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Prevention is always better than cure!

You must have heard this phrase several times, after all it is popularly used to warn about the importance of prevention, especially in relation to health.

With eye health it is no different. And to make the population aware of the importance of preventing and combating the various causes of blindness, since 2016 there has been the Abril Marrom campaign, joined by various medical entities, hospitals and governments, acting in the aspect of prevention.

In Juiz de Fora, doctor PhD in ophthalmology Dr. Thiago Filgueiras, explains the importance of the Abril Marrom campaign and shows the best forms of prevention to maintain the health of your eyes. Check out the full interview in the video.

Why is the Abril Marrom campaign important?

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According to data from the World Health Organization – WHO, Brazil has more than 1.2 million visually impaired people, and for every 10 cases of blindness, up to 8 of these could be treated or even avoided if diagnosed early.

In addition, according to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), in Brazil about 33,000 children are blind due to eye diseases that could have been prevented or treated early.

Often neglected due to the lack of knowledge about their long-term consequences, some diseases that can lead to blindness are already very common in the daily life of the population, such as Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Age-related Macular Degeneration. .

“The Abril Marrom campaign is precisely to offer the greatest amount of information so that together we can act in the prevention of blindness, as well as in the rehabilitation of those people who have some degree of visual impairment” says Dr. Thiago Filgueiras.

Access to and search for quality information is also a fundamental part of raising awareness and taking care of our eye health. On his blog Visão Saudável, Dr Thiago Filgueiras regularly publishes topics on ophthalmology, through articles, podcasts and even videos such as the webseries on cataract.

It is also worth mentioning that the prevention of diseases that lead to blindness only occurs with early diagnosis and adequate treatment for each disease. Therefore, it is essential that everyone knows the importance of periodic consultations and exams with an Ophthalmologist.

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Can food influence eye health?

A healthy and nutritious diet, as well as some specific foods, has the power to delay or even suppress the development of various visual problems that can affect us throughout our lives.

“Everyone has heard the saying “eat first with your eyes”, right?! This saying illustrates how your eyesight can also act as a great villain for bad eating habits”

Antioxidant foods that contain folic acid help prevent degenerative diseases such as cataracts. Often, the association of a good diet with good health habits, such as physical exercise, eliminates the need to take medication to control these diseases, which significantly reduces the possibility of affecting eye health.

How should prevention be with children?

One of the main questions asked by mothers and fathers is when is the ideal time to take a child to the eye doctor. This is a relevant issue, as our visual system is fully formed from birth.

A child who has a visual problem, most of the time, does not complain about it, because he has always seen that way, therefore, he does not have a reference of what it is to see well.

“What we advise is, whenever possible, to look for the ophthalmologist until the end of the first year of life, with the objective of performing a detailed ophthalmological exam in order to try to identify, early on, some alterations that may already be present, such as Glaucoma Congenital, retinal changes, Congenital Cataract” explains Dr. Thiago Filgueiras.

In this article on his blog, Dr. Thiago explains in detail how to prevent and treat childhood eye diseases.

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Prevention of blindness in times of covid-19

To contribute to awareness, the Brazilian Society of Glaucoma prepared an informative material with the main guidelines for patients with glaucoma in times of covid-19, such as maintaining the regular use of all eye drops that make up your treatment, washing your hands before applying the eye drops and taking good care of your health in general.

Full information can be accessed through the link:

Read the instructions below and access by clicking here on this link

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Take the Amsler Mesh test daily or as often as recommended by your eye care professional.

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