Bruce Willis: his best streaming movies to celebrate the last boy scout

Bruce Willis has survived so much on film that it got to the point where we took for granted that he would always be there, putting on a tough face as he fired with unerring aim to save the day. And that is why the news of his retirement as an actor, due to health problems, makes us realize how significant the veteran action movie star has been in our lives.

It is not an exaggeration: Bruce has put millions of spectators in movie theaters since his debut on the big screen, in 1980. Hollywood crowned him as one of the greatest references in cinema of explosions and bullets and, at the time, he became being the highest paid movie star in the world, largely thanks to the success he amassed at the helm of the franchise Hard to Kill.

However, it is no secret to anyone that his career has come to a standstill, since in the last decade he has focused on making small-time, generic action movies manufactured by small studios such as maquila. And it is as a result of the recent revelations of her family that we understand why the former idol is satisfied with simple characters, who have almost no dialogue: for years he has suffered from aphasia, a brain disease that affects the ability to understand and express of the.

The difficulty in learning his lines ended up precipitating the retirement of Walter Bruce Willis, at the age of 67. And although at the time of the news there are about eight films in which he participated yet to be released, the truth is that the best of the interpreter’s work dates back decades.

If you want to review the most significant titles of Bruce Willis, the streaming platforms, fortunately, are loaded with good films of his. Here’s where to find them so you can square off on the couch and unleash that “Yippee Ki-Yay” that we all carry inside, from the hand of the good old friend.

Bon Apetit.

Hard to Kill (die hard1988), die hard 2 (die hard1990), die hard 3 (Die hard with a vengeancenineteen ninety five), die hard 4 (Live free or die hard2007); Die Hard 5 (A good day to die 2013)

Where to see them?: Star+

Bruce Willis may well have been limited to just making movies of Hard to Kill and even today his name would be applauded. Stepping into the shoes (except when he was running barefoot over shattering glass) of the unlucky, wrong, and indestructible Sergeant John McClane, Willis beat terrorists and kicked ass, turning die hard in one of the essential sagas of action cinema.

The first film is by far the actor’s definitive film, while the second and third were excellent replicas. The fourth installment is not bad but it fell a bit short, while the fifth the truth is that it is very weak, but we can still see it again only for encyclopedic purposes.

pulp fiction (1994)

Where to watch it: HBO Max

The film that launched director Quentin Tarantino to cinematic glory featured a diverse cast, with Willis being one of the lead actors. Although his work as the worn boxer Butch did not receive the recognition it deserved from the industry, the public appreciated it as one of Bruce’s best roles.

Red (2010) and red 2 (2013)

Where to watch them?: Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

One of the best in Bruce’s “recent” filmography. Here the actor enthusiastically embraces his age and steps into the role of the leader of a gang of retired secret agents who must return to action. Part comedy, part action film, both films guarantee, at the very least, a good time.

Sin City (2005)

Where to watch it: HBO Max

Impeccable adaptation of the homonymous graphic novel by Frank Miller, Sin City is a collection of stories of washed up characters who do whatever it takes to survive in the dark alleys of a morally insurmountable city. Among them stands out John Hartigan, the policeman who allows Bruce Willis to act as himself.

The Expendables 2 (The Dispensables 22015)

Where to watch it: HBO Max, Netflix

In the first film of the saga devised by Sylvester Stallone to revive the emotion for the pyrotechnic action cinema of the 80s, Bruce Willis makes only a small appearance, just for the pleasure of seeing him in the same scene with Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger . In the continuation, the three veterans of the shooting movies are full time, to the delight of those who are fans of stories in which everything explodes and the dead number in the hundreds. Oh, and to all that, add the participation of Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The sixth Sense (The sixth Sense, 1999)

Where to see it?: Star+

Impeccable supernatural psychological drama that fits very high into Bruce’s resume. Masterfully directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan, it would mark the first of several collaborations between the filmmaker and Willis, who has been one of his spoiled stars. It’s hard to say anything new about a movie we all should have seen by now, but it’s still worth revisiting, especially since Bruce shows off his dramatic chops to the fullest.

the last boy scout (the last boy scout1991)

Where to watch it: HBO Max

At the time, not everyone saw it in the cinema, but boy did this film move in a big way in the video store circuit of the 90s. The result of the explosive combination of some of the most dominant male egos in 90s Hollywood ( Bruce as lead, Tony Scott as director, Shane Black as writer, and Joel Silver as producer), this action comedy is a classic example of the cinema known as police friendin which two characters who seem to hate each other reluctantly form an alliance to take down the bad guys. Needless to say, the on-set relationship between Willis and his co-star, Damon Wayans, was far from optimal, but what a great movie they made together, nonetheless.

Unbreakable (2000)

Where to see it?: Star+

Second collaboration between Willis and Shyamalan, this time to tell the story of an ordinary man who realizes he has superpowers. Another psychological drama with the characteristic stamp of its director in terms of unexpected endings, which also reunited Bruce with his good friend Samuel L. Jackson, with whom he has shared credits on multiple occasions.

Looper (2015)

Where to watch it: HBO Max

Possibly the last great film starring Bruce Willis, it is a project conceived and directed by the acclaimed Rian Johnson. The plot involves hitmen and time travel, with Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt facing off as different versions of the same character.

Armageddon (1998)

Where to see it?: Star+

Exaggerated, bombastic, entertaining to the last hair and, in the end, a classic of the most commercial face of American cinema. In this apocalyptic blockbuster, directed by the king of explosions and special effects, Michael Bay, Bruce plays the leader of a gang of tough oil rig workers who are sent into space to destroy an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. .

Other Bruce Willis movies available on ‘streaming’ that are well worth sitting in front of the television:

death suits him (death becomes her1992)


The Bonfire of the Vanities (The Bonfire of the Vanities1990)


cop out (2010)


The sun’s tears (2003)


marauders (the master plan2016)

HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video

The siege (1998)


substitutes (2009)


my meeting with me (The boy2000)


bandits (bandits2001)

Amazon Prime Video

And, finally, on Amazon Prime and Netflix you will find some other less memorable Bruce Willis movies, the kind that already fall into the category of “see only on a plane” or “worse than nothing”, since they all range from average to below and they were produced exclusively for the video market. These films coincide with the last years of the actor’s work, where his problem in memorizing dialogue was notorious, so the producers used it more as a promotional tool in the posters, given that Willis’ minutes on screen were reduced.

Among these titles you can find quite weak movies on Amazon such as survive the night (2020), Fire with fire (Fire with fire2012), The trap (Setting2011), Vice: Deadly Vengeance (2015), The Prince: Revenge (Prince2014) and Conspiracy at school (Murder of a high school president, 2008). Meanwhile, on Netflix, a similar thing happens with other recent films of his, such as trauma center (trauma center, 2019), the last shot (First murder, 2017) and dangerous goods (precious cargo, 2016).

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