Calendar of premieres and seasons

Date: April 1

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the informer

El Informante is another of the HBO max premieres available from April 1. Another european thriller about a chess champion in Hungary in the 1980s. Geri is 20 years old and wants to make the most of it but has been recruited by the security department communist to report on a comrade.

Platform: HBO max

Date: April 1

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The ultimatum: get married or leave

This is not a new series that arrives in April but one of the new realities from Netflix that will be on the platform from April 6 and that tests the love of some couples. Will they marry or will they leave him? In the style of other similar reality shows that seek infidelity, El ultimátum aims to “test your love while you become intimate with other possible half oranges”

Platform: Netflix

Date: April 6

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Wow, Sam.

A new youth comedy coming to Disney Plus from April 6 created by Simone Finch and based on her own life. She follows Samantha Fink in a teen comedy about the alcoholism in which the protagonist has to get sober and ask for help. A new series with episodes of around 20 minutes and applauded by critics if we are looking for a different comedy this April.

Platform: Disney+

Date: April 6

tokyo vice

Tokyo Vice is one of the new HBO Max series in April. A thriller in which a Western journalist in Tokyo works in the investigation of one of the main criminals in the country and with more power. Based on the memoirs of American journalist Jake Adelstein, this series takes us deep into the underworld of the capital of Japan. Three episodes from April 8 and two new episodes every week.

Platform: HBO max

Date: April 8

We apologize for the inconveniences

We are sorry for the inconvenience s the new Movistar+ comedy, an original series starring Antonio Resines and Miguel Rellan that seeks to show what it is or what it means to grow old. In the style of “The Kominsky method” follows an orchestra conductor and an old rocker. Friends for decades and resisting leaving their own, both must face new stages.

Platform: Movistar+

Date: April 8

heirs of the earth

A science fiction and period series that takes us to Barcelona in the 14th century. In Barcelona is Hugo Llor, son of a deceased sailor. “Heirs of the Earth” will premiere on April 15 on Netflix and is the continuation of the series “The Cathedral of the Sea”. With protagonists like Rodolfo Sancho, Elena Rivera or Yon González and based on the original novel by Idelfonso Falcones.

Platform: Netflix

Date: April 15

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anatomy of a scandal

A British miniseries that tells the story of James Whitehouse. A series that will arrive on Netflix on April 15 and that deals with masculinity, about sexual consent. Based on a novel and one of the literary adaptations that comes to Netflix, “Anatomy of a Scandal” will have six one-hour chapters for tell us about the scandals of the british elite and how a rape accusation destroys the tranquility of the marriage of James and Sophia Whitehouse.

Platform: Netflix

Date: April 15

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Roar is a series based on the book of short stories by Cecelia Ahern. An anthology of eight episodes starring women that seeks to show us all kinds of different stories that intertwine with each other. stories that talk about feminismabout gender roles, about identity. Dramas and comedies in these episodes starring Nicole Kidman, Alison Brie or Cynthia Erivo.

Platform: Apple TV+

Date: April 15

outer range

“Outer Range” will arrive on Amazon Prime Video on April 15. One of the premieres of the month of April that we will see on the platform and Recommended for western lovers. Eight episodes telling the true story of Royal Abbott, a rancher who “uncovers a mystery in the Wyoming wilderness.” A mystery thriller in the middle of the west.

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Date: April 15


“Mother” is one of the most popular Turkish series in recent years and one of the premieres in April is Heridas, the Spanish version of this production. Starring María León and Adriana Ugarte is an Atresmedia TV production that tells the story of a girl who lives with a complicated broken family and a woman who wants to be a mother. A story about motherhood that will have 13 episodes of 50 minutes and that we can see in Atresplayer Premium from April 17.

Platform: Atresplayer Premium

Date: April 17

The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes

A series based on real events (like so many others released in recent months) that tells us the story of Elizabeth Holmes, responsible for a company capable of giving a medical diagnosis with a single drop of blood. Amanda Seyfried will give life to this character in a series that will arrive on April 20 on Disney + with the premiere of all its episodes.

Platform: Disney

Date: April 20

Better days

A new Spanish series on Amazon Prime Video in which five strangers have been summoned for a group therapy, a grief therapy for people who have lost their partner. Blanca Portillo is the psychologist, with unconventional methods, who will work with these four “patients” and we will get to know her life little by little. Created by Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor (creators of “Kings of the Night”), the series includes Francesc Orella, Marta Hazas, Erick Elías, Alba Planas…

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Date: April 22

The city is our

At the end of April this series will arrive that takes us back to Baltimore with the help of David Simon and George Pelecanos. A six-episode miniseries based on the book by Justin Fenton about the Baltimore Police Department’s Weapons Tracking Task Force. Of corruption, power, conspiracy…

Platform: HBO Max

Date: April 26

Returns and new seasons

Not only will new series arrive but we will also see new seasons of old acquaintances. The long-awaited Elite series returns to Netflix with its fifth season, which will premiere on April 8 with new episodes that tells us what happened to Guzmán and the others after a course with new students and colleagues.

But we also return to another school in April: From April 1 the second season of Las Cumbres Boarding School, the spin-off of the classic Atresmedia series that premieres new episodes to continue recounting the dark adventures of this school and its students.

Other returns this month will also take us to Netflix: Ozarks returns with the second part of its season four with episodes available from April 29. And from April 20 the second season of Russian doll on Netflix, a comedy starring Natasha Lyonnez.

On HBO Max we will see how the second season of The Flight Attendant arrives from April 22 or the fourth season of Riverdale arrives from the 15th of this month.

On Amazon Prime Video there will also be other returns of Spanish series. Mothers does it with its fourth season, available from April 8 and with Dr. Zavala with a new job that he will have to combine with his personal dramas, with conciliation.

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