least broadcast Schöneberger’s singing, but absolutely nothing could be heard in the linear program – right from the start.

“Incredible how you can mess up the start like that”

A viewer commented: “Never before has a show with Barbara Schöneberger been so quiet.” The template for a lot of jokes at the expense of the moderator and the broadcaster was delivered. The audience blasphemed about the lack of sound – and also quite loudly got upset about the silence. A cheerful comment: “Biggest innovation under Barbara Schöneberger: the sound is saved.” A bad-tempered: “Incredible how you can mess up the start like that.” Another was annoyed: “It’s mean without sound.”

ARD was only able to solve the problem after around four minutes, and the 48-year-old could be heard again on all channels. Barbara Schöneberger insisted on reacting to the faux pas. Less than 20 minutes after the sound went off, she spoke to “Bergdoktor” star Hans Sigl about the unsuccessful start of the show. “Your perfection was seen (…) you just didn’t hear it,” joked Sigl, making it clear that he had heard everything behind the scenes and thought the moderator’s performance was great.

ARD apologizes on request

At a later point in time, she also used the TV glitch for a gag. She wanted to let viewers know that they could vote right away. And she did it like this: “Will the line be made by the same guy as the one who made the sound earlier? Then I don’t know if you can vote right away,” she joked and added with a wink: “The employee is on his way home to his wife to spend the evening elsewhere.” Many viewers on social media praised this quick-wittedness.

The responsible SWR, which for the first time broadcast “Do you understand fun?” can be produced, has now commented on the problems. At the request of t-online it says: “In the technical triangle between Berlin, Baden-Baden and Frankfurt we are at ‘Do you understand fun?’ The sound was temporarily lost during the television broadcast. In the stream in the ARD media library, the welcome moderation by Barbara Schöneberger could not be heard at first. We are very sorry for this technical error. We are working on seeing a technically flawless show in the media library tomorrow morning is.”

You can now watch the opening with Barbara Schöneberger on YouTube and Instagram. As the SWR broadcaster Hannah Basten emphasizes in a message to t-online: “With picture and sound.”

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