‘Cabrildo’ almost loses stardom by pooping in a mall armchair, but cuteness wins

Cabrildo was there, at the moment of stardom, and he almost puts everything at risk. The news could even be like this: ‘Cabra enters a shopping center in Campo Grande, climbs into an armchair and poops’. But, it’s not about that. It’s about an animal that won the hearts of those who were in the place, even before walking through the main entrance door, 2 days ago.

From children to mall security guards, the guacho did not go unnoticed, he drew smiles, as well as comments such as: “how cute”, “how beautiful”, “can I take a picture?” and even “can you touch it?”. It is at this moment that the owner gives the collar and even allows a walk.

It is in this place that the businesswoman Andreia Dias, 45 years old, arranged the meeting with the MediaMORE. On the way, she apologized for the delay, as she stopped several times because Cabrildo also needed to defecate.

When getting out of the car, in the parking lot of Shopping Campo Grande, Andreia was with Cabrildo on a leash, in addition to her daughter, architecture student Alice Dias, 21, in addition to godchildren who are on vacation at her house. In the bag, were the animal’s belongings and the bottle, which cannot be missed.

Goat lives with 3 dogs at home

Living in his new home for 25 of the 50 days of his life, Cabrildo will spend a season in a house in Vila Planalto, until he goes to a farm in Piraputanga, where he will meet the goat Chicó. For now, he lives with 3 dogs and gets along well with everyone, according to the owner.

And the cool thing is that the animal arrived at an unexpected time. “I had paid a visit to a farm nearby and left my contact with the owner, telling him to call me when he had puppies. It’s been a while, I’d even forgotten, when he called and said: ‘There’s a gouachinho here, would you like it?’ That’s where I went and saw the photos, chose and went to get it,” he explained.

Upon arriving at the place, Andreia says that she is sure that, on the contrary, it is she who was chosen. “This is a very adoptive mother thing, but when he saw me and came towards me, he knew it was the one. I put it on his shoulder, he was lying down. We arrived at night and then I went straight to buy his things: bottle, hay, goat food and his milk,” she recalled.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 21 at 11.57.53 - 'Cabrildo' almost loses his stardom by pooping in a shopping mall armchair, but cuteness wins
Photo: Júlia Rodrigues/Jornal Midiamax

At home, Andreia says that Cabrildo adapted quickly. “He only sleeps under a table, he gets along well with the dogs, he has the right time to eat, suck and it’s automatic: he finishes and goes straight to pee. And he doesn’t like you touching his paw, he opens his leg wide so it doesn’t touch. We got attached very quickly, he’s cute,” she says.

Neighbor went to meet Cabrildo after hearing “strange noises”

Recently, neighbors have heard “strange noises” and have already discovered the new resident. “A neighbor came to tell me that her husband commented that he was listening to some béééé and even thought he was crazy. But they went there to meet and were enchanted too. Not just them but the whole neighborhood,” she said.

As the days went by, Cabrildo received invitations and now frequents pet shops. “He takes a shower and then they do several stories with him. If he does, he goes a couple of times a week, because he loves it. He is a pet that quickly becomes a pet, the darling of the house, but soon he goes to the farm to live with Chicó, the goat who has been with the family for a decade.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 21 at 09.15.06 - 'Cabrildo' almost loses his stardom by pooping in a shopping mall armchair, but cuteness wins
‘Cabrildo’ at home in the moment of rest. Photo: Andreia Dias/Personal Archive

Meanwhile, stardom lives on. In the old ways, in which people waited for the colored sheep to take pictures, in the 80s, Cabrildo is also a sensation wherever it goes. “I even joke that, for now, I’m not charging, just like the people in the past did. But he’s ready to see it too. He doesn’t accept being alone, he destroyed an avocado tree these days and is very fuzzy”, evaluated the businesswoman.

His ‘sister’, architecture student Alice Dias, 21, says she is passionate about exotic animals. “I always sent pictures of a pig, a goat, always asking my mother. Even my friends comment that I was the only one they knew who could own a goat. He walked with me to the college door these days, it was a sensation there,” she said.

And if I want to have a kid, how much does it cost?

According to the businesswoman, the puppy was bought for R$ 250. She also paid about R$ 100 for a package of goat food, containing 30 kg, and he ingests about 100 grams a day. The hay bale was also purchased at R$30 and the milk, which he consumes on average one liter a day, is around R$8.

Goat as a domestic animal…can you?

Goats adapt very well to humans. Just like dogs, they love to be petted and even wag their tails as a synonym for joy. They are, therefore, docile, calm and love to play.

Just like any other animal, they need care and a large space with grass, for example. And you also have to take care of vaccines. Ideally, it should be on a farm, as it is a wild animal.

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