Bridgerton | 9 differences between season 2 and the book

In late 2020, Netflix subscribers got to know the period series bridgertonbased on a book saga of the same name by Julia Quinn. The plot, produced by Shonda Rhimes, won its second season and brought a series of new characters, protagonists and a new novel.

As with any adaptation of books for television or cinema, some events are modified, cut or even invented so that the audiovisual experience is the best possible, and that is what happened with bridgerton in the second season. Some situations were shown in a different way in the new episodes, and only those who read the books could have noticed.

With that in mind, the Canaltech listed 9 differences between season 2 of the Netflix series and the book The Viscount Who Loved Me.

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Season 2 is based on the book O Visconde que me Amava (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

9. Kate and Anthony’s First Date

In bridgertonKate Sharma (Simone Ashley) and Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) meet for the first time when they bump into each other, she on horseback and he walking. In the book, they see each other on a Wednesday night at the Hartside Ball. While Anthony had no idea who Kate was, she already knew him, including his reputation.

8. Eloise Bridgerton and society

In the new season of the series, Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jesse) decides to participate for the first time in the presentation for society, keeping company with Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran). In the book, however, this moment happens in a different way. In the original story, she has not yet started to be introduced to society to get a husband, but she participates in the events alongside her mother and brothers.

7. The identity of Lady Whistledown

In the second book, it is still unknown who is behind Lady Whistledown’s identity, unlike in the series. bridgerton has already shown us that the gossip is Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and, in the new season, we see how she behaves in the face of the events she will report, how being a person who doesn’t draw attention favors her in this and how is the writing and leaflet printing.

In the new season, we already know who Lady Whistledown is (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

6. Love triangle

in the second season of Bridgerton, Edwina, Anthony and Kate are practically in a love triangle. In it, Edwina is about to marry Anthony and even says she loves him, while he and Kate are in love and don’t know what to do with the feeling.

In the book, Edwina’s relationship with Anthony isn’t as deep as shown in the series, and they don’t really have any kind of relationship. The sisters, in the original story, also don’t fight over the turning point of feelings, as it appears in Shonda Rhimes’ production. Another important difference to note is that, fortunately, Edwina is not 17 in the series, as in Julia Quinn’s book, since Anthony is approaching 30.

5. Bee sting

Just like in the series, Kate Sharma is stung by a bee when she is with Anthony. In the second season, we see that the boy is traumatized by what happened to his father and panics with the sting of his beloved.

The difference, then, is that in the book Anthony tries to suck the bee’s venom with his own mouth. However, the sting happened on Kate’s breast, and they are caught in this compromising position.

4. Death of Edmund Bridgerton

Edmund Bridgerton’s tragic death did indeed come after a bee sting, but in a different way. In the series, Anthony was walking with his father when the accident happened, witnessing a slow and painful death.

Already in the book, Anthony was not with his father and only found out about the death later. This happens when a young man returns home to find his sister Daphne, then only 10 years old, crying on the floor over her loss.

Edmund’s death was even more painful for Anthony in the series (Image: Handout/Netflix)

3. Fear of thunder

Midway through season 2 of bridgerton we see that Kate is afraid of thunder and, therefore, spends a night without being able to sleep. To try to calm down, she gets up and walks around the house and even meets Anthony. In the book, the fear is much more intense.

In Julia Quinn’s original story, Kate’s fear of thunder is paralyzing and she can barely move her muscles. According to the character, this problem is her biggest weakness for always getting in the way of her plans.

2. Kate’s accident

As the series is approaching its final episodes, Kate has a horse accident while running in the rain with the animal, hits her head and is on the verge of death, leaving Anthony devastated.

In the book, the same thing happens, but a little different: Kate was in a carriage that goes over a rock and topples over. Fortunately, she recovers in both situations.

1. Marriage

Kate and Anthony get married only at the end of the series, while in the book this happens halfway through the story. In the second half of the book, then, readers check out how their married life is going, which we may only see in the third season.

You can now watch the second season of bridgerton on Netflix.

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