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Bruna Viola is the owner of eight dogs (Photo: Bruna Viola/Personal archive)

Raised on a family farm during childhood, the relationship of Bruna Viola with animals today could not be different. The 28-year-old singer, winner of the Latin Grammy in 2017 – in the Best Brazilian Roots Music Album category -, has lived with animals since she was little and learned to love and respect them.

“I was raised on a farm surrounded by dogs, horses, cows, pigs, chickens. I am passionate about animals”, she says, in an exclusive interview with Animal life.

Currently, Bruna lives in a condominium in São José do Rio Preto (SP), where she can’t “have a horse or a milk cow”, as she jokes, but that doesn’t stop her being surrounded by animals. The singer is the owner of no less than eight dogs!

They are the fox paulistinha Caipira, the mongrel Violeiro, the blue heeler Bruta, the shih-tzu Laila and the border collies India, Coragem, Tyson and Moradia – the latter, a tribute to the music of Tião Carreira. “It’s really cool… a mess. Imagine, eight dogs in the house. But I am very happy,” she declares.

Bruna Viola and some of the dogs she is a tutor (Photo: Personal archive)

Bruna Viola and some of the dogs she owns (Photo: Bruna Viola/Personal archive)

“It’s so much fun to come home from a trip and have that barking noise. And it’s always nice to sit on the floor and receive their affection, jumping, licking. It is a therapy, without a doubt, the joy and love of these animals. It’s a lively affection”, she says, who treats dogs “like kings and queens”.

She guarantees for pets “the best vermifuge, acaricide, food. The greatest happiness in life is having the love of these animals, which is free, they do not expect anything in return, they are very pure and faithful beings”.

Gift for Chitãozinho and wheelchair for fan dog

After one of her dogs gave birth, Bruna decided to gift one of her idols in music with one of the puppies, the singer Chitãozinhoof the pair with Xororó. “I learned that he wanted a female border collie, brown and white, and in the litter he had one like that. I got in touch and he said he would come get it,” she recalls.

The singer does not hide the emotion of receiving the sertanejo in her home. “It was very nice, a dream to receive a great idol. We spent the whole afternoon drinking beer, talking. It was really cool. He named Jolie’s dog,” she says.

Whenever she can, Bruna helps campaigns and NGOs in favor of animals and also some requests she receives on her social networks. But one in particular stood out to her.

“A fan’s dog needed a wheelchair. He used an all plastic one, which she adapted, it was a doll’s stroller, but she couldn’t afford it anymore. So I bought a dog wheelchair. She still thanks me to this day. There was a show where she took him to meet him, called Peralta”, she recalls, moved.

Bruna Viola with Gross and Housing (Photo: Personal archive)

Bruna Viola with Gross and Housing (Photo: Bruna Viola/ Personal archive)

I dream of having a place with more animals

Besides dogs, Bruna has another passion. “When I was 3 or 4 years old, I was already riding a horse, going to the pasture with my great-grandfather”, says she, who is responsible for a mare and a horse, who stay on her farm in Mato Grosso: “They are the loves of my life, very softly. But horse care is like any other animal. We have to take care when we are willing to have it, because they deserve it”.

One of the singer’s plans is to be surrounded by many animals again. “I intend, in the near future, to have a place here in the region where I live to have more animals”, says she, who also wants to adopt other dogs. “I really want to help strays. I can’t stand to see them suffering. But I need to have more space.”

Bruna Viola and one of the horses on her farm in Mato Grosso (Photo: Personal archive)

Bruna Viola and one of the horses on her farm in Mato Grosso (Photo: Bruna Viola/Personal archive)


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